Monday, 24 October 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7, Ep 1.

Last night we saw the premier of season 7 of The Walking Dead and I have to say a big WELL DONE to everyone involved.

It has taken months for us to get to this point and we were all left in the dark trying to figure out who Negan's beloved Lucille claimed at the end of season 6 and I have to say they did not disappoint!

When the bat came down on the first person I did get quite emotional - I didn't want THAT person (of all people) to go and will miss them terribly. I wasn't as emotional on the SECOND guy, which is surprising for a long-time fan, but I honestly think it was their time to go.

These deaths are going to change the dynamics of the group forever and I think this is a great, natural progression for a show that really needed a fresh injection of "feels" after it started to get a little stale (for me) the last season.

Absolutely grossed out by the episode, sick to my stomach over who left, but honestly happy as a kid in a candy store that they went there, made me feel something for the show again, and actually sit here looking forward to the rest of season 7!

Revenge will be far away, but so super-satisfying in the end, but I have a feeling we have a LONG road to travel before we get there.

R.I.P little loves!

Roll on next week!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Nutrisystem, end of week 15 #NSNation

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem products to review in exchange for my honest opinions. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you.

It is the end of week 15 and I am feeling so much more confident in myself these days that I even venture out in a DRESS! I never wear dresses and so it felt a bit weird, but I got this dress for free a couple of weeks back at an event and figured I'd try it on. It fit like a glove so I went with it and my husband thought I looked great and I felt pretty good about myself. 

I didn't think I'd actually leave the house in it, but I did and I didn't want to take it off!

Anyone who is bigger will know the struggle of having thick thighs and I was dubious about that, but with the weight I have lost so far, my legs seem to have made out pretty well and I no longer have issues when I walk without tights, etc, which means I can now wear a dress out in a minute and not have to worry at all. I haven't been able to do that in years. 

I got my new shipment of food this week and I am excited to try out the omelet and the bagels, there are several foods I haven't tried and I am excited for that. 

The weight has started to shift again this week, just like I thought that it would and I am now down to an even 266lbs, which makes it an even 32lbs down!

I am so glad I took up with Nutrisystem and will always be so grateful for the opportunity they have given me to try this out and see if it works for me, because I have just felt so much better since the weight started to drop off. 

I am looking forward to this month with Nutrisystem and happy to see the numbers going in the right direction. Now I just have to decide if I want to join a gym, too...

Dark Chocolate Chunk Chewy Granola Bars, from Sunbelt Bakery - Plus Coupon!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample to give my honest opinion, your views may differ to mine, thank you! 

These are Dark Chocolate Chunk chewy granola bard from Sunbelt Bakery and they are oh so good.

I'm not a huge fan of anything chocolate, but when I pick some up I usually go for anything dark so these were something that took my interest and they didn't let me down. 

I shared them out with the rest of the family, who described them as chewy, sweet, delicious and everyone wanted more of a snack that everyone actually agreed on. 

I'd put these in school lunches, take them on the go, or have handy to snack at home - whatever takes your fancy. You can give them a try, too when you pick some up with this 50 Cents off coupon here (for the first 500 people). 

You can check out Sunbelt Bakery's other goodies by following them on Twitter @sunbeltbakery and at their website, too.

I'd love to know what you think of them.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

End of week 14 on Nutrisystem

Disclaimer: I was provided with nutrisystem in exchange for my honest opinions based on my own experiences with the program. Your results and views may differ from mine. Thank you!

This week has been hard and stressful and my post here is a little later than usual because of that but here we are, we got here in the end.

On top of an incredibly stressful week, it is that time of the month again, which seemed to come earlier than usual so took me off-guard. I haven't put any weight on, but haven't lost any, again, either, so after last weeks loss I am now stuck again, which seems to be my pattern.

That's alright though! I am trying to switch it up a bit this week with some great advice from the people at Nutrisystem and I have started to work out a little more, even though the days are getting shorter and the mornings are a lot darker and colder and sometimes the motivation can be lacking to get out of bed, but I do, and I get on with it because I can - Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say and I won't be slim overnight, but I am trying my best, which is exactly how it should be.

If my trend is anything to go by, I expect a loss next week. We will definitely see if that proves to be true or not when I jump on the scales on Tuesday.

I am generally a LOT happier with the way I look now than I felt last year and people have started to notice that I am losing weight - especially those that I haven't really seen in a while, so that is reassuring when someone who doesn't really see you online, or in person, turns up out of the blue and lets you know how you look - I appreciate that.

I am now a size 18-20 instead of a 22-24 now and at my highest I even would have had to buy a 26. I don't ever want to have to get back to that, again and so more clothes are ready to move on to new homes, bye-bye big, baggy pants and hello to a dress or two, perhaps?

I just put in my next order for the month coming and look forward to trying out a few things that I haven't yet tried - the menu is so extensive that you really are spoiled for choice. My favorite go-to this week has been the stuffed chicken, again! I just can't get enough of those, and the burgers are amazing. The buns are small and you might not feel right about that at first, but once you get used to the serving size, you won't look back. I no longer feel like I need to have a giant roll or anything with my burger, what Nutrisystem provide is the perfect amount.

If you are on Nutrisystem, let me know how you're getting along - I love hearing from you!

Find out more across social media with #NSNation and #Nutrisystemsnaps.


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Gerber® Lil’ Beanies at Target Make Snacking Yummy and Fun! #GerberWinWin

I have been a mom for over 20 years now and, if there is one thing I can certainly attest to, it is fact that most kids adore snacks!

It doesn't matter if we're on the go, in the car, on the bus, in the store or out to a function - snacks just make everything that little bit better and one brand that has stuck with us over the years is Gerber.

One of our favorite go-to snacks right now is a baked snack made from delicious (and nutritious) navy beans, called Gerber® Lil’ Beanies. They were an instant favorite for us because, apart from being a winner in taste, they come in a container small enough to carry in my purse and with a design that keeps them fresh and tasteful. 

My two youngest children and I are always out on the bus, or off on an adventure somewhere and my bag is like the carpet bag in Mary Poppins, which appears to contain everything but the kitchen sink, and then maybe the kitchen sink as well! There are always snacks in there and some get squashed or rattled around but that Gerber® Lil’ Beanies container keeps the snacks from getting smushed so they survive wherever we go. Perfect!

We like to shop at Target and we always find Gerber® Lil’ Beanies there in the baby isle. When we walk past, my son always reaches for them, because he genuinely enjoys them and likes to let us know. We actually went to pick some up, yesterday and my son carried them from the shelf to the check out, to the bus and all the way home in his little personal Target bag - he was very pleased with himself and enjoyed his reward when we got home...

Gerber® Lil’ Beanies is one baked snack I don't mind purchasing because they aren't loaded with GMOs and they are a hit with the kids. I also like that right now, you can save $0.75 with a rebate, which you can find HERE, too!

Check Gerber® Lil’ Beanies out at a Target near you, and let me know what you think! Big thumbs up, here! 

Don't forget your rebate!

Follow the conversation on social media with #GerberWinWin!  

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Nutrisystem update end of week 13!

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem in exchange for my honest opinions based on my own experiences. Your views and experiences may differ to mine, thank you! 

So, here we are at the end of week 13! My scales finally moved enough to feel like it makes a difference to break this flat-line I've been having for a couple of weeks!

The scales this week, when I weighed on Tuesday morning, pumped out the bright 266.6lbs, which takes me down another 1.4lbs to a total of 31.4lbs.

I am not bored of the food at all as I know the things I like by now that I ordered the items I know I will enjoy rather than ordering different things based on variety - this month I have been eating a lot of the ham/egg/cheese breakfast sandwiches or the french toast when I want a sweet treat in the morning, instead. I usually help myself to a small handfull of walnuts or drink a latte or something as well and then I am satisfied with breakfast.

I am seriously enjoying the meals that I make every day, like last night I had the mushroom stuffed chicken and made myself some nice yellow tomatoes with kale and onion on the side. It is very satisfying and bright and beautiful on the plate, too.

Next month I think I might need to order extra lunch bars as I have found that they are the most convenient way to take the food on the go and the shakes come in really handy if I need to be somewhere and have to nourish myself on the run.

As the weather starts to simmer down, I think I will be ordering more of the home-style chicken or the white bean chili cups to keep warm at lunch-time and just to feel that comfort without having to over-indulge.

I am looking forward to seeing how the winter progresses as I know I naturally slow down a little over the cold months and just want to keep on going so I have to stay motivated and push on.

Here are my photos for this week:

(I think my butt is starting to disappear!)

That's it for this week - the weekend is nearly upon us so hang in there and make it a good one.

Remember, if you are on Nutrisystem as well, I'd love to hear from you.


Wednesday, 28 September 2016

End of week 12 with Nutrisystem #NSNation

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem in exchange for my honest opinions and views based on my own experiences. Your experiences may differ from mine. Thank you! 

This is the end of week 12 on Nutrisystem and I have come so far in those 3 months. I started at 298lbs and am now down to 268lbs on the dot. That is a 30lb weight loss total for 3 months and I am very proud of myself for that.

I had had some bumps in the road and issues that prevented me from helping myself out with exercise and such, but you know what? That isn't going to stop me from continuing to do good. I am 100% now and so have been working out again this week and I feel the benefits of that along with the food.

If you had told me (this time, last year) that I would be sitting here even 1 pound lighter I probably would have laughed. I was in a bad place health-wise and really had no motivation to change because I didn't particularly care what anyone thought of me.

I am losing weight for me, now. Not for anyone else. I have the confidence to really shine and focus on myself for once. Before-hand I was busy thinking about everyone else and making sure they were all O.K, but now it is just the right time for me.

I have been on a plateau almost for the last few weeks, which is a little disheartening, but the fractions of lbs lost in those couple of weeks is better than putting anything on, so I am also happy with that! I don't ever want to get close to 300lbs again and so I am determined. I just have to wait it out and kick my butt into gear.

A wise woman at my doctors office once said to me that you just have to wait out the plateau and then when it starts to come off again you will be all the better for it. So - here's to waiting, working out and working on me!

Here is this weeks photo - you can see my happy little man decided to join in.

I was never a huge fan of this angle, but I adore it now that I am 30lbs lighter and accept the truths it speaks. I also realize that I no longer look 10 months pregnant, which has been a huge deal for me as I just couldn't shift that belly and my youngest is 3!

I still have 50lbs to go to reach my ideal target of 220lbs, which I would be happy with for my height and so here's to some hard work and another 3 months of Nutrisystem! 

Are you on Nutrisystem? I would love to hear from you! 

Keep on keeping on! We've got this! 


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Nutrisystem, end of week 11!

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem in exchange for my honest views and opinions. Your experiences may differ from mine, thank you!

It is that time again - it is my check in with Nutrisystem!

This week I have lost 0.2lbs, which doesn't seem like much to some, but it is "that" time of the month again and usually I lose nothing, so I will take that 0.2lbs and run with it!

I am now 268.6lbs and working on the rest! I would love to lose 50lbs more and I know it is going to be a struggle getting there but I am going to do it!

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER than last week! My back is feeling better and I am on the move! I took the kids to Ballocity yesterday and we all had fun jumping around and going down slides and climbing the little courses in the play area and it was more than a workout at the gym after an hour or two of that! I bet that is where that 0.2lbs went!

I have been sticking to Nutrisystem and am still enjoying it just as much as ever. The variety never leaves me bored of my food and the portion sizes are something I have become very used to. In fact, even on my flex meal days I am happy to put together a meal that I know is about the right size and really don't worry or stress over eating at all.

My body is really starting to change shape and when I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror now I notice I don't look pregnant anymore, which is something that had been bothering me since my youngest son was born 3 years ago! I am so thankful for that!

I feel great and I look forward to sharing the next 3 months with you as I am teaming up with Nutrisystem for a little longer - so big shout out to them for believing in me, and giving me the tools to really get myself back on track. I will forever appreciate it!

Until next week, folks!


My son is fueled by awesome! #yoplaitgobig

I recently discovered Yoplait Go Big pouches at my local store and they are perfect for my ever-growing teens as the pouches are wide with a fist-full of flavor.

Designed specifically with teens in mind, Go Big knows how awesome teens are and has challenged us to write a letter to our teen to let them know it.

In such a letter to my oldest son, who isn't a teen for much longer, I would let him know (as I do already) that the things that make him awesome are the things that matter - like his loyalty, dedication and strength to persevere.

In such a letter I would let my boy know that he is a son that I am proud of. He will open the door for people and help them with a bag or two and he will help with his brother and sister and do little things like making me tea when I am tired and just need a five minute break.

I would tell my son that he is growing into a strong and well adjusted young man and that I am more than proud of the things he has achieved with the hand that has been dealt to him.

Never having panicked me senseless, gotten lost, ran away, did anything too stupid or given me too hard of a time, I am thankful to be able to call him my son and I am, indeed, one proud mother knowing that he knows his own mind and isn't to be easily lead astray.

Go Big has given me pause to sit and consider so many good qualities in my son, especially in a week that happens to be his birthday, too.

Always on the go with a skateboard in his hand, he needs to stop once in a while to try things like Go Big, while learning and evolving into the best version of himself that he can be.

Go Big contains no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, contains real fruit, good source of calcium, is gluten free and kosher dairy packed into a big pouch that any teen would love to grab and take on the go.

My son is certainly awesome but I couldn't pen an entire letter [here on my blog] because that kind of thing is far too personal - but you get the idea of the things I would say and the things that he already knows that I feel about him.

Similarly I would tell my soon-to-be teen step-son how I feel about him, too!

My son's reaction to hearing about how I feel is usually modest or backed up with a "geez mom", but as long as he hears me, then we're doing it right! A good word or a great letter really makes you think/feel appreciated, even if it is a little embarrassing to hear it! 

I bet your teen is just as wonderful and you can tell the world, plus have a chance to win big with Go Big, for your teen by visiting Go Big's Facebook page and letting them know how your teen inspires you and put them in the spotlight for it! (Nominees must be 13-17yrs old for the competition on the Facebook page, but you can still share your stories even if they aren't in this bracket!).

I would love to hear what makes your teen amazing to you, and if you plan to fuel awesome with Go Big, too! 

Find Go Big at most of your local grocery stores and follow around social media with hashtag #YoplaitGoBig for more inspirational stories! 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Ovation Brand's Family Fun Nights with the Underdogs Movie and MORE! - GIVEAWAY! Ends 9/21

Disclaimer I was provided with product in exchange for my honest opinions. Your views may differ from mine. Thank you.

Ovation Brands have launched their latest run of family fun nights in collaboration with the movie Underdogs at participating Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Hometown Buffet, Country Buffet. Furr’s Fresh Buffet locations, from 5-8pm on the specified dates (below) through until October 6th.

Local heroes have also been invited along to talk about what it means to be a local hero in their own communities and to inspire and educate the next generation.

As well as the constant of the Underdogs movie concept every week, the featured activities are as follows:
  • August 25th – Meet a Firefighter Hero Day

  • September 1st – Scout’s Honor

  • September 8th – Teacher Heroes

  • September 15th – Soldier Hero

  • September 22nd – Thank you, Police Officers!

  • September 29th – Literary Heroes

  • October 6th – Little Heroes

To celebrate these fun family nights, Ovation Brands would like to offer one of our lucky readers the chance to win a pack of tickets for a family meal at one of their participating brands/locations, the Underdogs movie, PLUS a $25 Amazon Gift Card

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That's it! GOOD LUCK! 

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For more information on Ovation Brands, you can visit here. Thank you! 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Nutrisystem, end of week 10!

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem in exchange for my thoughts and opinions based on my own interaction with the brand and my own results. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you. 

This week was a slow going week. I didn't lose any weight (still stuck at 268 and change) but that's fine. I am lucky I didn't gain. I put my back out Sunday night and Monday it got worse and worse to the point that I couldn't stand up straight. I've been having problems with my back since I was in my teens and so I am very used to it, but it doesn't mean I am flippant about it - I listen to my body and took a break. 

I stayed on course with Nutrisystem, but stopped exercising for a few days, while my back got a grip on itself. It is now Thursday and I am feeling 90% better. Phew. 

I have been enjoying some great meals this past week, including some hot, cooked blueberries on top of some delicious Nutrisystem waffles, Broccoli and Cheese stuffed Chicken. Hamburger with tomato, lettuce and hot sauce and more. With meals that actually have some taste and color to them, I am always enthused to try more. 

I never thought that i'd be where I am, today, even just 6 months ago. I was in bad shape and I felt awful. I now have a lot more energy and am definitely more present. I don't have the breathing problems I was starting to have when I was 30lbs heavier either. I found 2 more pairs of jeans and some old shirts in my winter clothes when sorting through them yesterday and they ALL fit again, which is the best news I could have hoped for because this means no huge new fall wardrobe bill this year, either! 

I am always confident, no matter what my size, but dropping some weight has most definitely boosted that confidence and made me actually realize just how bad of a shape I was in [before I started] and given me drive to get to where I want to be. I would love to lose another 50lbs and then i'd be at a goal weight of 220ish lbs, which is great for a 6 foot tall amazon like me!

Here is a photo my 5 year old daughter took of me, yesterday, while waiting for a bus. Nobody likes this angle because it tells a lot of truths. I am strangely comfortable with this angle for that exact same reason - it tells the truth of where I am, right now [with weight] and I love it! 

I am really looking forward to the next month or so as the weather starts to change and I am able to get my fall clothes out and rock some boots that I have been dying to wear since I bought then mid-summer. I am looking forward to sweaters and pants and cozy clothes and rockin' hats, scarves and my old favorite coat which was a little too snug this time last year and now fits me perfectly. 

I have gained so much from taking part in Nutrisytem over the last couple of months and know that portion control is going to be something that sticks with me as I continue on my journey. I know what a meal could look like and what a meal really should look like and realize that, in hindsight, I really was eating far too much if i'd wanted to have lost weight, but not enough that my body kept fueled through the day. 

What I usually do, now, is make sure I take with me all the food I will be eating during the day if we are out all day and I make sure to pack shakes just in case we didn't plan to get caught out all day and something happens. I make sure my body is always hydrated and that it is getting the energy it needs to keep going without hitting a block and just that alone has helped tremendously. 

I don't think I would go back to drinking beer or anything like that. I don't like it enough to ruin the achievements I have made, and would rather a cheeky red wine now and then with a meal instead - though, honestly, I haven't had a drink of anything since July 1st and really haven't felt like it at all, which is great coming from someone who used to live in a pub (literally, my mother owned one) and who has seen her fair share of booze. 

I hope that the weight loss trend will continue and that I will start to lose again this week! Until next week, whatever you are doing, do it with a smile! 

- MGB 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Therafit Shoes for Fall - GIVEAWAY HOP! #Septembergiveaway #Fall (Ends 9/28/16)

Disclaimer: I was provided with a pair of shoes from Therafit Shoe, in order to give my honest opinions. Your views may differ to mine - thank you!

Make this a September to remember with this giveaway hop - lots of participants and prizes, just scroll to the bottom and take a look when you are done, for more chances to win prizes this fall season! Thank you to our hosts at &


Just in time for fall, Therafit Shoe has released into the world some great new styles for your walking pleasure and I just got mine to try out last week! 

Just like every other pair of Therafit Shoes I've owned in the past [and there were many] these are a great fit and style that work with my needs as the weather starts to cool down and the chores continue to keep on coming!

I walk a lot and I can't tell you how many pairs of shoes or sneakers I have gone through over the years, but I can tell you that the ones that have lasted me the longest were always Therafit Shoes. The quality of the shoes is worth the money you pay for them and there are so many styles to choose from that there really is something to suit everyone on their website!

What I like about Therafit Shoe is their patented PCS - Personal Control System, which lets you adjust the impact protection along with the level of cushioning on your feet to fit your personal preferences or a specific need. You can remove 1, 2 or all 3 of the soft rods in your shoes or leave them all well alone and you'll soon find which combination works for you!

If you are a busy lady, like me, and want to look fashionable, while adding an extra layer of comfort, then Therafit Shoe is definitely a brand for you and I'd encourage you to go take a look at all the NEW shoes available, right now and use this 10% off coupon: BLOG16 to sweeten any purchases! (valid until October 30th, 2016)


Excited by the new shoes you see at Therafit Shoe's website? I am too! So excited that i'm offering one lucky winner the chance to win a pair of DAKOTA WOMEN'S SUEDE ANKLE BOOTS (pictured, but in the winner's size), worth $139!

To be entered to win, all you have to do is head on down to the rafflecopter, below! - Giveaway ends 9/28/16 at midnight! Thank you!

The Nitty Gritty: Entrants must be 18 or older to win, live in the U.S.A and leave valid contact information, which is not used for anything other than to get in touch with you should you win. 

Winners will be chosen within 24 hours or giveaway end and will have 48 hours after notification to claim their prize. If no confirmation is received within 48 hours then the winner becomes forfeit and a new winner is chosen in their place under the same conditions until we have a confirmed winner. 

These rules are non-negotiable as they help to keep our giveaways timely for our sponsor and help us to get your prize to you as fast as we can to wrap up our giveaway!

Any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email me via my contact details, above! 

That's it! You're all set! Check out the new collection of Therafit Shoe goodies over at their website and follow on social media (@TherafitShoe) to keep up to date with more! 

**For more great prizes, please do check out the other giveaways listed in this giveaway hop, below, too!**


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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Better Things on FX is here, and I can certainly relate! I bet you can too! - GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!! (Ends 9/29/16)

There's a new TV show in town, written by Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon and stars Adlon as “Sam Fox” - a working single [actor] mom, trying to raise her kids in a world not quite as filtered as some other T.V show's might like us to believe in! 

With real-life-like situations, comedic thrills and life's ups and downs thrown all around, Better Things is right up my alley and almost feels like my life put on screen if I weren't married, and if I actually acted for a living!

There is something so great about comedy that comes from real-life and Better Things is semi-autobiographical in that it reflects some of the real-life of Pamela Adlon and hits home with me as I have zero filter and call things like they are, too.

I've always adored Louis C.K. and loved all of his family-related skits and I am sure [with him on board] that this show is going to be a big success. His matter-of-fact, dry and reality-based situational humor gets me every single time and I can't wait to see what he and Adlon bring to the table here as the series progresses! 

"She is mom, dad, referee and the cops" -

Sound familiar? It does to me! I'm often saying that I should write a T.V. show based on the ridiculous situations that come with every-day family goings-on, because there are MANY that happen, and many we laugh about in private, but to see a reflection of real life parenting and its struggles [that we all identify with if we're honest with ourselves] is just exhilarating. 

There is much power in identifying with a character, and I've definitely been there, which I'm sure you have at some point, too. Better Things is going to have us all nodding our head and laughing in agreement. 


To celebrate this fresh new take on life as seen in Better Things [Thursday's on FX] I have a sweet giveaway for one cool mom (or dad), who is trying to keep up and tell it like it is! The giveaway will be for a groovy "swag bag" of goodies, which will include the following: 

  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses, 
  • Chipolo Bluetooth Keyring, 
  • Leather Clutch for mom things,
  • Emergency Beauty Kit, 
  • Hypoallergenic Travel Pillow, 
  • Ultra-Soft Travel Pillow Protector, 
  • Essential Oils Blend Mini, 
  • Skinny Lip Balm,
  • & "Credit Card" Mints!
One lucky winner will win it all and ALL you have to do to enter is LEAVE A BLOG COMMENT [below] - You could tell me some of your funniest parenting moments or how you cope with mom-stress, a tip for keeping life in check or the best piece of mom wisdom you know! You could even tell me a little something about Better Things that makes you want to tune in, it really is up to you! What are you waiting for!? 

Rules: Giveaway ends 9/29/16. Entrants must reside in the U.S., be 18 years of age or have parents permission if younger, must leave a valid email address (or twitter handle so I can find you) and leave a genuine, thoughtful comment!  Entries will be counted from Facebook, Blogger and Instagram and chosen by number via and contacted within 24 hours of selection. The winner will then have 1 week to claim their prize before the prize is re-drawn and a new winner chosen.

Note: Your email and/or personal details are not used by Mom's Gone Bronson for anything other than to contact you should you win this prize, please enter with confidence!

 If you have any questions, please get in touch, thank you! 


(And don't forget to tune in to FX on Thursdays for Better Things and keep up to date with hashtags #BetterThings, #BetterThingsGiveaway, and by checking out @FXNetworks) - MGB

Protein Energy Power, in BANANA!

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to share my honest opinions. Your views may differ from mine, thank you!

I am currently on Nutrisystem and they provide some shakes, which I like a lot, but I was looking for other shakes that came in different flavors, which complimented the Nutrisystem plan.

I was given the chance to try out this natural, plant-based protein supplement (Protein Energy Power) and so gave it a go for a couple of weeks when I ran out of my regular shakes. 

I really enjoyed the texture, even when made just with water (you can make it with water or add milk) and it tasted just sweet enough that it wasn't too much and it didn't leave any lingering aftertaste, which I can fully appreciate!

I really enjoy the banana flavor and would definitely use this again in the future and will give it a full 5/5 as I can't seem to find anything to fault it on!

If you are looking for a supplement that keeps you going at breakfast or puts a pep in your step for a workout, or if you'd just like to add something new to your routine, then definitely give this one a try!

You can find out more about Protein Energy Power across social media for more ideas on how and where to use it and you can find it from good retailers, today!

Keep on keeping on!


Spiced & Infused for your popcorn-snacking pleasure!

Disclaimer: I Was provided with products in order to give my honest opinions. Your views may differ from mine. Thank you!

I love a popcorn snack, while watching a movie or catching up on a show and sometimes it becomes a love-hate relationship when I'm not having so much fun with the plain, buttered or salted anymore and so a new take on flavors got my interest when I was given the chance to try Spiced & Infused popcorn!

With flavors like Asian Barbecue, Bombay Seasoning, Chipotle Taco and French Herb, I knew I was in for something different and so gave them a shot. 

I shared the bags out with my children and they all each had a taste - they were huge fans of the Asian Barbecue and I really hovered towards the Bombay Seasoning, but my step son pinched that one from me and enjoyed the rest of the bag, himself!

I like to try something new and I honestly wasn't sure if I would like these, at all, but it turns out, they're a great hit in our home and I was pleasantly surprised. 

I think these are a great way to make lunches a little more exciting and at fewer calories than some of the other options available in other flavors - they make a great snack on the go, too, or while watching your favorite movies, just like me!

If you want to know more about Spiced & Infused popcorn, you can find them HERE and across social media - well worth a look if you are looking for something exciting and new in popcorn!