Friday, 21 March 2008

Limestone cowboy....

I work in this pub and you hear so many stupid or funny quotes every day - here is the one that stuck with me this past couple of days when a couple of the regulars tried to explain to another guy what limestone was.

Guy that doesnt know what it is: "Isn't it like acidic, its like, limes..."

Other guy: "Its not a fruit, you know..not like A lime..."

Guy that doesn't know what it is: "What is it then...??" *looks confused*

Other guy: "Limestone, weeeeeeell, you know...its like a big bag of cocaine, but if you snort it, you die!"

Guy that doesn't know what it is: "Oooookay then....that clears that up..."

So folks. Limestone. Its like a big bag of cocaine. But if you snort it; you die.

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