Friday, 31 July 2009


I am currently undergoing a self induced re-modeling and long overdue maintainance.

I'm slowly learning that everything i've ever felt important to me, makes sense even now. Which is actually pretty reassuring, but in the short term, my situation is a bust!

I try to be a good person, I live well, look after my family, I do the things I love and avoid conflicts to the best of my ability. I can be oppinionated but im not sure thats a bad thing...i like animals, I recycle! I make sure things get done...

And then someone goes and steals our car?!

As an English woman living in America, I am starting to realise all that I had back in England, which I took for granted and this car theft thing is really getting on my nerves.....
Time to get something done!

Right now though, i'm going to feed a rather hungry Iguana, and possibly my family! They're eating me out of house and home! :)

They're all cute though, and my rescued Iguana is doing SO well!

Have a great Friday!

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