Thursday, 13 August 2009

I think I went a little overboard this week buying new clothes for the kids. I bought bags and bags of them!! What's with that?! I'd rather not eat for a week and put lots and lots of clothes on the kids backs - yeh, sometimes I have to choose, but those are the breaks, right? Some people really don't know how much they have when they're getting a free ride.

Anyways! Shopping in Walmart at 7am for new socks and pants is a strange experience.

Its all creepy and quiet.

Rozz is going for her shots today! I'll finally be able to take her for long walks and everything, which is awesome! More excercise for me!

In other news...I grew a tomato:

OOOOH! We can EAT!! :D

Life is devoid of cash, but its a good life when you're ignoring all the morons trying to screw you out of the money you need to be able to afford to pay your rent every month. WOO!

It'll be both our kids birthdays in a few weeks! In the SAME WEEK! Its going to be a good week! :D

Da Na Na Naaaaaaah!



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