Thursday, 18 November 2010

$$ Saving Chicken Patty Tortillas!

I know that there are many people struggling right now financially - the problem is world-wide and we have to all penny pinch here and there, BUT, just because you shop on a budget it doesn't mean you can't get creative!

For a simple, quick and easy dinner for your kids, here are my chicken patty tortilla's which will cost around $1 a piece!!

Remember, this is a no frills option, to get the best value for your buy you need to put your shopping savvy hat on and avoid the big chain stores and head to Aldi or hunt out the deals! You can buy a bag of chicken patties for $3, a bag of tortillas for $1 and you may have the condiments on hand! You'll also be able to pick up some lettuce for $1.50 and voila, lots of chicken patty tortilla wraps for around $5!

What you'll need to make 2 tortillas wraps, to feed 2 younger children or 1 hungry teen...

1 chicken pattie (you only need 1 per 2 wraps! Trust me!)
A handful of shredded or chopped lettuce
2 tortilla wraps
Mayonnaise or Whipped Dressing (which I prefer)
Ketchup (the cheaper alternative, the better!)
American mustard (All condiments are optional!)

Now, here it is, and it is SO simple!

Place your oven on 325 and pop in your chicken patty
When your chicken patty is almost cooked (check instructions on pack) pop in the oven your tortilla wraps to heat them up nice and warm - but don't over cook them or else they'll get crispy and won't work as well!

When your tortillas are warm pop them on a plate and line them with your shredded lettuce!

Grab your chicken patty and chop it into little pieces and split between the two tortillas - you won't need more than that for each because all you need is the taste and the crunch!

On top of your lettuce and chicken patty you can add as much or as little as you desire of mayo, ketchup or mustard (or some of each if you prefer!).

Grab the side of your tortilla and wrap it over sealing in your patty and lettuce nice and tight.

That's about it! It really couldn't be any easier than that!

Give them to the kids to handle with their fingers and thumbs - they'll love it! No cutlery necessary! Let them munch away and they'll be full and asking for more next time!

You can add some extra pizzaz to these if you have some spices or shakes in the cupboard or if you have some onion lurking in the fridge or perhaps cucumber! Have fun with them!

As ever! These ideas are meant to help you on a budget without having to have mac and cheese every day and they are not meant to be fancy and time consuming. They're not all together unhealthy either!! :)

Eat, enjoy and keep the smile on those little faces without getting worry lines on yours!

***Tried these? Let me know what you think!?***

With love!

Go Bronson!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Calenders in time for Christmas!

I have several calendars ready and waiting for you for 2011!

Just click on the link below and discover some delightful holiday gifts - you may email me for alternative images if you'd like to replace any! There are also an assortment of Christmas cards available! Just click on the pictures/links below and check them out!