Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Survived Xmas!

Hands up if you took something back!?

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas is comin' and the goose is.....

we'll actually, the goose is pretty awesome tucked up uneaten somewhere because we're not having goose....but....

We ARE ready for Christmas! We had the "first wave" last night where some family and friends come over to see the kids and they get round one of presents! Today we visit the in-laws for round 2 and then tomorrow, Christmas day, we get to wake up and spend the whole day at home in our pajamas cooking food and watching TV! Albeit on a crappy small TV because last night our awesome TV decided to completely DIE! Booooooooo!

My PC was dying too but, as it turns out, it was just dirty! :D

I have all the baked goods and gifts ready for the in-laws today, the kids have awesome new clothes to wear that they were given last night - they just have to wake up, get washed and dressed and we're ready to roll!

I'm on my first cup of tea of the day and our 8 year old is on his first hot chocolate! I'm pretty sure by the end of today all the kids are going to be chocolate fed to their limits and bat-sheeeeeeeet CRAZY!!

Let the festivities begin!

And then let them finish so I can jump into those pajamas! :D

Merry Christmas!! xxx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sign up to Vitacost with a $10 sign up bonus! is a great website for savings on vitamins and the like! Better still! They have savings on everything from baby formula to organic baby biscuits to tea bags!!

If you sign up today, you will get a $10 sign up bonus! I used mine to buy a box of Egyptian liquorice tea, Spiced Chai tea and some organic baby teether biscuits/cookies! They have a great sale on right now so all of those items cost less than $10 and were FREE after my sign up credit was deducted! I only paid shipping of $4.99 - which is less than you would buy just 1 box of those tea bags in CVS or similar stores!

Sign up today and THEN invite your friends for additional referral bonuses!

Save save save!

Tea Forte Giveaway

Don't forget to check in with Tea Forte on Facebook today to get in your "LIKE" for their latest giveaway!

I am in no way associated with Tea Forte, just passing on the giveaway link! :)

Play Lemonheads on Facebook to WIN!

Check out this Instant Win Game I'm participating in...

By clicking the above link, you will be taken to Facebook and the Lemonhead's page, where you can win anything from wristbands, sweeps entries and gift cards to more expensive, bigger prizes as you gain more points!

We won a wristband - not a lot, but a wristband is a wristband!! Working up to the next level far will you go!?

Electronic melt down of 2011!

This year has not been a very good one with me and my electronics! My phone died at the beginning of the year and the one I was given to replace it was no better and won't charge!

My PC keeps on overheating an shutting down. Looks like i'll be needing a replacement sooner rather than later!

My camera died a death and I haven't been able to replace that either!

I really hope that 2012 brings me more luck on the electronic front! 2011 certainly didn't bring me any luck at all!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dr Oz giveaway!

Yesterday, Dr OZ had a giveaway on his website every hour on the hour! I managed to win a necklace valued at $80 and am pretty pleased with that!! I was aiming for the $50 Starbucks gift card but I think everyone else had the same idea!

Did you try your luck on the site yesterday? What did you win?

Thanks Dr. Oz!!

Friday, 16 December 2011


Last night we started watching "Justified" as something to replace the shows we're missing out on while they take their Christmas break!

First impression? Pretty darn good!!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Free Sample of Perfectly Posh

If you are lucky enough to get it to load, you can score a free sample of Perfectly Posh for lips: HERE

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sick as a dog...

My husband is out at work today sick as all hell itself because he has to put food on our table and can't afford to miss a single day. He can't just take a day off and say screw work, I'll see ya tomorrow...not in this economy...or any economy really! It sucks.

I would hereby like to ask the world for some good karma - maybe even a winning lotto ticket for just a couple a hundred bucks, i'm not greedy!

In return, world, I will make you a nice cup of rosie lee!

Cheers! xx

20% off at Supercuts!

If you have a super cuts near you, and you've signed up for their emails, you should check your email this morning! You can pick up a bag in store for $1 and get 20% off of whatever you can fit in that bag! Pretty sweet deal if you need a last minute gift!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Walking Dead

I was starting to lose all faith in the second season of "The Walking Dead" but last night I caught up on Sunday night's episode and feel adequately put firmly back in my place as it pulled it out of the bag and managed to present a plot twist that I didn't see coming! In hind sight, I should have seen it, but the deflections were all over the place and this one actually got me good! THANK YOU! Finally! This is what I like to call GOOD TV!

Land of...Jellybeans!?

Why, oh why is it so difficult for me to pick a background for my blog!? Surely it can't be my Libra side, again!?! Convenient excuse if ever I needed one!

The few minutes I have to myself have resulted in my hastily picking a rather bold, bright selection of jellybeans for your viewing pleasure, while I casually go about my morning routing before I finally return, later in the day, to rectify the situation!

My son is about to come out of hibernation after a very long weekend off for Thanksgiving, so I better go put some coffee on and whip up some pancakes!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fair Trade

Last week I attended an online webinar from KIWI magazine on Fair Trade. For attending the webinar there was a prize drawing for 3 people and I was one of the lucky ones to win! The goodies arrived just yesterday and I was delighted! It came with cinnamon, chocolate chips (dark chocolate), a dark chocolate bar (85% Cacao! Yum!), organic green loose leaf tea (delicious), Red tea with pomegranate and green tea with lemon! There was also an awesome Fair Trade tote bag, which will be fabulous for my grocery shopping!

I have always believed in buying Fair Trade and supporting the workers wherever possible. Sometimes it isn't so easy on a smaller budget but we do what we can!

Check out some information on why it is important to consider buying Fair Trade by clicking HERE

Webinars can be very informative but they're sometimes even more rewarding! Suffice to say - the chocolate went pretty fast between myself and the kids! :D

Friday, 21 October 2011

Burt's Bees has done it again!

As a member of BZZAgent I recently received a free full size bottle of Burt's Bees Sensitive face wash and full size moisturizer!

Thrilled at the chance to try them I have now been using them both for a little over a week and I have to say that I am honestly amazed at how wonderful they both work on my skin!

I don't have terrible skin by a long chalk, but it does start to get a little dry this time of year - especially after a long, dry, summer. I am not all that great at getting into a routine with cleansers or any of that kind of thing and I rarely wear too much make up either.

However, after using the wash and the moisturizer twice a day in place of regular facial wash etc, I have noticed a difference. My skin is softer and more radiant and there are no harsh side affects or issues.

I am confident that Burts Bees has done it again with a good, natural, product and I hope to carry on using this for a long while after my trial runs out!

Thank you Burt's Bees!!


Sunday, 16 October 2011

I haven't posted anything here in a while - or so it would seem! BUT! Really, what happened was, I purchased a time machine and jumped a month into the future and completely skipped September! Honest!! For me it has been a little over 5 minutes since my last post ;)

Either that or my 8 month old has taken up pretty much all of my time and i've not really been able to post :D

In my absence I have scored a few big deals with more coupons! Last week, for instance, there was a $8/2 covergirl coupon in the Sunday paper and (after being given a few extra of these) I was able to get a very good deal on a whole new set of make-up items in Rite Aid for FREE!

I picked up 7 eyeshadows, a make-up brush, loose powder, foundation, moisturizer, 2 blushers and a smoother!

Thanks to coupons I think I'm set for make-up for a little while!

I also received a few freebies since mt last post - will talk about a few of those later on today! Stay tuned ;)


Monday, 29 August 2011

The earth - it dislikes you!

In the last week I have experienced my first ever earthquake and then a nice hurricane! The east coast of America is really dishing it out!! Right before school kicks off again this morning too - what a nice end to summer!

In other news, it is 5:30am, I have coffee and toast! It is going to be a long day!

Monday, 18 July 2011


You can now view some of my photography by clicking on the slideshow on the banner to the left on my profile!



Friday, 15 July 2011

New Camera

I need a new camera like yesterday! I miss doing my photography and the camera I have right now just isn't cutting the mustard.

Maybe it is time to sell everything and just focus on the photography again...

Slow week...

This week has been SO SLOW for freebies and bargains but we'll get there!

In the mean time, this week in Rite Aid I got 2 loads of old spice, pack of duracell batteries, a shick hydro razor and baby food for 80 some cents after coupons.

I also got a soleil razor, another shich hydro, baby formula, shaving gel and a protein bar for 71 cents in cvs.

Nothing exciting, but a deal is a deal and you can never have too many razors! :D

Sunday, 3 July 2011

I messed up!

Apparently when I updated my blog the other night to add more coupons I deleted the entire thing rather than saving it - I didn't notice until this morning when I signed in - I appologise for the stupidity!! I do, however, have hundreds of coupons so there are plenty to go around. I am going to sort them out this week and do a bigger and better giveaway to make up for it :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Win TWIX prizes!

Enter HERE to win with the Twix "Pick your Pause" game. You could win one of thousands of prizes, including the most common prize - coupons for Twix bars! (You get to choose between PB and Caramel if you get the coupons! YUM!).

You can request a free code on the bottom of the page if you don't have any already!

There also seems to be a high success rate for winning too, so...

Good luck!!


This week I received:

2 packs of (10) Tide stain release + coupons for $2 off and a liquid wash
2 issues of Ebony magazine
Fekkai samples
Swiffer duster
Covergirl freebie/win (Brown blaze eyeliner and a ton of coupons)
Free dog food sample from Alpo and coupons for 1 free can and money off
Free bag of dog food from petsmart coupon
Garnier samples
$20 in Enfamil coupons

There were some others but I can't think what they were off the top of my head!

This week has rocked for freebies and deals!!

Keep up the good work!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

This weeks deals!

Rite Aid and CVS have some amazing deals on this week! If you have a couple of bucks spare in your pocket you can go over and pick them up! :)

You will need $3 out of pocket to pick up toothpaste and aspirin at the Rite Aid, just look for the St. Joseph aspirin, which is $1.50 each, limit is 2 on that one. Pick up 2 and get your $3 back in +UP rewards. Use those $3.00 to pick up some max fresh toothpaste, which is on sale for $2.99 this week and you get $2.99 back! SOOOO if you only have $3.00 to start with you can buy the toothpaste, use the +Ups from the aspirin, then get $2.99 +Ups back, which you're allowed to to 4 times on the toothpaste. Sure it is going to take you 5 transactions total for the asprin and the 4 tubes of toothpaste if you want to incur as little out of pocket expense as possible, but hey! Free toothpaste and aspirin as long as you use your wellness card!! You can never have too much toothpaste!

Total cost of product (4 tubes colgate, 2 boxes of aspirin) is approximately $20. With this scenario you get all items totally FREE and walk away with your +UPS in your pocket for the next week!


CVS is a little more complicated as their deals are outstanding in there this week! Grab one of the circulars (you have until Sat night before the deals change) and have a flick through.

You can pick up Protein Bites for $2.49, get $2.49 back in extrabucks! Hershey's Bliss for $5.99 get $5.99 back in extrabucks! That makes both items totally FREE! If you have any extrabucks to roll from last week then all the merrier!

You can also find $10 extrabucks reward when you buy $25 worth of baby products and $5 back when you buy $15 worth of Garnier! Colgate is also giving you $2.00 back and there are some $1 off colgate coupons around from recent inserts!

These are just a few deals, but check your local CVS for your local offerings!

This week my CVS shop looked like this:

1 24 oz tub of baby formula
2 large boxes of baby food (Rice/Oatmeal)

Total before sale: Approx $32.00

The baby formula was on sale for $22 and the baby food was on sale for 2 for $5.00.

I had a -$3 off $15 cvs in store coupon, $15.95 Gerber check (sign up for to Gerber, HERE), 55 cents off of the baby food.

Total out of pocket expense was: $7.50

Total extrabucks I got back for buying over $25 worth of baby goods was $10.

SO! They paid me $2.50 to take it all away!!

THEN, I made a second trip to CVS with that $10 extrabucks.

I picked up:

Hersheys Bliss $5.99
Protein Bites $2.49
Colgate $2.79
Small tub of baby formula for $13.29.

Total before in store sale was around $25. Total in sale was $24.57.

I paid with $10 extrabucks from the day before and $1.00 off colgate coupon as well as a -$3 off $15 purchase coupon and a $10.95 Gerber check, which was rounded down to cover the end total, which was less than the check.

Total after tax was $0.00.

They gave me back $10.48 in extrabucks, which meant I got all items for FREE with 48 cents more extrabucks than I walked in with!

I then picked up 3 lots of Garnier face cleanser, which is usually $7.49 each, with a total of $22.47 but it was on sale for $5 a piece so total was $15.00.

I paid with 2x -$1 off coupons for Garnier, -$3 off every $15 spent coupon (issues randomly at the red boxes when you scan your CVS card), leaving a $10 balance. I paid for that with the $10.48 extrabucks from the day before but noticed i'd be wasting 48 cents so threw in a large bottle of coke, which was on sale for 77 cents. Total out of pocket this time was again around 33 cents.

They then paid me $5 extrabucks back for buying $15 worth of Garnier, PLUS, I also got $5.00 back in extrabucks for going over $50 worth of beauty product purchases as I am a member of the beauty club, which is always worth signing up to! (you can find the forms in-store).

So, to round it up, I walked in to CVS with $10 extrabucks, purchased Hershey's bliss, protein bites, colgate, 3 lots of Garnier and a small tub of baby food. Total out of pocket spent was 33 cents because of that bottle of coke, but everything else was totally FREE as I still have $10 in extrabucks left in my pocket!

This week, so far, I have purchased around $100 worth of product for barely anything. I have the +ups and Extrabucks left in my pocket from almost every item purchased! I paid very little out of pocket and now actually have more in extrabucks than I had cash to begin with!

This week has been a great week to save on some great essentials!!

I would LOVE to hear your stories! Just leave me a comment or drop me a line :)

Happy shopping!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

CVS - Part 2

My first trip to CVS left me with $3 in extrabucks so I decided to see if there were any bargains to be had the day after. I came home with 2 tubes of colgate, 2 suave products and an ice coffee. I had freebie coupons for the suave and coffee then used the $3 in extrabucks on the toothpaste. I then got those extrabucks back!

I thought my deals were then over this week, but no! On the way out I spotted John Frieda products on offer - $5 instead of $7.49 and you buy $10 worth and get $3 back! I knew I had 2 $2 off coupons so I would have used those, the $3 EBC's and $3 out of pocket...$3 for $15 worth of stuff is pretty good!

HOWEVER! While going through my coupons yesterday morning, before I went to go pick up the shampoo and conditioner, I spotted a $5 off coupon for the same product!! Cha ching!! I purchased a full repair shampoo and a full repair conditioner. They were both $5 a piece on sale from $7.49. Total before coupons was $10. I handed over my $5 and $2 coupons, as well as the $3 extrabucks i'd been carrying all week! I got the items for totally FREE as they then gave me $3 extrabucks back for my $10 purchase!

I forget what my totals are this week but they're around $80 bucks worth for around about $4 out of pocket! You really cannot go wrong with that!!!

I'd love to hear some of your couponing experiences! Get Bronson! xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Couponing at the CVS

This week the better deals seem to be at the CVS for my coupons so last night, after an afternoon of browsing their prices and figuring out a plan of action, I went down there and started my shop!

I spent 20 minutes in the store, knew exactly the items I wanted, had my coupons in order and made a total of 4 transactions.

I first picked up a bottle of Crest Pro Health Mouthwash in the 1 liter bottle. This is usually $7.50 but is on sale for $4.50 right now, plus I had a $2.00 off coupon. I paid $2.50 out of pocket for this and the store gave me $2.50 back in extrabucks so it was like getting it for free except the 15 cents tax.

I then did a second transaction for another bottle of crest (you're allowed a total of 2) and paid the $4.50 by giving them a $2.00 coupon and the $2.50 extrabucks. They then gave me $2.50 extrabucks back.

So, so far, I have 2 bottles of mouthwash (big 1ltr bottles) and spent $2.65 but also have a $2.50 extrabucks coupon ready to spend on my next item.

My third transaction was for a Pulsar toothbrush. These retail at 6.89 but are on sale for $6.00. I paid for it with the $2.50 extrabucks and a $3.00 pulsar coupon and 50 cents out of pocket. The store then gave me a $3.00 extrabucks coupon back.

My fourth transaction was for a second Pulsar toothbrush (you're allowed a maximum of 2 on this offer) and paid the $6.00 with the $3 extrabucks and the $3 coupon and no out of pocket expense!

I also purchased a pack of condoms, which retail for $25 give or take a few pennies, which I got for FREE with a "up to $39.99" manufacturers coupon that their company sent me in the mail.

SO! To recap, I purchased:

2 liters of mouthwash
2 pulsar toothbrushes
36 condoms

Total: $52.26
Total I paid: $3.15

I also still have a $3.00 extrabucks coupon left to spend, so it is like I only actually spend FIFTEEN CENTS.

With steals like that, I do wonder why more people don't use coupons!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

FREE SlimStix Sugar Free Mix Samples!

Visit SlimStix HERE for your free sample of their product:

"Simply Rip & Sip - Drink one 7.5 ml Slim Stix hunger buster 4 hours before any meal you would like to eat 30% less of, it's that easy! No Diets, No Shakes, No Mixing, No Mess."

I don't know how well it works, but it is there if you want to give it a try! I usually find just eating an apple or some other fruits in between meals helps just as much! Just sayin'. :)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Carefree liner sample at CVS

CVS are offering samples of carefree liners at their front desks while supplies last - they cost 1 penny but they have a 55 cent coupon attached so it is worth picking up :)

FREE DONUT DAY! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Today is national donut day - lots of places will be giving away free donuts!!

Krispy Kreme is giving everyone 1 free donut without a purchase!

Dunkin' Donuts will be giving away a free donut with every beverage purchased!

LaMar's Gourmet Donuts will also be giving away a free donut!

So will Price Chopper if you go to their facebook page HERE "like" them and select the "coupon" link to print off your free donut coupon! :)

There are a few more so hunt around - you could have donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner today!!

Happy Sugar Overload!!

YES!!! :) xxxx

Bounty $5 Friday Coupons!

Bounty will be giving away $5 coupons to the first 5,000 to sign up when they launch today between 11am and 1pm EST!

These will probably go in seconds but you can try your luck HERE

Good luck!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

*HOT FREEBIE* Free blowout and style at Ulta!

This is a fabulous freebie if you have an ULTA near you!! Next week they will be offering a complimentary blowout and style featuring products by Fekkai!

The dates for this are:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 AND Thursday, June 9, 2011

You MUST reserve an appointment to get your complimentary treatment :)

Spaces are limited and at participating locations only!

Find your Ulta location by clicking HERE, give them a call and check that they are participating, then book your appointment! Voila!! :)


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

FREE Dove deodorant!

Get your free sample of Dove deodorant by clicking HERE. The site is in Spanish but google should translate for you! :)

This is a great freebie as you can get one per household per month!!

Tip: By the time you receive your sample (4-6 weeks), you should be able to sign up again! :)


Not so extreme, but fun, couponing!

So, I assume by now that everyone has seen the "show that shall not be named" about couponing, which has been wowing people across the globe!? If you haven't, it basically showcases several people who basically go to the store and shop using a ton of coupons and ultimately walk out of the store with hundreds of dollars worth of product for what can [sometimes] amount to mere pennies.

Now, while the show can be entertaining, it doesn't always ring quite as true as perhaps people think that it might. For instance: to get THAT much of a discount on groceries you will first of all need a LOT of high value coupons. Usually these coupons are found in the local Sunday papers and online via sites such as Coupon Kutters for a very minimal fee. For hardcore couponers the cost of the initial coupon could cost more than they let on (on "that show") and the total of the shop is not quite as "free" as it may seem. A lot of these extremists will "dumpster dive", buy coupons, collect coupons from friends and receive coupons as donations when they're doing a drive to collect items for charities and organizations. If you are looking at saving a little money here and there with coupons, it is entirely possible - just start off slow and don't expect to come across your coupons in quite such large quantities for free - sometimes it pays to spend a little to gain a little and you need to keep that in mind.

Now, what if you've tried a spot of couponing yourself and have not yet seen the big savings shown on the show? Well! The truth of it is, the likelihood of you saving THAT much is pretty slim to none - but saving big is absolutely possible! Take note of the contents in the cart as show takes you around the isles of the store and you will see that [most often than not] the shoppers are loading up on hundreds of the same item, using hundreds of the same coupons, to make that huge total look staggering as it drops down to close to zero. What you will most likely not see is any purchase of meat, dairy or fresh veg/fruit produce on the show unless they're clearing an overage. Coupons for these items do come up on occasion but usually these are paid for at full price or very close to full price on every single visit and coupons in these areas are extremely rare and any shopping for these items is usually kept separate to the shop you see on the show, in order to make their total look as low as possible! Notice, next time you watch, the items they are putting in their cart - great if you can get them gratis, but you really can't live on sports drinks and pain killers for the rest of your life, unless you want to cause yourself some serious trouble!

Having said that though - couponing CAN work and most of the time couponing can save you between 40 and 75% of your total bill if you put in the work to collect coupons, sort through weekly circulars and match up to the coupons you have in order to get the lowest prices and the best score!

Just last week I purchased $60 worth of items in CVS and paid $15 out of pocket for the entire lot. So, what did I get and how did I get it?

Well, I purchased 6 Revlon nail polishes, 4 Suave deodorants, a jumbo pack of Pampers and a tin of Enfamil baby formula (even though I breast feed and really only keep it for back up!).

To start with, CVS give you something called "ExtraBucks" for certain purchases, which can be used as credit towards your next purchase. I had 4 of these on my card when I entered the store and these are equal to $4 worth of product.

I had 6 $1 off coupons for Revlon nail polish, 4 $0.75 coupons for Suave, $5.00 off Enfamil, $3 off baby goods and a coupon for a free bag tag. (bag tags are tags you put on your reusable bag and scan every visit you make to the store (once a day max) to get a $1 credit every 4th visit).

Now, last week, CVS was offering Revlon nail polish for $4.99 but giving you 4 extrabucks back per item purchased. You could then use those extrabucks on whatever you liked, right away, as they print out as a coupon on your purchase receipt. The limit of purchases on the nail polish was SIX (a rare, but fabulous, total!) and I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity!

My first transaction was for the 1 nail polish. I handed over my CVS card, bag tag, 4 extra bucks and $1 coupon. They don't give you cash back so they rounded it down to $4.99 and I got the item free PLUS 4 extrabucks back for buying the nail varnish. I then made a SECOND transaction for the second nail varnish, handed over the 4 extra bucks from the first nail varnish, another $1 coupon and my CVS card, making that one totally FREE too and, yep, they gave me 4 extrabucks back again so I kept going until I reached my limit of SIX! That is $30 worth of nail varnish for ZERO dollars and I still had my 4 extrabucks left on my card from that last nail polish! I then used those 4 extrabucks, plus $3 worth of Suave coupons, the $5 enfamil coupon and $3 baby product coupon on Pampers which were on sale from $12 to $8.50 already before the coupon was used! Score!

I did not pay full price for ANYTHING, I walked out of CVS after a staggering 7 transactions and a lot of odd looks, but made a big 75% savings!

Will I be able to survive on nail polish and diapers? Probably not! BUT! It is fun to shop and score a few freebies that I would otherwise not have purchased (the nail polish) and you can never have too much deodorant - especially in this 90 degree heat!!

If you are new to couponing, don't stress if you're not seeing the savings you might have come to expect - but have fun with it, and save where you can! A penny is a penny and you never know, it may bring you luck!!

Happy Shopping! xxx

***All opinions in this post are my own, and are in no way meant to offend or persuade anyone in any way.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Freebies - Things Recieved!

So, just a month ago (maybe a little longer) I started signing up for freebies again - something I had not done in a very long time.

In the last month I have received:

2 weeks worth of the Wall Street Journal for free
Free Subscriptions (A YEAR'S WORTH) to Ebony, Entrepreneur, Rangefinder and several other magazines!
Free $85 worth of cosmetics from "O" magazine
Free Coffee creamer
Free Folgers Coffee
Free Weasel Coffee
Free Perfume from several perfume companies - Oscar being the best so far because it came in a little bottle and will last a long while! It smells great, too!
A free thong from Spanx
Free paint
Free mothers milk tea
Free Lansinol (sp) Nipple cream for breastfeeding mums
Free ice coffee cup from Kurig
Free spice
Free chocolate
Free Tony's pizza coupon
Free Yoplait yoghurt
Free burger king meal
Free vasaline coupon
Free claritin allergy (full size box)
4x Free mini photo books
Free 8x10 photo
Free book on mexico
Free Degree deodorant
Free Dove deodorant
Free Secret deodorant
Free Secret clinical strength deodorant (x2)
Free mascara and eyeshadow
Free coffee at Starbucks
Free coffee at dunkin' donuts (there is a lot of free coffee on this list!)
Free Bacardi tee shirt
Free converse tee shirt
Free Lego magazine
Free Tony Hawk posters
Free cereal bars
Free cook book
Several Free coupon booklets from different companies (some with free products)
Free Suave dry shampoo
Free Kotex
Free Always
Free bowling all summer
Free cinema tickets
Free nail art
Free nail polish
Free baby formula
Free cereal
Free books
Free Gillette fusion razor
Free Pert shampoo
Free Tampax
Free pull ups
Free wipes
Free Swiffer duster
Free Clairol hair dye
Free Juice

The list goes on and on and on....

My point being, you really can get almost ANYTHING for FREE - and the sample sizes usually come with valuable coupons towards full size products, saving you $$$!

It can be fun to hunt down all the freebies and it is always pretty exciting to get something gratis in the mail almost every single day - after about 4 weeks they start rolling in!

Keep an eye on my blog for links to freebies and do a google search for some great freebie sites that are more informative than my good self and VERY on the ball with facebook giveaways, tips, tricks and more!

My favourite sites for freebies are Mommy Saves Big and Hey, It's Free!

Have a great weekend - and happy hunting!! xxx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Free Weasel Coffee Sample!

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a little while but blogger was being a pain in the butt and a few of my posts were sucked into oblivion! They do seem to be back now and so do I - albeit with a baby asleep on my arm while I type - but that's a whole other story!!

For your free sample of Weasel coffee click HERE and see top right corner of their page! You don't have to enter payment details - just click print and call or paypal and you'll not be charged :)


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Allie Photography Photo Challenge 4/12

Its that time again! This weeks Happy Monday challenge from Allie is "April Showers" and here is mine this week...enjoy!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Traditional cornish pasty filling!

First of all, please refer to this blog post for HOW TO MAKE PASTIES for the dough.

For this filling, you will need:

1 onion (chopped and peeled)
1 potato (chopped and peeled)
2 large carrots (chopped and peeled)
A handful of peas
A handful of corn
A can of corned beef
Dash of oil
Pinch of oregano
Salt and Pepper to taste!


Heat the oil in a non stick pan and add all of your ingredients except for the corned beef!

Cook for 5 minutes on a low to medium heat.

Add the corned beef and cook until the vegetables are all slightly tender.

Let stand until cool and VOILA! You just made yourself a pasty filling!

Some variations of this include adding beef gravy/stock, extra herbs, a can of tomatoes or even removing the corned beef if you'd prefer a vegetarian pasty! A little tip though - if you remove the corned beef, you can replace it with black beans for a fabulous vegetable and bean pasty!

Experiment and have fun! Let me know how you get along! :)


How to make pasties...

Pasties are SO simple to make, quick to bake and extremely versatile in that you can fill them with whatever you like! They make a meal on their own, great snacks, packed lunches, sides and even mini dippers if you feel so inclined - just mix up the pastry, make up the pasties in size and quantity to suit and voila! Pasty heaven!

Here is a really simple pasty recipe:

You will need:

3 Cups of flour
3/4 Cups of CHILLED butter
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 to 1 cup of ice cold water (see recipe for why!)


When making pasties you ideally want to make sure that your hands are cool, your butter is chilled and your water is cold to ice cold. This will give your pastry a much better substance and affect the overall outcome of the texture/taste.

Step 1.

Sprinkle your salt into your flour and cut your butter into your flour using a pastry cutter. If you do not have one of this magical devices, don't despair! You can cut the butter into the flour by using 2 knives, pulling them away from one another in a cutting motion through the butter until the butter is sufficiently cut into the flour - pea size or less is absolutely fine.

Step 2.

Slowly and gradually mix your water into the flour. You need to mix it in until you have a nice glossy ball of dough that you can handle, which is formed together but isn't ridiculously sticky. If it becomes too sticky add some more flour - the dough needs to be manageable. If the flour is not manageable enough, add a little more water.

Step 3.

Cover your dough ball with cling wrap and place it in the fridge for 2 hours or longer if you have the time - I usually place mine in over night. This will give you a better dough to handle for rolling and will taste scrumptious! If you really have no time though, you can use the dough right away - but try it both ways and see the difference for yourself :)

Step 4.

When you are ready to use your dough, take it out of the fridge, kneed it around a little bit, separate it out into 6 sections (more if you want smaller pasties, less if you want giant pasties!) and roll into circles.

You're now ready to fill your pasties with whatever filling you wish!!

Some of my favourite fillings are:

Tuna and sweetcorn
Corned beef hash
Cornish (traditional)
Chicken and cheese

The list is endless!

Just make up a batch of whatever you like (enough to fill 6 pasties) and spoon into the center of the pastry! Just make sure the filling is cool before putting it into the pastry and you'll do wonders! Fold the pastry in half over the filling to create a crescent shape and twist the edges to keep them together (or press together with a fork and trim excess off neatly with a knife). Wash with egg and bake until lightly browned.

Pasties can be frozen for up to 3 months - maybe longer! Great for pre-planning meals!! Just defrost and bake to crisp when ready!


Which ones will you make today?

Please click HERE to see a recipe for a traditional filling!

**Note - be daring! try making these with more or less water/flour, margarine too! But remember, margarine will make your dough a lot softer and may be a pain to handle - can produce great results though! :)


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Allie Photography Photo Challenge 4/4/2011

This week the theme for Allie photography's Happy Mondays challenge is friends!

My photo this week is of my son and my husband's son, who have become not just brothers, but very good friends!

Good luck to all the entrants this week!

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Let me know how you get on!

*****OK there were a lot of people hitting this so they took the server down for a while but keep checking back later! Good luck!!*****

***Update: As of 4/7/11 there are still some left - you need to be female, at least 1 child and 75K + to qualify! I don't encourage you to lie on the form but...***

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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Free sample of Degree women's deodorant!

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Come on, Spring!

I was looking through some older photos and happened upon some from last spring, which inevitably made me want the outside world to start looking a little more like this again, please! I'm so tired of the cold and snow now (even though the snow does make everything look extremely pretty!)

So, come on, Spring! Where are you....?

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Allie Photography Photo Challenge

I was perusing the list of followers on my blog (yep, I do take notice) and came across Allie Photography via Adventures of a SAHM's blog, which you can find by Clicking Here where you'll set eyes on the cutest picture of a little kitten in a teacup you've ever seen!! Awwwe!

So, anyway...Allie Photography's "Happy Monday Photo challenge" this week belongs to pets/animals and so I think i'll join in with this little gem of a picture of our dog, Rozz, whom i'm sure you guys have seen 2 million times already in various pictures...we do love the little devil!

Here she is in all her puppy glory from a year or so ago:

Enjoy! And check out Allie Photography today! :)

As an added bonus, here is a more recent picture of Rozz from last summer and my friend's dog, Shushka - a very crazy little pug with a ton of personality!



Long live the freebies!

I really seem to have fallen into the couponing and freebie trap this past week or two - this weekend being the worst so far!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good bargain and have always been a fan of coupons but even i'm not sure to what extent a ton of free mini samples are going to improve my life in the long run - especially as I sit and order my free can of cat food for the invisible cat I do not actually own!!!

Anyhow! I don't know quite what it is that happens when you get something for free, but perhaps in this day and age getting that free sample of mayonnaise you're never going to use is like saying: "YES!!! I got something out of you for nothing, how do you like THOSE apples, mayonnaise company?!!"

There are so many freebie websites out there where you can find great freebies, giveaways, opportunities and the like and they are all scrambling to get the latest deals as and when they happen - sometimes im not even sure HOW they do it but they really must have some amazing amounts of determination and dedication (as well as free time!!).

Thank you freebie sites for pointing me in the direction of free perfumes, free trial offers, totally free (no obligation) magazines, cheese graters and doggie treats! Thank you for all the coupons I cannot currently print because I need a new printer! Thank you for the many bizarre items i'll never use (but ask for anyway) and thank you for the little gems that crop up once in a blue moon which really make it all worth while!!


Long live the freebie!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Free Sample of Victoria's Secret Bombshell: Click here!

Free cheese fondue at The Melting Pot (reservation required April 11th-14th): Click Here

Free Valspa paint sample, paint tray and roller! Click Here

Keep checking back for updates to this post!

Friday, 25 March 2011


There was going to be a recipe here for chicken and sweetcorn pasties but (as I started to type) my delightful daughter woke up! I'm off to see to her instead :) Sorry pasty lovers!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Free full size suave professionals product today!! 3/24

Free full size suave professionals product (200,000 available) today over at their fb page!

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow and Eye Illuminator Review!

I received in the mail today a free sample of L'Oreal's Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara and One Sweep Eyeshahow via a Bzz Campaign at

Now, honestly, I haven't worn very much make-up since having my daughter in February and so this was a nice "treat" for me. I excitedly opened the package and got down to testing them out!

My first impressions were great! The products look very smart and chunky - I love chunky products that feel great in your hands!

The One Sweep Eyeshadow came first! I was intrigued by the thought of 3 colors being applied to my eye at the one time and didn't think it was going to work - but it did! I packed the powder on the specially designed brush and applied to the eyelid. Granted, it wasn't nearly as heavy an application as I would be able to make and blend using different brushes or separate applications but it certainly went on in one swoop and the finished look was overal very good.

If I were to complain about anything, it would be that the eyeshadow doesn't really go on as good as it would if you were to put each color on individually but it certainly does the trick and I do like the finished look although I'm not sure the re-application of the powder would be wise as you really want to avoid smudging the colors into one another if you try too hard.

As for the Double Extend Eye Illuminator; I was very impressed. The application is quick and easy and applied to the eyelashes within seconds without clumping or making an absolute mess! With the application of the top coat to finish of the look, I have to say, I love it - and this is coming from someone who is not a big fan of mascara generally speaking!

Overlooking the [slightly too light] application of the eyeshadow, the product as a whole (when applied with the mascara) looks great! Very complimentary and made for my specific eye color. L'Oreal make color for blue, green/hazel and brown eyes as well as a neutral color pallet for every eye! I had the pleasure of trying the colors for Hazel eyes and the colors really do work very well!

I would happily recommend that you try these items as they really do give you a smooth, fresh look - I may like to apply each color singularly on my next application though (and there will happily be a next time!).

Check out L'Oreal on the internet for more information on this product and maybe invest in some - a very wise purchase at a reasonable price! :)


Note: I received 2 free samples from BzzAgent in order to review this product. My views are open, honest and, as always, totally free of charge.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Free International Delight Breve coffee creamer are giving away a free pint of international delight if you hurry on over there!

Not available in all areas but enter your zip and you might get lucky!

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Free sample of Dove Men + Care

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Knock yourself out :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

You really aught not to blend hot food...

I had a dumb moment this afternoon while making soup for the kids. I forgot to let the soup cool before blending it down and, so (when i pressed the button) the hot air sucked down the (now slightly soft from the heat) plastic opening in the top of the lid, blended the inner harder plastic top in with the soup and spat hot soup EVERYWHERE around my kitchen burning my finger with a rogue slice of onion leaving me with a hell of a mess, wasted soup, a burnt finger and a useless blender.

What a moron!

Won't be doing that again!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

As a BzzAgent I have been given the opportunity to try free for a month.

At first glance the site looks to be extremely viable and educational for both myself and my children. I am going to take some time to use the site with my teen over the next few weeks and come back and let you all know how it went!

If you would like to take part in a free trial of, you can do so by signing up to a basic account using this code: BUZZFA626.

Stay tuned!

Friday, 4 March 2011


Wow, I haven't posted anything here in a while - probably because I had a baby and now can't seem to do anything with two hands for more than 5 minutes a day :D Typing looks pretty ugly when you're attempting to create coherent sentences with just the one!!

I have now relearned to do many things with one hand and a baby in the other though - I could probably even take over the world single-handedly (both figuratively and literally) right about now! I'm not sure I want to be king of the world though - i'd feel like Di'Caprio in Titanic - huge ship, too much to control, big iceberg about to take me out...BAM!

That is all!!

**Kssssssschhhhhhhhhhhhhhh** Over and out!! **Kssssssschhhhhhhhhhhhhhh**

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Quick and Easy Cheesy Biscuits!

This is a ridiculously quick and easy recipe for cheesy drop biscuits. They take 10 minutes to make, 10 to bake! They're super soft and DELICIOUS!

You will need:

2 cups of flour (all purpose)
3/4 of a teaspoon of salt
3 teaspoons of baking powder (don't use if using self raising flour)
1/3 of a cup of vegetable oil
2/3 of a cup of milk

1/2 to 1 cup of cheese, or no cheese at all, its up to you! :D

Mix all in together, add the cheese. It really is THAT simple! :D

Drop in little balls (not perfect balls, just like little lumps) on baking tray and bake until slightly golden.

When baked you could brush them with a little melted butter and sprinkle with parsley or mixed herbs. They're DELICIOUS!

For sweet alternatives bake without the cheese and top with a little butter and strawberry jam and/or clotted cream! YUMMY!

Good luck! xxxxx