Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Long live the freebies!

I really seem to have fallen into the couponing and freebie trap this past week or two - this weekend being the worst so far!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good bargain and have always been a fan of coupons but even i'm not sure to what extent a ton of free mini samples are going to improve my life in the long run - especially as I sit and order my free can of cat food for the invisible cat I do not actually own!!!

Anyhow! I don't know quite what it is that happens when you get something for free, but perhaps in this day and age getting that free sample of mayonnaise you're never going to use is like saying: "YES!!! I got something out of you for nothing, how do you like THOSE apples, mayonnaise company?!!"

There are so many freebie websites out there where you can find great freebies, giveaways, opportunities and the like and they are all scrambling to get the latest deals as and when they happen - sometimes im not even sure HOW they do it but they really must have some amazing amounts of determination and dedication (as well as free time!!).

Thank you freebie sites for pointing me in the direction of free perfumes, free trial offers, totally free (no obligation) magazines, cheese graters and doggie treats! Thank you for all the coupons I cannot currently print because I need a new printer! Thank you for the many bizarre items i'll never use (but ask for anyway) and thank you for the little gems that crop up once in a blue moon which really make it all worth while!!


Long live the freebie!!

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