Friday, 27 May 2011

Freebies - Things Recieved!

So, just a month ago (maybe a little longer) I started signing up for freebies again - something I had not done in a very long time.

In the last month I have received:

2 weeks worth of the Wall Street Journal for free
Free Subscriptions (A YEAR'S WORTH) to Ebony, Entrepreneur, Rangefinder and several other magazines!
Free $85 worth of cosmetics from "O" magazine
Free Coffee creamer
Free Folgers Coffee
Free Weasel Coffee
Free Perfume from several perfume companies - Oscar being the best so far because it came in a little bottle and will last a long while! It smells great, too!
A free thong from Spanx
Free paint
Free mothers milk tea
Free Lansinol (sp) Nipple cream for breastfeeding mums
Free ice coffee cup from Kurig
Free spice
Free chocolate
Free Tony's pizza coupon
Free Yoplait yoghurt
Free burger king meal
Free vasaline coupon
Free claritin allergy (full size box)
4x Free mini photo books
Free 8x10 photo
Free book on mexico
Free Degree deodorant
Free Dove deodorant
Free Secret deodorant
Free Secret clinical strength deodorant (x2)
Free mascara and eyeshadow
Free coffee at Starbucks
Free coffee at dunkin' donuts (there is a lot of free coffee on this list!)
Free Bacardi tee shirt
Free converse tee shirt
Free Lego magazine
Free Tony Hawk posters
Free cereal bars
Free cook book
Several Free coupon booklets from different companies (some with free products)
Free Suave dry shampoo
Free Kotex
Free Always
Free bowling all summer
Free cinema tickets
Free nail art
Free nail polish
Free baby formula
Free cereal
Free books
Free Gillette fusion razor
Free Pert shampoo
Free Tampax
Free pull ups
Free wipes
Free Swiffer duster
Free Clairol hair dye
Free Juice

The list goes on and on and on....

My point being, you really can get almost ANYTHING for FREE - and the sample sizes usually come with valuable coupons towards full size products, saving you $$$!

It can be fun to hunt down all the freebies and it is always pretty exciting to get something gratis in the mail almost every single day - after about 4 weeks they start rolling in!

Keep an eye on my blog for links to freebies and do a google search for some great freebie sites that are more informative than my good self and VERY on the ball with facebook giveaways, tips, tricks and more!

My favourite sites for freebies are Mommy Saves Big and Hey, It's Free!

Have a great weekend - and happy hunting!! xxx


~Shari said...

Wow! That is a ton of free stuff!

Now, do you get tons of SPAM after giving out your email address and home address?

Go Bronson! said...

Hey Shari - I don't usually get that much spam, no. I have an email address I use soley for signing up to freebies and giveaways, which allows me to keep my personal email address clean and clear of any unwanted mail or attention.

Every now and then I will go through the mail and unsubscribe myself from lists when they are no longer of interest and voila! No more spam :)


Go Bronson! said...

Oh, and no, I've never gotten anything I didn't want in the mail. Usually there will be a box you'll tick to let them know you want to receive offers from them or third parties via snail mail. If you don't want that mail, just un-check the tick box before you hit send on whichever entry form you've filled out for whatever product you're opting in to try.

A lot of the time companies will send you valuable coupons if you're signing up for things like deodorants or the like, so those things are worth leaving the tick box checked for.

Last week I received enough coupons to grab some nice freebies in store... let me know how you get on!! xxx

~Shari said...

Thank You so much for all your wonderful information and replying back to my questions!!!

Go Bronson! said...

No problem :) Keep an eye open for future freebies! xx