Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WIN Coupons for dining out!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Win TWIX prizes!

Enter HERE to win with the Twix "Pick your Pause" game. You could win one of thousands of prizes, including the most common prize - coupons for Twix bars! (You get to choose between PB and Caramel if you get the coupons! YUM!).

You can request a free code on the bottom of the page if you don't have any already!

There also seems to be a high success rate for winning too, so...

Good luck!!


This week I received:

2 packs of (10) Tide stain release + coupons for $2 off and a liquid wash
2 issues of Ebony magazine
Fekkai samples
Swiffer duster
Covergirl freebie/win (Brown blaze eyeliner and a ton of coupons)
Free dog food sample from Alpo and coupons for 1 free can and money off
Free bag of dog food from petsmart coupon
Garnier samples
$20 in Enfamil coupons

There were some others but I can't think what they were off the top of my head!

This week has rocked for freebies and deals!!

Keep up the good work!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

This weeks deals!

Rite Aid and CVS have some amazing deals on this week! If you have a couple of bucks spare in your pocket you can go over and pick them up! :)

You will need $3 out of pocket to pick up toothpaste and aspirin at the Rite Aid, just look for the St. Joseph aspirin, which is $1.50 each, limit is 2 on that one. Pick up 2 and get your $3 back in +UP rewards. Use those $3.00 to pick up some max fresh toothpaste, which is on sale for $2.99 this week and you get $2.99 back! SOOOO if you only have $3.00 to start with you can buy the toothpaste, use the +Ups from the aspirin, then get $2.99 +Ups back, which you're allowed to to 4 times on the toothpaste. Sure it is going to take you 5 transactions total for the asprin and the 4 tubes of toothpaste if you want to incur as little out of pocket expense as possible, but hey! Free toothpaste and aspirin as long as you use your wellness card!! You can never have too much toothpaste!

Total cost of product (4 tubes colgate, 2 boxes of aspirin) is approximately $20. With this scenario you get all items totally FREE and walk away with your +UPS in your pocket for the next week!


CVS is a little more complicated as their deals are outstanding in there this week! Grab one of the circulars (you have until Sat night before the deals change) and have a flick through.

You can pick up Protein Bites for $2.49, get $2.49 back in extrabucks! Hershey's Bliss for $5.99 get $5.99 back in extrabucks! That makes both items totally FREE! If you have any extrabucks to roll from last week then all the merrier!

You can also find $10 extrabucks reward when you buy $25 worth of baby products and $5 back when you buy $15 worth of Garnier! Colgate is also giving you $2.00 back and there are some $1 off colgate coupons around from recent inserts!

These are just a few deals, but check your local CVS for your local offerings!

This week my CVS shop looked like this:

1 24 oz tub of baby formula
2 large boxes of baby food (Rice/Oatmeal)

Total before sale: Approx $32.00

The baby formula was on sale for $22 and the baby food was on sale for 2 for $5.00.

I had a -$3 off $15 cvs in store coupon, $15.95 Gerber check (sign up for to Gerber, HERE), 55 cents off of the baby food.

Total out of pocket expense was: $7.50

Total extrabucks I got back for buying over $25 worth of baby goods was $10.

SO! They paid me $2.50 to take it all away!!

THEN, I made a second trip to CVS with that $10 extrabucks.

I picked up:

Hersheys Bliss $5.99
Protein Bites $2.49
Colgate $2.79
Small tub of baby formula for $13.29.

Total before in store sale was around $25. Total in sale was $24.57.

I paid with $10 extrabucks from the day before and $1.00 off colgate coupon as well as a -$3 off $15 purchase coupon and a $10.95 Gerber check, which was rounded down to cover the end total, which was less than the check.

Total after tax was $0.00.

They gave me back $10.48 in extrabucks, which meant I got all items for FREE with 48 cents more extrabucks than I walked in with!

I then picked up 3 lots of Garnier face cleanser, which is usually $7.49 each, with a total of $22.47 but it was on sale for $5 a piece so total was $15.00.

I paid with 2x -$1 off coupons for Garnier, -$3 off every $15 spent coupon (issues randomly at the red boxes when you scan your CVS card), leaving a $10 balance. I paid for that with the $10.48 extrabucks from the day before but noticed i'd be wasting 48 cents so threw in a large bottle of coke, which was on sale for 77 cents. Total out of pocket this time was again around 33 cents.

They then paid me $5 extrabucks back for buying $15 worth of Garnier, PLUS, I also got $5.00 back in extrabucks for going over $50 worth of beauty product purchases as I am a member of the beauty club, which is always worth signing up to! (you can find the forms in-store).

So, to round it up, I walked in to CVS with $10 extrabucks, purchased Hershey's bliss, protein bites, colgate, 3 lots of Garnier and a small tub of baby food. Total out of pocket spent was 33 cents because of that bottle of coke, but everything else was totally FREE as I still have $10 in extrabucks left in my pocket!

This week, so far, I have purchased around $100 worth of product for barely anything. I have the +ups and Extrabucks left in my pocket from almost every item purchased! I paid very little out of pocket and now actually have more in extrabucks than I had cash to begin with!

This week has been a great week to save on some great essentials!!

I would LOVE to hear your stories! Just leave me a comment or drop me a line :)

Happy shopping!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

CVS - Part 2

My first trip to CVS left me with $3 in extrabucks so I decided to see if there were any bargains to be had the day after. I came home with 2 tubes of colgate, 2 suave products and an ice coffee. I had freebie coupons for the suave and coffee then used the $3 in extrabucks on the toothpaste. I then got those extrabucks back!

I thought my deals were then over this week, but no! On the way out I spotted John Frieda products on offer - $5 instead of $7.49 and you buy $10 worth and get $3 back! I knew I had 2 $2 off coupons so I would have used those, the $3 EBC's and $3 out of pocket...$3 for $15 worth of stuff is pretty good!

HOWEVER! While going through my coupons yesterday morning, before I went to go pick up the shampoo and conditioner, I spotted a $5 off coupon for the same product!! Cha ching!! I purchased a full repair shampoo and a full repair conditioner. They were both $5 a piece on sale from $7.49. Total before coupons was $10. I handed over my $5 and $2 coupons, as well as the $3 extrabucks i'd been carrying all week! I got the items for totally FREE as they then gave me $3 extrabucks back for my $10 purchase!

I forget what my totals are this week but they're around $80 bucks worth for around about $4 out of pocket! You really cannot go wrong with that!!!

I'd love to hear some of your couponing experiences! Get Bronson! xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Couponing at the CVS

This week the better deals seem to be at the CVS for my coupons so last night, after an afternoon of browsing their prices and figuring out a plan of action, I went down there and started my shop!

I spent 20 minutes in the store, knew exactly the items I wanted, had my coupons in order and made a total of 4 transactions.

I first picked up a bottle of Crest Pro Health Mouthwash in the 1 liter bottle. This is usually $7.50 but is on sale for $4.50 right now, plus I had a $2.00 off coupon. I paid $2.50 out of pocket for this and the store gave me $2.50 back in extrabucks so it was like getting it for free except the 15 cents tax.

I then did a second transaction for another bottle of crest (you're allowed a total of 2) and paid the $4.50 by giving them a $2.00 coupon and the $2.50 extrabucks. They then gave me $2.50 extrabucks back.

So, so far, I have 2 bottles of mouthwash (big 1ltr bottles) and spent $2.65 but also have a $2.50 extrabucks coupon ready to spend on my next item.

My third transaction was for a Pulsar toothbrush. These retail at 6.89 but are on sale for $6.00. I paid for it with the $2.50 extrabucks and a $3.00 pulsar coupon and 50 cents out of pocket. The store then gave me a $3.00 extrabucks coupon back.

My fourth transaction was for a second Pulsar toothbrush (you're allowed a maximum of 2 on this offer) and paid the $6.00 with the $3 extrabucks and the $3 coupon and no out of pocket expense!

I also purchased a pack of condoms, which retail for $25 give or take a few pennies, which I got for FREE with a "up to $39.99" manufacturers coupon that their company sent me in the mail.

SO! To recap, I purchased:

2 liters of mouthwash
2 pulsar toothbrushes
36 condoms

Total: $52.26
Total I paid: $3.15

I also still have a $3.00 extrabucks coupon left to spend, so it is like I only actually spend FIFTEEN CENTS.

With steals like that, I do wonder why more people don't use coupons!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

FREE SlimStix Sugar Free Mix Samples!

Visit SlimStix HERE for your free sample of their product:

"Simply Rip & Sip - Drink one 7.5 ml Slim Stix hunger buster 4 hours before any meal you would like to eat 30% less of, it's that easy! No Diets, No Shakes, No Mixing, No Mess."

I don't know how well it works, but it is there if you want to give it a try! I usually find just eating an apple or some other fruits in between meals helps just as much! Just sayin'. :)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Carefree liner sample at CVS

CVS are offering samples of carefree liners at their front desks while supplies last - they cost 1 penny but they have a 55 cent coupon attached so it is worth picking up :)

FREE DONUT DAY! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Today is national donut day - lots of places will be giving away free donuts!!

Krispy Kreme is giving everyone 1 free donut without a purchase!

Dunkin' Donuts will be giving away a free donut with every beverage purchased!

LaMar's Gourmet Donuts will also be giving away a free donut!

So will Price Chopper if you go to their facebook page HERE "like" them and select the "coupon" link to print off your free donut coupon! :)

There are a few more so hunt around - you could have donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner today!!

Happy Sugar Overload!!

YES!!! :) xxxx

Bounty $5 Friday Coupons!

Bounty will be giving away $5 coupons to the first 5,000 to sign up when they launch today between 11am and 1pm EST!

These will probably go in seconds but you can try your luck HERE

Good luck!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

*HOT FREEBIE* Free blowout and style at Ulta!

This is a fabulous freebie if you have an ULTA near you!! Next week they will be offering a complimentary blowout and style featuring products by Fekkai!

The dates for this are:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 AND Thursday, June 9, 2011

You MUST reserve an appointment to get your complimentary treatment :)

Spaces are limited and at participating locations only!

Find your Ulta location by clicking HERE, give them a call and check that they are participating, then book your appointment! Voila!! :)