Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fair Trade

Last week I attended an online webinar from KIWI magazine on Fair Trade. For attending the webinar there was a prize drawing for 3 people and I was one of the lucky ones to win! The goodies arrived just yesterday and I was delighted! It came with cinnamon, chocolate chips (dark chocolate), a dark chocolate bar (85% Cacao! Yum!), organic green loose leaf tea (delicious), Red tea with pomegranate and green tea with lemon! There was also an awesome Fair Trade tote bag, which will be fabulous for my grocery shopping!

I have always believed in buying Fair Trade and supporting the workers wherever possible. Sometimes it isn't so easy on a smaller budget but we do what we can!

Check out some information on why it is important to consider buying Fair Trade by clicking HERE

Webinars can be very informative but they're sometimes even more rewarding! Suffice to say - the chocolate went pretty fast between myself and the kids! :D

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