Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Survived Xmas!

Hands up if you took something back!?

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas is comin' and the goose is.....

we'll actually, the goose is pretty awesome tucked up uneaten somewhere because we're not having goose....but....

We ARE ready for Christmas! We had the "first wave" last night where some family and friends come over to see the kids and they get round one of presents! Today we visit the in-laws for round 2 and then tomorrow, Christmas day, we get to wake up and spend the whole day at home in our pajamas cooking food and watching TV! Albeit on a crappy small TV because last night our awesome TV decided to completely DIE! Booooooooo!

My PC was dying too but, as it turns out, it was just dirty! :D

I have all the baked goods and gifts ready for the in-laws today, the kids have awesome new clothes to wear that they were given last night - they just have to wake up, get washed and dressed and we're ready to roll!

I'm on my first cup of tea of the day and our 8 year old is on his first hot chocolate! I'm pretty sure by the end of today all the kids are going to be chocolate fed to their limits and bat-sheeeeeeeet CRAZY!!

Let the festivities begin!

And then let them finish so I can jump into those pajamas! :D

Merry Christmas!! xxx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

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Tea Forte Giveaway

Don't forget to check in with Tea Forte on Facebook today to get in your "LIKE" for their latest giveaway!

I am in no way associated with Tea Forte, just passing on the giveaway link! :)

Play Lemonheads on Facebook to WIN!

Check out this Instant Win Game I'm participating in...

By clicking the above link, you will be taken to Facebook and the Lemonhead's page, where you can win anything from wristbands, sweeps entries and gift cards to more expensive, bigger prizes as you gain more points!

We won a wristband - not a lot, but a wristband is a wristband!! Working up to the next level far will you go!?

Electronic melt down of 2011!

This year has not been a very good one with me and my electronics! My phone died at the beginning of the year and the one I was given to replace it was no better and won't charge!

My PC keeps on overheating an shutting down. Looks like i'll be needing a replacement sooner rather than later!

My camera died a death and I haven't been able to replace that either!

I really hope that 2012 brings me more luck on the electronic front! 2011 certainly didn't bring me any luck at all!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dr Oz giveaway!

Yesterday, Dr OZ had a giveaway on his website every hour on the hour! I managed to win a necklace valued at $80 and am pretty pleased with that!! I was aiming for the $50 Starbucks gift card but I think everyone else had the same idea!

Did you try your luck on the site yesterday? What did you win?

Thanks Dr. Oz!!

Friday, 16 December 2011


Last night we started watching "Justified" as something to replace the shows we're missing out on while they take their Christmas break!

First impression? Pretty darn good!!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Free Sample of Perfectly Posh

If you are lucky enough to get it to load, you can score a free sample of Perfectly Posh for lips: HERE

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sick as a dog...

My husband is out at work today sick as all hell itself because he has to put food on our table and can't afford to miss a single day. He can't just take a day off and say screw work, I'll see ya tomorrow...not in this economy...or any economy really! It sucks.

I would hereby like to ask the world for some good karma - maybe even a winning lotto ticket for just a couple a hundred bucks, i'm not greedy!

In return, world, I will make you a nice cup of rosie lee!

Cheers! xx

20% off at Supercuts!

If you have a super cuts near you, and you've signed up for their emails, you should check your email this morning! You can pick up a bag in store for $1 and get 20% off of whatever you can fit in that bag! Pretty sweet deal if you need a last minute gift!