Sunday, 30 December 2012

Poor baby!

I apologize for the slow couple of days - it hasn't had anything to do with Christmas, but more to do with my daughter being sickly and needing my attention 24/7, my not having slept more than an hour in the past 4 days and also finding it incredibly difficult to type with a sleeping child on my left arm - who wakes up the second I try to lay her in bed!

This is her first time being under the weather so she isn't taking to it particularly well, poor thing!

She is getting better though! Thank you!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Winner of the Aerobie Football is...



Please check your email!! You have 48 hours to respond! 

Thank you!! xx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I would like to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a fabulous day! We spent the day hiding away at home, cooking, lazing around and not doing much of anything but watching Dr. Who (which was AWESOME!) and catching up with relatives overseas!!

I won a giveaway last week for Welch's Sparkling Grape Cocktail Juices and the package arrived yesterday!! My children thoroughly enjoyed drinking out of the flutes that came with it (and the juice itself) - I then used them for my home made non-alcoholic egg-nog today and that went down a treat too!

The turkey took FOREVER and a day to cook but it was SO worth it when it was done! The cake turned out fabulous too and everything pulled together wonderfully! I have enough turkey left to feed a small army and a ton of food from all of the food that I bought with the backing of Aldi (see previous Aldi post)! The kids will enjoy all of those sandwiches and cake and trimmings all week long!!

Aside from the food we've cooked today, I actually came home last night to find several boxes of tinned goods on my living room floor! Someone at my husband's work gave them to him and stocked us up for the near future! If ever the world decides to end again, you should all come around to mine! - All joking aside, this year has been very hard for our family and so the help is MORE than welcome and very much appreciated! It is nice to have a stocked pantry and not have to worry about where tomorrow's dinner is coming from! I am eternally grateful to have such wonderful, loving and caring friends! The only way is certainly UP!

We have had 5 days of Christmas fun now and I have had a great time visiting with everyone AND even receiving the dusting of snow! It is back to normality tomorrow though even if everyone I know seems to be  getting rather sick!! Let us hope we bring in 2013 without too much of an incident and roll on the New Year!!!

Much love and Seasons Greetings!


Monday, 24 December 2012

$25 off of your first purchase at Sole Society!

If you are looking to bu ya last minute gift, you could always hop on over to Sole Society and pick up a pair of shoes!! I know it won't arrive now for Christmas Day BUT you can always slip a coupon in a card and tell your loved one their shoes are on the way!!!

Right now you can get $25 off of your first order of shoes (not available on clearance items) and score some GREAT pairs for around about half price!!

Hop on over to SOLE SOCIETY, have a look around and use promo code INFLUENSTER25 at checkout for your $25 discount!!

What are you waiting for!!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, just given a code to share with readers, to use at their own discretion. I do not want to encourage you to buy or not to buy, those decisions are your own! Thank you! 

Quaker Real Medley's Summer Berry Oatmeal! - Review!

This morning I tried out the Quaker Real Medley's Summer Berry Oatmeal that I received in the Holiday Vox Box 2012 and it was DELICIOUS!

I am a huge fan of oatmeal in general and I would happily choose it every day over cold cereal and I love to add fruits or jams to mine so this little pot looked extremely tempting from the get-go!

Not disappointed AT ALL I loved the texture, the taste and the amount of berries, which was just enough to compliment the cup, which I thought was too small at first but which turned out to be just right!

The cup takes about 3 minutes to make, just boil water, add, stand and enjoy, it couldn't be easier! I love it! This is definitely going on my shopping list in the future! Thank you, Influenster and Quaker!

Disclaimer: I was given a cup of Quaker Real Medley's as a gift and was NOT required to write a review. I was not compensated in any way for my opinions which are 100% truthful and my own, thank you! 

Influenster Holiday Vox Box 2012: Goody Quick Style Hairbrush, Review!

Another item in my Holiday Vox Box 2012 from Influenster was a Goody Quick Style hairbrush!

Retailing at $11.99, this brush claims to reduce the moisture in your hair and cut drying time for around 30% with its absorbent, antimicrobial, microfiber bristles!

The brush boasts vents at the side, a lightweight design, large paddle for coverage and ease of use and an ergonomic handle!

I wasn't sure quite what to make of the brush at first, but I do have thick, crazy hair and am always on the look out for something that might help to cut the drying time and so I jumped right in the shower and got to work on my hair.

When washed, I quickly towel dried my hair as usual and blow dried it using the Quick Style brush! The drying time really WAS cut down by a LOT (probably about HALF actually), and I didn't use hair straighteners afterwards, which I would usually need to do!! This was an added bonus that I was NOT expecting but pleasantly surprised by!!

Here is my hair as it usually is if I let it dry naturally without worrying about brushes, flat irons, craziness and all that jazz!

And here is my hair after ONE use with the Quick Style brush and a hair dryer. I didn't use any extra products in my hair, I literally washed, conditioned and dried! My hair was left straight, shiny, not at all flyaway and very silky soft! I couldn't be more pleased!

This brush is definitely one to look out for and one that I hope to use for a long time into the future - I might even have to buy a spare! I am notorious for losing hairbrushes in my house and this is one of those brushes I have a feeling I am going to be lost without!

I would love to hear your opinions if you have tried this out for yourself and/or any other styling goodies that do the trick for you as well!! Get those fingers typing!! Hurrah!!

Disclaimer: I was provided with this product for FREE via Influenster. A review was NOT mandatory and I was NOT compensated for my opinion, which is 100% honest and my own, thank you! 

Get the look with Kiss Nail Dresses!

I received a set of Kiss Nail Dress art in the mail [FREE via Influenster's Holiday Vox Box 2012] and thought that yesterday's trip to my mother-in-law's Christmas get together would be the perfect time to try them out!

Having never used them before, I was curious to see how well they worked and how hard they were to apply! I have to say that I was pleasantly shocked at just how EASY they were to peel off and apply to the nail once the right size was figured out, smoothed down and filed!

The finished look was nice and consistent and I didn't have to peel off/start again on any of the nails!! It might even have been easier than using polish! They did start to peel a little towards the end of the day but I was told if you just put a top coat over them before you leave the house, they will last a little longer - I haven't tried this yet though, so I don't know for sure if it works! If you have tried it, let me know!!

When the day was over and it was time to remove the dresses, I simply peeled them off slowly without any added extras and placed them aside. My nails felt a little sticky but nothing a little soap and water couldn't clear in a second and BAM! Done!

I have definitely been converted to Nail Dresses and will definitely seek out some other patterns in the future, so thank you to Kiss, and to Influenster for constantly surprising me and showing me the things I've been missing without even realizing it! Job well done!!

Disclaimer: I was given a box of Nail Dresses from Kiss as a gift from Influenster.  I did not HAVE to write a review and I was not compensated for my views. All views are honest and my own and were not influenced by the provision of the item. Thank you! 

Bergan Direct Delivery pet products Review (& Turbo Scratcher Giveaway!!)

We all love our pets, they are part of our family, and I am SURE most of you will have purchased a gift (or ten!) for your little bundle of fun this holiday season BUT how would you like to own just ONE MORE??

Well, look no further! Bergan Direct Delivery has all of your pet needs covered, whether your bundle be of the cat or dog variety, with everything from collars and leashes to elevated  bowls and carriers and amazing scratchers!

Right now though, over at Beautiful Incentives, you can find a full review on the:

Subsequently, you can ENTER TO WIN a wonderful Turbo Scratcher (courtesy of Beautiful Incentives and Bergan Direct Delivery) by entering the giveaway below!! 

Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for the full review or the prize fulfillment! You must live in the U.S.A to win and you may find the full review, HERE

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Loading Entry-Form...

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for my view or opinion on any product and I was not given anything to review for the sake of this post. Pleas refer to full review for more information on these products, thank you! 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Holiday Vox Box 2012

HURRAY! The Holiday Vox Box 2012 from Influenster arrived on my doorstep last night and I am thrilled with the goodies inside! Here is a rundown for you all, by way of video! Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: The holiday vox box was FREE from Influenster. I was not compensated for my opinions, which are 100% honest and my own!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Celebrate in Style This Season With Kicky Pants

Every year as Christmas and New Year roll around I start to think about all of the outfits I plan to purchase for our children to spruce them up a little for special dinners, events and gatherings!

This year, my oldest is 16 and has his heart set on wearing his regular clothes and I really do not mind as long as he combs his hair and makes some kind of an effort not to look as though he had just been pulled from a bush backwards, and my step son has had his outfit ready to go for about the last 6 months!

My daughter, on the other hand, has so many clothes that I actually thought that perhaps I wouldn't need to get her a dress this year - until I realized that all of the nicer ones that I had anticipated could be a fit for the holidays were either worn once [over the last couple of weeks] for an occasion already OR they were simply too small!

Now, while I'm not against putting her in the same dress for a couple of occasions, and adding accessories to make the dress look different, I much prefer it to look as though she does own more than one set of clothes (which, I assure you she does!) and to have made the effort!

Consequently, during my last-minute search for pretty clothes for Christmas and New Year, I came across a very cute little company called KICKY PANTS having been referred by a friend who had purchased from them past!

Having never heard of Kicky Pants before, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they are a family run business, which promotes the idea that children should never feel as though they are restricted in their clothing, even when they have a special function to dress for! Wonderful!

I immediately liked this company and their ideals and when they offered to send me one of their dresses for review I was over the moon!

My daughters new little dress arrived this morning and it is THE cutest little dress and very wearable for the day-to-day OR for a special occasion!

Made of 95% Bamboo (and 5% Lycra) I was again surprised and thrilled with the method and material! I had never actually heard of clothes being made of bamboo before and it would appear that I have been living under a rock for quite some time because there are several companies that use it and it is a very sustainable crop and earth friendly to use taking only 100 days or so to grow to maturity! Who would have know it!

I Immediately placed the dress on my daughter to catch sight of how it will look when I add her ribbons and sparkly tights and shoes to complete the outfit and she looks ADORABLE (even if I do say so myself!). This is most certainly a keeper!

Complete with a little layered ruffle in the skirt, this dress is breathable, movable, comfortable and pretty all at the same time! With its elastic properties, pretty pattern with various shades of a mauve/purple and with its long sleeves, this is perfect for any Autumn/Winter celebrations and will have any little girl looking the bell of the ball on her special days and even as a day-to-day outfit!

The quality is apparent as it looks to me as though a lot of love and energy has gone into this dress!  Beautifully made and just perfect for her needs!

My daughter will be wearing this dress over the next week at Christmas Dinner and I just know that the family are going to be in awe! I can't wait for her to be the Christmas sensation that she is - alongside my boys, of course!!

If you would like to find out more about KICKY PANTS then you can head on over to their website HERE and take a look! They have a little something for everyone from Children to adults and special gifts on occasion too!

If you would like to buy the specific dress that my daughter has on in her photos, you can also find it on Kicky Pants website by clicking HERE!

I am certain that my daughter is going to be wearing this particular dress for quite some time over the next few months and I know that we shall be returning to the site for more!!

These clothes not only make a great outfit for the holidays - they make wonderful gifts as well! At affordable prices and with $5 flat rate shipping, you just can't go wrong! So! What are you waiting for? Hop on over to Kicky Pants now and see what you can find!

Happy Holidays!!

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Kicky Pants for providing me with this dress in order to conduct my review. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for my opinion or influenced in any way with the provision of said dress. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, thank you! 

Make-Up or No Make-Up?

How often do you wear make-up? Are you the kind of person who just won't face the world without a little lip gloss or mascara in the morning OR are you perfectly content without it?

I do like to make myself over but I am sans make up quite often and am the first to admit that I do quiet enjoy the blank canvas!

Here I am without any make-up [this morning], which I don't mind at all - I could sure use a new hair brush though! I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue - or perhaps a cheeky photo!? GO!


Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Beginning of the World...

Tomorrow the world is supposed to end but, considering Australia is there already [and hasn't vanished into some other dimension], I think we're going to be OK! Considering the Mayan calendar doesn't actually take into account leap years either, we should probably have been "done for" quite some time ago...

Anyhow...perhaps if we all look at 12/21 as a rebirth instead of the end of the world, we can all strive to be a little bit better of a person and be fabulous to one another! 

I look forward to tomorrow with a smile and only have this to say: 

Get up every morning and put a smile on your face! Love your family, stay positive, mind your own business and let others handle theirs! Don't say "yes" to everyone; you won't be able to please everyone AND keep yourself happy at the same time. Eat well, eat chocolate on the treadmill and kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Life is going to go on no matter what you do, so do something fun! Stop worrying so much and be a decent person. You can't control the actions of others, but you can control your own. Teach your kids and don't stop learning. Open your mind. Forgive. Forget if you want to. Make new dreams and follow them. Call your folks once in a while and talk, verbally, without using your fingers/texting. Spend little, embrace more, love unconditionally and give back when you can. When you're done with all that, make me some tea - milk n 2 sugars! Cheers!

LB - Mom's Gone Bronson x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Brighten Up Your Day With Forever Red From BBW!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently received the Cosmo VoxBox from Influenster and one of the goodies in the box was a trial sized bottle of Forever Red from Bath and Body Works!

I have had plenty of time to try out the fragrance now and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it! It is certainly soft with a hint of sweet, sexy vanilla and floral scents and is perfect to wear any time of day, whether it be to the store or to a function! 

I have used this every other day or so and I always get compliments when I wear it! People really do notice and it tends to put a smile on your face! I am certainly thinking about buying the bigger bottle when this one runs out, they've done a wonderful job and I hope this one is hear to stay! 

Find the fragrance HERE if you'd like to know more, and ENJOY!

Family Christmas Dinner For $25 or Less With ALDI!

Every Christmas our family has a tradition where by we all spend the day in our pajamas, relaxing, opening presents and (of course) cooking a fabulous lunch! 

As the year has progressed in 2012 we, just like a fair few other people, had hit a financial hump that meant we had to tighten our belts and spend only where necessary and make-do with the little we had rather than procrastinate over the things that we didn't! 

I started thinking about how much money could typically be spent on ONE MEAL on Christmas day and realized that some families this year just couldn't put the funds together to lay out a meal as they might usually, or skip the meal all together! 

Well! Thanks to the wonderful people over at Aldi, I was given the opportunity to visit one of their stores and demonstrate to you, my delightful readers, the way in which to fully enjoy a Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings and to feel as festive as ever without having to spend anything more than just $25! 

Yes! $25 is all I have spend on my Christmas meal this year, which will feed at LEAST 6 people and includes starters, desserts and snacks to the side! 

I know you might be wondering how on earth this is possible, but I can assure you that [with Aldi] it is so very possible and you won't be let down! Aldi has a nice selection of both fresh and frozen meats, fresh or canned vegetables, boxes goodies and baking goods to form your own from scratch! 

Our dinner on Christmas day is going to consist of: 

  • Tomato Soup Cups
  • Mac & Cheese Cups
  • Turkey
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Sprouts
  • Yorkshire Puddings
  • Cut Green Beans
  • Corn
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Gravy
  • Sweet Wholewheat Dinner Rolls
  • Seasonal Confetti Cake
  • Red Christmassy Icing
  • Chocolate Lava Cake

  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
  • Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cider

All of the above can be purchased at Aldi and all of the above can cost LESS than $25! 

Here is how it is done:

I picked up FRESH sprouts for just over $1, Fresh carrots too! Sweet potatoes were 99 cents a bag and green beans, corn and cranberry sauce are all canned - less than $1 each and easy to cook and serve! The gravy packets are 50 cents each, but you can always make your own with a little dripping, corn starch and bouillon - don't be afraid to experiment, but make sure you experiment well in advance of the big day so that you are prepared! 

Yorkshire puddings can be made from scratch with a few ingredients from your pantry such as flour, eggs, oil and milk! They are a traditional treat served alongside your meal in England and are usually filled with a little gravy! These are so delicious but can be quite fattening and so they are always, like everything else, optional!! I can personally never get quite enough! I adore them!! 

Cans of soup are 59 cents per can so a few cans of soup makes a fair few cups to serve to guests! You do NOT have to serve them a TON of soup - you will ruin their appetite so play it cool with a small serving to get their taste buds flowing! You can choose mushroom soup if you prefer, mix and match where you see fit! 

Some children prefer not to eat soup and so I always like to provide little cups of mac & cheese to keep them interested or on the side with their meal - you can buy boxes for 49 cents each in Aldi and a little goes a long way! You can also make it fresh from pasta and cheese for just a little extra if it fits within your budget!

Dinner rolls are under $2 a bag and there are plenty to go around for at least 2 each! Most people only have one and some people do not bother with "filler" and so you should do very well here! These rolls are delicious and sweet and make a nice pairing with the soup or on the side with the meal! 

We are going with boxed mashed potatoes for our meal because they were only 99 cents for a giant box! They also have giant bags of potatoes for $3.50 a bag though and so if you prefer roasted potatoes, these would be perfect, and cost friendly for you to buy! They will last you the meal AND the rest of the week!! 

The seasonal confetti cake, lava cake and icing cost less than $5 in total for all and  make enough dessert to go around twice!! All you need to add to make them is a little oil, which most of you will have in your pantry and an egg or two, which again most of you will have on hand - failing that, Aldi usually have a dozen eggs for less than $1! Last time I looked they were 79 cents!! Amazing!! 

Note: Do not be afraid to ask guests to bring a side or a dessert! Most will be happy to contribute and some even prefer to contribute, so go ahead and ask!

The crackers were just over $1 and so were the pretzels! These you can just open, plate on a platter and serve - a little cheese on the side will only cost $1.50 and you can choose cream cheese if you prefer! Make the meal your own - a smaller budget does not have to restrict you! 

Non-Alcoholic Cider (along with various other flavors) is available for just $2.49 a bottle! We will only be using one here, but you can get creative with juice cocktails or soda mixes for a similar cost! Don't be afraid to think outside of the box! Also, if you ask your guests to bring along a drink too, you will be perfectly covered! 

And so what about the meat!? Well, as I said before, you do NOT have to buy the biggest and best piece of meat in the store! You are not feeding an army, you are feeding a table of people who will not miss leftovers if they know the meal was put together with love and dedication! Leftovers are a luxury you just do not have to have! Make those last $5 or so stretch out with some thought and see what you can find! Aldi boasts several cuts of pork, beef, chicken or even enough ingredients to make a bean or veggie nut roast! Easily achieved for under the cost!! 

And there you have it! You have the basics for a WONDERFUL meal for less than $25 with starters, extras and the main course! If you want to switch around the menu, this is easily done! With insanely low prices and with all of the value and taste, you can incorporate your needs into their selections with very little stress! 

Tips on making it work: 

1. Go to the store with a list of the items you would like to buy already written down! Do not stray from the list unless an item is unavailable and stay within your budget! You won't regret it so much later if you stick with the plan in the moment! 

2. Remember that Christmas dinner doesn't have to be about the most expensive ingredients! You CAN buy boxed potatoes or canned vegetables and mix and match the fresh ones to save a little money here and there for the other items you need in your cart! Think of it like a game - one you are going to win - and have some fun with it! 

3. Buy frozen meat or a smaller chunk of meat to save cost - a smaller piece of meat will not ruin the fabulous meal, it will just take away those left-overs, which are always a bonus but not necessary to make the meal itself! Just pick up the piece  that you can afford! If you need to switch out one of the desserts or the sparkling cider to make an extra dollar or cut out one veg to succeed, then do this, but again, make it fun and do the thing that works best for you! Where there is a will, there is a way and you will find it!

4. Check Aldi's website before leaving the house for promotions and sales! Know your prices and shop with confidence and preparedness! 

5. STAY POSITIVE!! Even if you walk out of the store with Salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, make your own rolls, scratch together your own cakes and serve water on the side, don't worry! You have achieved a meal and your family is going to LOVE it because it came from you!! - you do not have to put yourself into debt just for one meal! Go with your gut feelings and OWN that dinner! 

Alternatives to cake or chocolate desserts are sliced fresh fruit and ice cream - even ice cream alone if you want it! Aldi has so much to offer, you are going to be left wanting for nothing at the end of the day!! 
So! What are you waiting for!? Head on over to Aldi today and see where you can save!! 

"Joy to the world, and your wallet!" - Aldi

***Updates WILL be coming when I present my dinner on Christmas Day! Please check back for that post!

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Aldi for providing me with a $25 gift certificate in order to shop for our Christmas dinner and to bring you this review! I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and my opinions on Aldi and their products are 100% honest and my own! Prices may fluctuate week-to-week but the deals are always there!! Go forth and save! Happy Holidays!! 

Aerobie Foam Football! Review AND Giveaway!! - Ends 12/26

My boys were extremely excited when they received an Aerobie Football in the mail last week and have barely put it down since!! With its curved fins for perfect spirals and pocketed grip, this foam football is "Tough, but squeezable" and boasts increased accuracy and is quite easy to catch!! 

The Aerobie Football has fins that are curved in order to speed up the rate of the spins, which increases the stability and accuracy of each throw! The ball is also "wobble-free" on its decent which makes the catch a much easier one! Lastly, the pocket grips along the side of the ball allows any sized hand easy to hold with subsequent easy pitches and a good throw!

At 9 and 16, my boys love to play football for fun, they aren't professionals or anywhere near it and this ball makes it easy for both of them to have a great game without too much of an ordeal and the design of the ball makes it LOOK even more exciting as they run around burning off some of that energy that I wish they would pass along to me!! 

The ball is designed for right handed throws and so if you are left handed then this is not going to be for you, but Aerobie has several other exciting toys to offer to suit your style and each of them is an absolute treat!

We have had so much fun with this ball and the boys do not seem to want to put it down anytime soon! My daughter has shown an interest in it too, but at 2 she is a little young just yet! 

The Aerobie Football makes it into out Holiday Gift Guide for 2012 and you would be proud to put it on your list! 

If you would like to purchase an Aerobie Football for yourself [in time for Christmas] then you will find them in Olympia Sports, Scheels and various other sporting goods stores across the country with a retail price for around $14.99! You can also visit and search for a location closest to you, or contact them at 650-493-3050 where they would be delighted to find a location for you! 

BUT WAIT! Would you like to WIN an Aerobie Football instead!? Well, you can!! The good people over at Aerobie Inc. would like to offer one of our readers the chance to win their very own Aerobie Football and entries couldn't be simpler!! Just enter the rafflecopter below and follow the quick, simple steps to get started!! 

To be eligible to win you must be a resident of either Canada or the U.S.A! No international entries, sorry! Must be 18 or older and MUST follow the entry guidelines! A winner will be picked on December 26th and will have 48 hours to claim their prize, which will be fulfilled and shipped directly from the company - Mom's Gone Bronson is NOT responsible for shipping the prize. Good Luck!! 

Disclaimer: I was given an Aerobie for the purpose of this review. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and my reviews were not compromised. My opinions are 100% honest and my own. Thank you! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Get Growing with - Outer Space and Tea House Dome Review!!

I recently discovered a rather exciting company, which provides resources for weird and wonderful science and nature related projects for anybody with a passion for learning, growing and fun called! encourages you to "Bring Learning to Life!" as you browse their inventory and discover miniature gardening, how to make snowmen, wonders with water and much more in the shape of dome terrariums and hydroponics to stimulate interest, learning and growth through hands-on education!

As a family who encourages our children to think about their environment and to consider home growing their own fruits, veggies, peppers and more, we have found Dunecraft to be just what we were looking for as an outlet for an alternative Christmas presents alongside our regular games, books and toys!

When the wonderful people over at sent us on over 2 of their fabulous domes to try for ourselves, we of course jumped at the chance!

The "Tea Garden" was our first box and this one ultimately allows for the growth of Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Spearmint for home made herbal teas! The "Outer Space Adventure" dome was our second, which promotes the growth of various plants that look as though they fell from outer space and which move or morph when spoken to or touched! This kit comes with a little blue alien and various decorations to make it fun and exciting and appeals to all!!

I love the idea of these so much that I couldn't wait to get started on the tea! I opened the box right away, on arrival and found the contents to be simple and very fair!! There appeared to be no soil, which surprised me a little until I saw 2 little disks, which are compressed growth materials, which start off tiny but once you pop them in your dome and add water, they expand and turn into your dirt ready for planting! Fabulous!!

I put down my seeds and arranged the gravel and prettied up the dome with stickers and placed stakes where each of the plants should grow! Following instructions I've had the dome in the correct light for a few days now and I am patiently waiting for my seeds to sprout and make an appearance! I can't wait!!

My son is going to LOVE the outer space adventure kit as he loves to wonder about the world and is a very curious child! We are going to have fun planting with him over Christmas and watching as his dome comes to life! I did open the pack and sneak a peak at the contents and I am more than happy with what I see, which consists of stickers and stakes, glow in the dark gravel and plenty of seeds to boast a generous turn out of growth! He is going to be thrilled!

I have to admit, I wasn't too sure at first if the box had made the idea of these look better than what they were, but actually, I am so pleasantly surprised! The size of the dome is perfect and the amount of seeds provided is more than enough for a couple of yields!  The instructions are clear and the amount of "dirt" is significant, even though at first it looked as though there were to be none at all!! - Magic!

I can't wait to see our herbs start to grow and look forward to testing out my ability to turn them into tea when they mature! I have a very soft spot in my heart for interactive, live learning and I love to check in on our progress each day! provides so much more than domes though, and these shouldn't be overlooked! There is so much fun on one site that you and your child could really have a lot of fun window shopping and jumpy-fun-filled anticipation as you wait for your item to arrive!!

Certain to spawn a lot of fun in the home, these kits have made it to our Holiday Gift Guide for 2012 and will work wonders for adults and children alike - there are even plants that grow specifically for your pets or the beer lover in your home!

Head on over to today and pick up an alternative gift that keeps on giving this year! Let me know what you find!!

Happy growing!!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this review, but I was provided with 2 domes for the purpose of the review. All opinions are unchanged by these provisions, are honest and are my own, thank you! 

Everythingland Mailbox - Eco Friendly "Green" Play for Kids! (Review!)

A little while ago I presented you with a post with a wonderful recycled cardboard playhouse! Well, today I have a wonderful complimentary post on an Eco-friendly mailbox from a company called Metamorphic Toys

The Everythingland Mailbox is made in the U.S.A from corrugated cardboard, is 100% recyclable and at 10” x 10” x 24” in size it assembles without any need for tools or complicated instructions!   

This toy mailbox not only promotes "green" playtime, but also stimulates imaginative play and creativity as your child can color and draw their own design on the box AND add a little extra flair with Eco-Art U-Stick'Ems, which come with the mailbox ready for you to color, pop out and stick on! 

There is no glue on the back of the Stick'Ems, nor is there any glue included in the box, BUT there is a recipe for non-toxic homemade glue, which comes with the pack so that you can easily whip up your own, safe glue, which I think is a wonderful idea! 

My daughter adores the mailbox and spent hours coloring the box in and picking and choosing her pictures to stick to it and make it her own! There are SO MANY to choose from that we will be able to switch-out and change around the pictures as she decides she doesn't want the old ones on there anymore and they are going to last a long while! 

The mailbox itself is very sturdy and designed to open and close with one movement, making it easy for a child to use it! You could encourage your child to play at mailing out letters or collecting the mail and expanding on his or her play at  the day-to-day and readying them for real-life tasks as well encouraging them to have a little fun! 

With Christmas approaching, it would be fun to have your child pop a letter to Santa in their mailbox perhaps and to have it shipped of to the north pole! Perhaps they might even get a reply right back in their very own mail!? - I think that the kids would LOVE this idea and my daughter has "sent" her letter off already and is extremely excited to hear back from the big man himself! 

"Green" toys are increasing in popularity and require little effort to assemble, promote creative play and take away the worry of pollution and waste! As soon as your child has outgrown their toy you just pass it along or recycle it! Wonderful!

To find out more about the Everythingland Mailbox, with its Eco-Art U-Stick'Ems and other Items available from Metamorphic Toys, you can visit them on their Facebook page HERE and their Twitter page HERE!

If you'd like to purchase one for yourselves, they are also currently available on Amazon, HERE and make a worthy appearance on our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! 


Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this review, but I was provided with a mailbox in order to complete said review. All opinions are my own, honest opinions and were not affected by the provision of a product. Thank you!


Monday, 17 December 2012

Why Splash When You Can Pour!? - 'Pourty' Review!

As a family with 2 boys who are past the potty training stage by a number of years at 16 and 9 years old respectively, we are entering new found territory with our little girl who is turning 2 in February and well on her way to kicking those diapers in the butt already!

We certainly do not want to rush her to train but she has been showing signs of readiness since earlier on in the year and so we had given her a potty but stopped short of forcing her to use it too often, unless she actually showed that she wanted to - there doesn't have to be a rush to train, it will happen in her own time!

The potty that she had was a larger, generic, white and inexpensive potty and the one or two times she did actually use it would be a pain to empty without getting a drop here or there, or it would feel a little awkward having to use two hands to maneuver it to empty it, or to get a firm grip! It was also a little high and so she had a time getting comfortable with it and she has a little ways to grow in order for that particular pot to be the one to work for her! 

Before I could decide to switch to a new one, and a little while into the potty phase with the generic pot, my clumsy gene kicked in and I tripped, fell over and landed on it! I wasn't trying to use it, I promise! I am well past that stage, but none the less, I did crack it down the side and thus rendered it pretty useless! Either we now had to let our daughter pee on her feet OR we had to find another potty - sanity won over and our search for a new potty took us online and eventually to an innovative little potty appropriately called the 'Pourty' - and here is why:

The 'Pourty' is uniquely designed with a handle at the front and a duct at the back, which enables you to lift and empty the potty with ease! The handle takes away any   loose grips or awkwardness and draining it from the back allows the urine to stay mostly away from the area where the child will sit. We liked the idea of this potty and decided that we would like to try one out with our girl - and the good people over at 'Pourty' were happy to oblige! 

Our daughter's new purple potty turned up swiftly and as I took it out of the package I noticed a quality far higher than the generic potty she had been using right away. The potty is wide, sturdy and low enough to be comfortable for a child and the pour feature was certainly a talking point as we looked at it and noted the difference! The picture of a cat on the front of the potty was enough to spark interest in my daughter and right off the bat, we were up and away! 

After removing all of the stickers I handed the potty to my daughter to examine and to try out without actually using it at first, and just to get a feel for it! She loves the color and that cat keeps her entertained for sure! She is an animal lover and she certainly goes crazy over kittens and the like and so this is THE puuuurrrfect choice, without a doubt!

The first thing we noticed other than its sleek design was that my daughter had no troubles sitting on this potty at all! It is not at all too high and it is wide enough to be comfortable! She used it at first as a chair in the front room in order to get used to it and it didn't take very long at all for her to be accepting of it in place of her old one! She has since used it a few times and she isn't in any distress doing so and  still loves to point out that cat! 

The few times this week that the potty has been used, I have found it so much easier to swoop in, lift it up and empty! The liquid pours right out of the back and the chance of losing your aim in the process is low.  There is just no more need to pour over the side and cleaning is easy! Such a simple idea but SO effective!

Great for boys or girls, the 'Pourty' comes in various different colors from white, to pink, blue and purple and can be found on Amazon HERE! and various other places where you might expect to buy for babies and toddlers!

I am giving the 'Pourty' 5/5 as it covers everything we could possibly ask for in a functional potty, free of hassle or complications and right for the job!

At $14.95 on Amazon, why not try one out today!

Remember: All children potty train in their own time and while some may be ready early, others can take a few years to really come to grips with it - whatever their course, be patient and have some fun with it! They all get there in the end! I assure you!! Good luck!!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a 'Pourty' in order to review it. My thoughts and comments on it are good and honest opinions of my own and were not altered by such a provision. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for this review. Thank you! 

Make Christmas Dinner Preparation Easy With These Knives from 'Edge of Belgravia' - Review!

It has to be said that I adore being in the kitchen, cooking and I regularly bake, roast, boil (and occasionally burn!) anything the heart might desire! BUT! I wouldn't be able to get there without a decent set of utensils to complete the task at hand!

Most people remember to buy their mixers and crock pots and grills and pans, but regularly a decent set of knives is overlooked - and yes, I am guilty, I admit! I have had the same set of knives for years! It is, however, time to put the old aside and welcome in a new, fresh selection of knives - and what better place to start than with knives from 'Edge of Belgravia'.

Upon inquiry I was sent over a selection (3) of their wonderful knives to explore for myself and to get a feel of them! I received:
  • 1 Ceramics Series Lime Pairing Knife
  • 1 Ceramics Series Onyx Utility Knife
  • 1 Ceramics Series Onyx Santoku Knife

Ceramic Series Lime Pairing Knife 

Pictured on the left, this knife boasts a lot of strength and versatility in its small 4 inch blade! It is easy to handle and looks fabulous in Lime! It slices, cores and more without fuss and makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen! Perfect for lemons and limes, apples and potatoes - I love its agility and the fact that I don't have to pick up 2 or 3 different knives for the job!

Ceramic Series Onyx Utility Knife

To the right of the photo, this lightweight, versatile knife sits a little bigger than the pairing knife but works just as well as you use it to slice and dice anything from herbs to fruits to smaller meat pieces making this a go-to knife for all of the "everyday" tasks that aren't too big, chunky or hard on your knife! I used this yesterday and I have to say it is well balanced and feels like a great tool in the kitchen and made to last!

Ceramic Series Onyx Santoku Knife

Centered in the photo, the Santoku knife is designed especially to improve separation and to reduce the friction while cutting, with its lightweight blade that will stay razor sharp for years - without the need of sharpening! Perfect for chopping up those crispier veggies, or fish and with much more application in the kitchen, this knife is going to be a joy you'll want to reach for again and again for all of your culinary ventures!

What do I think?

I am impressed with the versatility and ease of use in all 3 of these knives and I have to say that I do adore them all! My old knives were dull and lifeless and had run their course, but I had't noticed until I had these knives to compare the difference! For the same group of knives I had struggled with before, I can now use just one across the board and food preparation runs a lot smoother with a lot less waste and with prettier presentation due to smooth, easy slicing and dicing! 

The handles on these knives are soft and rubbery to the touch and easy to grip with their angled lines and striking design. The Santoku looks very stylish left out on a chopping board and would make a wonderful Christmas gift to the cook in your life or to keep at home! 

When following the care instructions as stated, these knives will last for years and provide many hours of fun in the kitchen - no more hacking or stabbing at food, just  slice and away! 

Other knives available in the series include chefs knives and slicers and you can buy all of them HERE at prices starting from 34.90 in GBP, which is approximately $52! Sets are a great way to buy for value and I would expect anyone to feel great giving or receiving these this holiday and they are certainly making an appearance on our 2012 gift list! - Remember to click the tab above to get the full gift list, right up until the big day! 

For more information on 'Edge of Belgravia' products, please visit their website at: today!

NOTE: Please buy and use these knives responsibly. They are NOT toys and are not to be used by children or as anything other than with cooking. I do not encourage misuse of knives in any way, shape or form and would hope you do the same. Happy Cooking! 

Disclaimer: I was given each knife in order to perform this review, but I was in no other way monetarily compensated for my opinion, which is always honest and my own! Thank you!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tequila Partida Gets The Thumbs Up!

I recently had the chance to try a little sample of Partida 'Blanco' Tequilla, which is described as: "Brilliant as the Mexican sunshine" by and it has to be said that this tequila certainly has a little edge!

With a soft aroma and a smooth taste, this tequila can easily be sipped into the night or enjoyed slowly with a mixer - shots would work too for a quick taste, but I do like to enjoy a drink rather than rush it if I were to have one at all.

As a little treat, this little sample size bottle of Partida 'Blanco' Tequila really did not leave a bitter aftertaste nor even a speck of doubt that I could certainly feel good about a purchase in the future!

In fact, I think that Partida 'Blanco' Tequila would make a wonderful gift for anyone you may be struggling to buy for and who likes a little tipple and therefore makes it on to our Christmas list for 2012! The drink is soft, the bottle is well crafted and this certainly does attest to some quality tequila, in my own personal opinion!

If you're a fan of a little tequila and lime, mixer or straight, certainly give this one a little try! - Just remember to drink responsibly and always at (or over the legal age for your state/country - please do not drink and drive!

For more gift ideas this Christmas, please click HERE!


Disclaimer: I was in no way monetarily compensated for this review but I was provided with a sample size bottle of the product to taste. All opinions are honest and my own and I do not encourage you to drink irresponsibly. Thank you!

Vitacost 'Wow of the Week!!' - Huggies Diapers as LOW as 22 Cents Per Diaper!! (While Supplies Last!)

"Vitacost has all the natural baby products you need - from sore bottom balm and bubble bath to organic baby food and BPA-free bottles. Plus, our revolutionary Set & Save program makes it super-easy to have diapers delivered right to your door on a schedule of your choosing. No more late-night dashes to the drugstore!" - Vitacost!

DEAL: As of 9am EST Vitacost launches its 'Wow of the Week' with Huggies as low as just 22 cents per diaper!!

PLUS: If you sign up via my refer-a-friend link HERE you should [as a new member] qualify for $10 off of a $30 purchase or more!!

Already a member? No problem! Just head on over HERE and snag a bargain NOW!
Let me know what you get!! 

Disclaimer: I do not work for Vitacost but I am a member and my referral link will earn me $10 every time a new member signs up to earn theirs! I have also been offered the chance to review some further items for participation in this promotion - I have not otherwise been monetarily compensated and my opinions are my own! Thank You!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Alight Plus-Size Clothing Review + Giveaway!

I recently had the chance to try a piece of women's plus size clothing, from Alight, which is an online store that caters more specifically to the more volumtuous woman!

As a 6 foot tall, plus sized woman I regularly find it very difficult to find a company that can provide quality clothes with reasonable prices but Alight manages to check each box with various products across their site from plus size pants and skirts to plus sized dresses, shrugs, outerwear and jewelry!

As part of this review, I was given a top in my preferred size to try out and I have to say that it is actually quite a nice fit and comfortable and ran true to size! It is a multi-colored lightweight shirt with a longer sleeve and give around the bust! While not necessarily a color that I would pick out myself as Alight had chosen it for me, I actually quite like the change from the usual deep and dark colors that I tend to gravitate towards!

This top can be versatile - dress it up with a boot and a legging plus a large belt, fancy earrings, bracelet and fancy hair and you have yourself a night out! Subsequently, you can throw it on with a pair of jeans and a hat and you have a casual about-town look for every day tasks, errands and interactions, with a little color and flare.

Don't let this one top rule your opinion on Alight's style, though! They run a marvelous line of clothes for all occasions and with very pretty detail and pizzazz for the dressier look, the cozier winter look and the day-to-day look! What ever you need, it is hard to be disappointed with such a wide selection! I wish I could show you them all!!

To find out more about and the clothes they have to offer, have a look over at their website and take a look around! There are so many great and flattering garments and ordering is a cinch! What are you waiting for? Let me know what you find!!


As an exta bonus, Alight has offered to give away to one of our readers ONE GARMENT (of Alight's Choosing) in your size! All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is head on over to their website and subscribe to their email, then come on back here and let me know that you did!!

For bonus entries, head on over and "Like" and Mom's Gone Bronson on Facebook as well as follow @alightcom and @gobronson [as well as tweeting] on Twitter! - all options can be found on the rafflecopter below!!

That is all, it is quick and easy and I wish you all the luck in the world!! - MGB!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson was provided with one item of Alight's choice in order to perform this review. The provision of the garment did not in any way alter these oppinions! Prize will consist of ONE garmen OF ALIGHT.COM'S CHOOSING in whichever size the winner specifies. No exchanges will be given and no responsibility is held by Mom's Gone Bronson for the fulfillment of the prize. Thank you!

Influenster Cosmo VoxBox 2012!

The Cosmo VoxBox from Influenster is here and it is a little slice of happiness! - Sent FREE of charge to several people on their site for being influential in certain areas, Influenster has outdone itself once again with some wonderful brands in a fabulous little box!

Inside the Cosmo Voxbox were these little gems:

You are looking at:

FriXion by Pilot Pens x 2 - One is black and one is Red ($4.50 per 4 pack).

Forever Red Eau de Parfume from Bath and Body Works ($10.00 for the .25oz size as in the photo or $44.50 for a full sized bottle).

One Venus razor and a Venus & Olay Razor cartridge, because Venus cartridges are made to fit on ANY Venus razor and so you can mix and match them with each and this sampler box allows us to try two varieties of blade! (Refills are between $3-$4.50 per month).

Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape chocolate! ($2.79).

I am very excited about this box, even though it doesn't look as though there is much too it, good things really do come in small packages!!

Look out for my individual item reviews coming up soon...

Disclaimer: I received the voxbox as part of a member program with Influenster. I was not monetarily compensated for any views and my views were not in any way influenced by the provision of products. These opinions are honest and my own. Thank you!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Winner Announcements!!

There are THREE winners to announce today, so here we go! Are you one of them!?

Winner of the Mail Pix $20 Credit is - Bridget W.

Winner of the Zips Shoes is - Cyndie N.

Winner of the Cascades Boutique Playhouse and Christmas Tree is - Janell W.

CONGRATULATIONS ladies! Please check your emails! You will have 48 hours to respond and to claim your prize!

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson is NOT responsible for shipping these prizes, they will ship directly from, and be fulfilled by, the companies directly! Thank you!

Sunday, 9 December 2012


This weekend has been extremely busy in our household, but lots of fun! I am playing catch up but will have some things for you to enjoy tomorrow!!

Please check out the giveaway tab at the top for all current giveaways as some are ending as we speak!!

Good luck!

Friday, 7 December 2012

My new cardigan from Old Navy, via Crowdtap! - Can't beat FREE!

As a member of Crowdtap, I recently received a coupon good for a FREE sweater from Old Navy!!

I always adore these campaigns and tries as I rarely get the time or money to go and shop for myself with 3 kids in tow and their needs so a little treat for me is ALWAYS very welcome!! To make it even better, I also got the chance to bestow a sweater on a friend too as Crowdtap also sent a spare for a friend! FABULOUS!

Before setting off for the Old Navy store, I had a look around online to see if any of their sweaters caught my eye - the coupon allows ANY 1 free sweater (excluding clearance) and so the choice was HUGE! I did, however, manage to find one that I LOVED and set off to the store in the hopes that they would carry it!

On arrival at the store, my friend and I looked around at all of the sweaters and I found some cute ones that I didn't recall seeing online, including one with an owl on it, which was adorable! I put that aside as my back up sweater just in case and carried on looking until, eventually, I found the sweater I wanted and with a stroke of luck managed to get the last one in my size! WONDERFUL!

My friend and I actually ended up buying the SAME cardigan but in different colors! I opted for the charcoal grey, while she opted for the caramel cream! We were both delighted with our purchases and were certainly left smiling!

It doesn't happen very often where I walk into a store and out within 10 minutes with the item I wanted and as a perfect fit first time, but this was one of those occasions and I can't be happier!

I adore Old Navy's clothes and jump at every chance I have to get in store and have a look around and I have never been disappointed!

Thank you Crowdtap AND Old Navy!! I salute you!

Disclaimer: The provision of the coupon for the free item did not in any way influence my opinion of the product itself. All opinions are honest and my own, thank you!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Give the gift of COFFEE this year, with Community Coffee!!

Every Christmas there is a member of the family who really doesn't want (or need) for much of anything and who perhaps doesn't want you to buy them anything at all! You, of course, want to buy them SOMETHING though, and here is one of those wonderfully bright gifts that you just know they can accept without arguments and which they will truly enjoy! Yes, it is COFFEE!!

I know that coffee isn't for EVERYONE, but a lot of people really love a nice cup of Joe and this wonderful gift set not only provides the recipient with one cup, but 4 PACKETS, which is more than enough for several very generous sized cups of delicious home-brewed coffee!!

The aptly named "Santa's Little Helper" gift box from Community Coffee, presents generous 2 oz measures of well presented Private Reserve® bags of Holiday Jazz®, House Blend, Breakfast Blend, and French Roast coffees, boxed in a little red box and finished with a little ribbon for presentation!

With coffee ranging from mild to bold, this gift set is going to please any coffee lover and is sure to put a smile on each of their lips!

At $8.99, Santa's Little Helper is the perfect extra gift that keeps on giving and which you can present as an after dinner delight in your own home OR gift as a host or hostesses "Thank You" for a meal you receive! This might even make a nice little gift for your mailman instead of cash and is sure to be accepted with enthusiasm wherever you are!

Personally I adore the French Roast and find the taste smooth and pleasant! I have to say I adore the others too and love that they all present their unique flavors without a bitter, gritty aftertaste and without a crazy price tag! This coffee is truly delightful!

To find out more about this particular gift box, and to check out Community coffee's stocking stuffer, head on over to their site HERE! for a smooth welcome! AND Enjoy!!

Disclaimer: While I was provided with a free sample in order to write this review, I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and my views were in no way influenced by the provision of the product. All opinions are honest and my own. Thank you!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

ZIPZ Shoes, Review and Giveaway!

This week I recieved a wonderful pair of interchangeable shoes from ZIPZ Shoes, which are bringing creativity and flare back to shoes with a simple zip and flip of your shoe top!

Right now, you are probably wondering what that means but the concept is a simple one! ZIPZ Shoes have tops that zip on, and then off, of your shoes to mix, match and create various designs, looks and fashion statements without having to change your shoes!

It really is a fabulous idea, especially when you have worn in your favorite pair of shoes! Instead of having to go out and buy a new pair and start all over again, you can just unzip the top of the shoes, take off the pattern or color and replace it with a new, fresh pattern or color to liven them up! VOILA! New shoes!

Available from toddler to adult sizes, these shoes are great for just about everybody! Whether you'd like high tops or low, patterned or plain, these shoes will keep you on your literal toes while you pick and choose the right look for your tootsies with so many wonderful designs!

For the purpose of this review, ZIPZ were kind enough to send me out a pair of their shoes with a "Grafeettii" top and an interchangeable top in "Cranberry" - both of which, I have to say I LOVED even BEFORE I had even introduced them to my feet!

As someone who spends a lot of time in mens shoes because of my hobbit feet, it is refreshing to see shoes that can be worn universally across the board without making the men feel any less manly or girls any less girly! They really are for EVERYONE and as I slipped them on for the first time I really felt "at home" and satisfied with the size and selection of the shoes, which were absolutely PERFECT!!

Bright and colorful, the "Grafeettii" pattern is very young and fresh, giving a pop of color to your outfit and very lively in style! Great for any occasion and perfect for standing out in a crowd! The Cranberry is equally as stylish in one block of color and can be easily worn with most outfits! These remind me very much of another popular brand of shoe but with the twist! The switch outs are easy to order and you can zip them on and off as much as you like - you can even wear your patterns together for "odd" shoes, but still be comfortable in your shoes that actually came as a pair! The combinations are in abundance and will brighten up anybody's day, young or old - and are certainly making an appearance on our Christmas List this holiday season!!

For more information on ZIPZ Shoes, you can visit them over at Facebook by clicking HERE! You can also purchase a pair of your very own HERE from $28.95 and up! ( - prices correct as of 12/2/12).

BUT WAIT! How would you like to WIN a pair of your very own ZIPZ? Well, here is your chance! The lovely people over at ZIPZ Shoes are generously giving ONE of our lovely readers the chance to win ONE PAIR of shoes in the color, and size, of their choice, where available!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is to scroll down to the rafflecopter on the bottom of this page and do as many, or as few of the entries as you would like AND leave us a blog comment!! It is THAT simple - you can also gain extra entries by tweeting daily and letting us know you that did!

The giveaway will run until December 10th and winners will be announced by December 11th at the latest! Winner will have 48 hours to respond to their winning email and their information will be passed on to ZIPS for the fulfillment of their prize, which will ship directly from them, to you! Mom's Gone Bronson is NOT responsible in any way for the fulfillment of this prize!

With all that said, I hope you enter, and tell your friends!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson received a pair of Zipz and tops in order to perform this review. They were not otherwise monetarily compensated and all opinions are honest, unaffected by the provision of the shoes and their own. Thank you!

Win a Pair Of Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Earrings! - Ends 12/17!

Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Earrings Giveaway! 
 Presented by Brie Snyder of Beautiful Incentives  - You can see the review here.

I gathered up a bunch of great fellow bloggers to help me do this awesome giveaway for a unique pair of  Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver earrings.

Anonymous Woodsprite on Etsy is the wonderful designer of these beauties. So please give her recognition and check out her other items! Please see her Etsy for pictures of the 4th and 11th generation earrings you will have a choice of, instead of these. 

Also, her cosplay group is trying to raise money to build a new TARDIS that will be easier for them to transport than her old one. $1 gets one entry. There's a yellow "donate" button at the top of the tumblr: It's unlimited - for every ten entries there will be one giveaway. The winner(s) can pick between the sonic screwdriver earrings for the 10th Doctor, 4th Doctor, or 11th Doctor.
All donators will also be publicly thanked on her Facebook page and website.

This is an aside and NOT a mandatory requirement for this giveaway in any way, shape or form!  

 If you know nothing, or little, about Dr. Who, then I should let you know that it is has been a much loved British Scifi Fantasy Show, enjoyed by folk of all ages across the globe since as far back as 1963!

"The Doctor", who is really an alien disguised as a human, travels the world and time through space and land. He rarely does it alone though, and almost always has a trusty companion by his side to get into cahoots and shenanigans with. Every so often, the doctor must "regenerate" into a new human form, which carries with it a new version of his weapon for alien eradication - the sonic screwdriver. These earrings are based upon the 9th/10th generation sonic screwdriver and they are magnificent!

If you have not checked out the show, you must! It is a whimsical & adventurous show and you do not have to love Science Fiction to enjoy it!

I'd like to take this time out to warmly thank the bloggers who joined and helped promote this giveaway:
Mom's Gone BronsonBlogShopWinSavings for SanityBlogShopWinReal Reviews by Savvy K, The Life & Times of a Stay at Home momThe Rosy Snail, Jennifer's World Reviews and Loving Life & Living on Less

sonic screw drivers are made with meteorite pieces and mars crust... O.K! Maybe they're not, but they ARE still awesome and I can assure you that you will be one of a very select few who will be sporting these if you win this giveaway! That is, of course, until the media spies them and puts out replicas in mass quantities!! - Just remember, you saw them here first!

One lucky winner will have their own pair of Sonic Screwdriver earrings in their choice of clip on or regular: 4th, 9th & 10th generation or 11th! 
Good Luck & Happy Holidays!!

Loading Entry-Form...

Disclaimer: The original provider of this review was adorned with this product for the purpose of review and was not otherwise monetarily compensated for her contribution.Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for shipment of this item. The artist will mail out your product and questions should be directed toward her. Thank you!