Saturday, 31 March 2012

18 inches to locks of love, with love!

Until this morning I had not had a haircut in 2 years, my hair had grown out to my waist and with a 1 year old in the house I rarely had the time to style my hair the way i'd like without having to find a 2 hour window, which was (of course) never going to happen!

SO! Instead of putting my waist length, thick, crazy hair up on my head in a bun every day for the duration, which had started to give me headaches, I strolled into my local hairdressers and politely asked them to chop it all off!!

Here is my before picture:

Here is my after picture:

And here is the EIGHTEEN INCHES of hair I was able to donate to Locks of Love:

My head feels SO much lighter and I am so pleased to be able to donate so much hair!

Now it is time to start growing it out again!! :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

2 bottles of Coffee Mate creamer (powder) just $2.50 at CVS the week of 3/25

This week you can pick up 2 bottles of powdered Coffee Mate for just $2.50 at CVS!

Buy 2 bottles of Coffee Mate - priced 2 for $5

Use a B1G1 free coupons (found on

Total price for 2 just $2.50!

Usually priced over $4 EACH!

Go! Save!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ebay, done right!

You HAVE to love it!

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy - HOT DEAL!


In this weekends Target circular there is a Target store coupon for a whopping 50% off any 1 fisher price laugh and learn toy! To make it even sweeter! These are regularly priced at $22.99 but they are currently on sale for just $17! SO! After your sale price and your 50% off coupon you're looking at a grand total of $8.50 for this adorable puppy that your children will just love and adore!

BUT WAIT! There is an even better deal to be had!!

If you can get your hands on one of the $5 off manufacturers coupons for the laugh and learn puppy (which arrived by mail on a flyer to me a while back so they're out there somewhere) then you can score this cute little guy for just $3.50 ($3.71 if, like me, you live in PA and have to pay sales tax!).

I rushed down to Target this evening to pick mine up for my daughter's Easter present! I've been wanting to buy one for a LONG old time and almost picked one up at full price last week! Thank goodness I'm a procrastinator!!

Here he is in all his glory! Just $3.71! Now THAT is how I like to shop!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Are any of you as disorganized as me? I wonder...

I always seem to have a plan but never really seem to be able to stay with it! I think it largely has something to do with our 5 person household (6 if you include the dog) and everyone's inability to PUT THINGS BACK!

I live with a man, a teen, a tween, a baby and a dog! I feel grossly out-numbered, but what can I do!?

I put things in their place, then I go around in a circle forever more putting things in their place...

I need a better system of organization - or little treats to give everyone for getting it right! :D

There's a good boy! SIT!