Saturday, 31 March 2012

18 inches to locks of love, with love!

Until this morning I had not had a haircut in 2 years, my hair had grown out to my waist and with a 1 year old in the house I rarely had the time to style my hair the way i'd like without having to find a 2 hour window, which was (of course) never going to happen!

SO! Instead of putting my waist length, thick, crazy hair up on my head in a bun every day for the duration, which had started to give me headaches, I strolled into my local hairdressers and politely asked them to chop it all off!!

Here is my before picture:

Here is my after picture:

And here is the EIGHTEEN INCHES of hair I was able to donate to Locks of Love:

My head feels SO much lighter and I am so pleased to be able to donate so much hair!

Now it is time to start growing it out again!! :)

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