Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Home made sweet pasties?

This one time, when I couldn't find anything sweet to eat, I took some of my pasty dough and filled it with jelly instead of savory filling and VOILA! Instant hit!

The basic pastie dough is real simple! Throw in about a cup of flour, 3/4 of a stick of butter, 2 teaspoons of baking powder. Cut the butter in or rub in with fingers until crumbly. Add some cold water to form a moist dough ball - not too sticky, but moveable! You can experiment with the amount of flour/butter/water to get it to a consistency that you like - each to their own!! ALSO! Add a little sugar if you want it a little less bland!

Pull off 6 lumps of pastry, roll into rounds, fill with desired filling, fold and then twist the edges to close. Glaze with an egg wash and bake until golden (usually on 300-350 degrees).



Tuesday, 22 May 2012

FREE Target Beauty Gift Bag! HOT HOT HOT!!!

It is BACK! The Target beauty gift bag, summer edition, is up for grabs right now!!

These go VERY QUICKLY and the servers are being hammered right now, but BE PATIENT!

I recommend clicking on each link ONCE And letting it load, wait it out! Only re-click if it times out or you get an error message, other than that, wait! Mine went through first time with some patience :)


Let me know if you score one!

Men can sample stuff too, you know!?

Free samples, testing, surveys and quick hits aren't just for women, you know!? In fact, there is a large number of groups out there that are in need of more men to even out the rage of people testing their products and giving feedback!

Crowdtap is one of them!

Crowdtap, if you haven't heard of it before, is a website dedicated to short "quick hit" surveys, trial product testing and some amazing opportunities! You give your opinions, test products, leave feedback and gain points! Those points are then turned into prizes from tee-shirts to gift cards and they're not that hard to get!

If you are interested in all that Crowdtap has to offer then click on the link below - and behold the ever expanding universe of trials, tests and surveys!! Go forth and accumulate!!



I was just checking over my receipts for CVS and so far this year I have spent only $100 and a few pennies out of pocket but saved over $800!!! That is pretty crazy seeing as I am not a hard core shopper right now because I just don't have time nor any money usually but with the pocket change and extrabucks rolling on over each week I've done pretty well in the last few months! AND, don't forget, that is just in CVS alone!! $900 worth of actual goods for just $100 out of pocket thanks to coupons, deals and general savings! You really can't beat that and I really wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise - and it is SO easy!! What are you waiting for!?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

FREE Metamucil

If you entered the recent Dr. Oz giveaway and were one of the first 1,000 entrants, you should be receiving your coupon good on 1 free Metamucil product up to $16 value sometime very soon! I got mine today! WOO!

This was a separate giveaway to the one just before that for the Keurig and the other goodies....if you won anything recently from Dr. Oz. Do let us know! No one seems to know if they'll be getting a prize or not and the deadline for notifications was supposed to be TODAY!! Dun dun daaaaaaaaaah!!

Alright! I'm off to bed!

G'night troops! x

Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend! Happy belated mothers day to all the mothers out there - wherever you are!!

I had a great weekend! The kids went hiking up the side of a mountain to watch some dirt bike races, which was fun! The event hasn't been held here since 2007 due to local park renovations but this year it is back on and these guys come flying down the side of that thing like they haven't a care in the world!! The boys thought it was great fun to watch and my daughter decided it was more fun to play in the grass and look at bugs!!

Mothers day was equally as thrilling! It was nice to have all 3 of the kids here and they all made me a card! That was sweet of them! I like that a lot more than store-purchased cards! We spent the morning in the park and going on a walk and home to roast chicken for lunch! They'd already had vanilla pancakes with sliced bananas for breakfast so they were SPOILED on my behalf! We had fun!

Back to normal today though!! Bit of a gloomy monday out there but the heat is LOVELY and, in fact, it is particularly pleasant!!

Happy Monday, everyone!!

*bigs thumbs up!*

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

FREE Blogger opp!! Courtesy of Bella Faith! ($100 Amazon GC!)

Beautifully Bella Faith is currently offering a rather fabulous blogger opportunity, in which you are invited to participate, over at their blog, which will give you a chance to make some connections and gain a little exposure as she hosts the chance to win an $100 Amazon gift card!

All that is expected of you is that you pass along the buzz on your blog!

This is open to a worldwide audience, sign ups accepted thru May 28th (or until a 200 blog limit has been reached!)

The date for the gift card giveaway will be May 30th through June 7th so head on over to Beautifully Bella Faith and check it out!!

FREE bodywash at CVS through May 20th via coupon! HOT!!

Hurry on over to the Minute Clinic Facebook page to score yourself a coupon, via email, for a free full size body was from CVS!! Expires May 20th 2012, but you better hurry over there now by clicking here to snag the coupon before they're all gone!!

New words!

This morning, my daughter (who is 15 months today), informed me that she now knows how to say "egg" and "apples" and knows exactly what they are! She is such a little chatterbox that she also knows words for "book", "bed", "baby", "drink" and a whole plethora of other words including my favourite..."bye bye" as she waves and walks off into the distance!!

Aweeeeeeeeeeeee, she's so cute!!

Free Firefly Mason Jar

One of the nicest freebies I've received recently is this Firefly vodka mason jar!

I remember signing up for it a couple of months ago and wasn't sure if it would arrive or not because the promotion kept on disappearing, but here it is!! Hurrah!!

If you would like to see how to get one of your own, you can find the Firefly vodka website by clicking here!

Tea, anyone?

I'm English by origin (well, Scottish and English, so if you want to get technical I guess that makes me British!) and, rather stereotypically, I do like a nice cup of tea!

Subsequently, I have been surprised by the lack of electric kettle usage in America - I see stove top kettles, but notice it is more likely that I'll get offered a cup of coffee or an iced tea before anyone considers a hot tea as the beverage of choice - and some people give me the look of bewilderment when I mention hot tea!

I don't quite know why hot tea hasn't traveled quite so well as coffee or iced tea, but perhaps it is more local to my area rather than the whole of America - so do correct me if I am wrong!

Anyhow, my long winded babble was supposed to find me talking about the new kettle my mother in law sent over to me yesterday - perfect gift for us Brits! Especially seeing as how, with not being so used to stove top kettles, I have managed to burn out 4 of them in the past couple of years!

I think this one will be my last attempt at the stove top variety - next time, it is on to the electric for sure!

For now, this one is wonderfully funky looking and may be my new favourite kitchen "appliance" - if, indeed, you can have such a thing!

*big thumbs up!*