Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend! Happy belated mothers day to all the mothers out there - wherever you are!!

I had a great weekend! The kids went hiking up the side of a mountain to watch some dirt bike races, which was fun! The event hasn't been held here since 2007 due to local park renovations but this year it is back on and these guys come flying down the side of that thing like they haven't a care in the world!! The boys thought it was great fun to watch and my daughter decided it was more fun to play in the grass and look at bugs!!

Mothers day was equally as thrilling! It was nice to have all 3 of the kids here and they all made me a card! That was sweet of them! I like that a lot more than store-purchased cards! We spent the morning in the park and going on a walk and home to roast chicken for lunch! They'd already had vanilla pancakes with sliced bananas for breakfast so they were SPOILED on my behalf! We had fun!

Back to normal today though!! Bit of a gloomy monday out there but the heat is LOVELY and, in fact, it is particularly pleasant!!

Happy Monday, everyone!!

*bigs thumbs up!*

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