Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tea, anyone?

I'm English by origin (well, Scottish and English, so if you want to get technical I guess that makes me British!) and, rather stereotypically, I do like a nice cup of tea!

Subsequently, I have been surprised by the lack of electric kettle usage in America - I see stove top kettles, but notice it is more likely that I'll get offered a cup of coffee or an iced tea before anyone considers a hot tea as the beverage of choice - and some people give me the look of bewilderment when I mention hot tea!

I don't quite know why hot tea hasn't traveled quite so well as coffee or iced tea, but perhaps it is more local to my area rather than the whole of America - so do correct me if I am wrong!

Anyhow, my long winded babble was supposed to find me talking about the new kettle my mother in law sent over to me yesterday - perfect gift for us Brits! Especially seeing as how, with not being so used to stove top kettles, I have managed to burn out 4 of them in the past couple of years!

I think this one will be my last attempt at the stove top variety - next time, it is on to the electric for sure!

For now, this one is wonderfully funky looking and may be my new favourite kitchen "appliance" - if, indeed, you can have such a thing!

*big thumbs up!*

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