Friday, 8 June 2012

Old Navy Tankini!

Today my friend and I took a trip down to Old Navy for new swimsuits! Neither of us knew quite what we would come away with but she picked up hers real quick and I tried on almost all the ones they had on display!

Now, I should make it known that I was given a coupons, good for a free swimsuit/tankini or bikini AND one for a friend, both care of, which is a website that allows you to give your opinion on specific items and sometimes provides coupons and trials!! This one was particularly exciting!!

I really, REALLY, wanted a basic black swimsuit but they didn't have ANY in store, at all! I was disappointed but pushed on and tried on the others but didn't really feel like any of them really did me any justice.

In the end, I did find a 2 piece tankini that I do LOVE but it wasn't what I planned to buy and I am going to have to buy a strapless bra to wear with it, but it fits well, feels wonderful and it has a wonderful pattern and color!

Over all I was pleased with the outcome, but wished they had the one in store that I had seen online before I left the house, but there is always next year for that one piece!

I can't wait to test this one out in the water, and would recommend having a look in Old Navy for your swimsuit this summer - just be prepare for a different selection in store compared to online!

Thank you crowdtap for my new tankini! Happy Swimming!

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