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The First Years Deluxe Feeding Seat Giveaway!

**This contest is now over, please check the rafflecopter to see if you've won! CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, and THANK YOU ALL for entering!!

In our house we still have one child in a high chair, and I have never been to happy with the high chair, it is from Fisher Price and it is suppose to be their space saver high chair, but it does not save space at all! It is so bulky, heavy and the arms on the chair keep Allyson from being able to use it as a booster seat to sit up at the table with us. But there is good news! I have found a high chair that does everything it is suppose to do!

The First Years Deluxe Reclining Fedding Seat is everything and more! No more bulky, heavy high chair! This is a space saver high chair for sure! The best part of all, the booster part of the chair fits up to our table so nicely. This high chair is so light that if Allyson were younger I would be bringing it to restaurants with us. We recently had a birthday party at our house, and the feeding seat was so easy to move around, I would put it away when we did not need it, and bring it out when our friends with little ones needed to feed their babies.

The First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat grows with your child and goes all the way up to four years of age! It has a five point harness for safety and security, and five reclining positions, that could allow even your newborn to join you at the dinner table. The sturdy dish-washer safe tray with cup holder gives your child a terrific eating suffice, which I have to admit the cup holder is one of my favorites, it is cut out for any cup to be able to fit in it and not spill. When your child is ready the back removes from the chair so easy, and turns into a booster seat with a three point harness. The chair also features a soft wipe-able cloth that keeps your kids comfortable while eating.

You can find The First Years Deluxe Feeding Seat at Amazon.com, Target, Buy Buy Baby Stores and Babies R Us for just $39.99! I am sure you and your child will love yours just as much as we do.

Want a chance to win The First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat? Well one lucky reader will get just that chance! Please follow the rafflecopter rules posted below for your chance to win one!

Good Luck!!

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Quick & Easy Bread for Your Belly!! - Recipe!

As a family of 5 it has to be said that our household knows how to go through enough bread in a year to feed a small army.

With the cost of a loaf ranging anywhere between 99 cents and $3.50 (sometimes even higher!!) it just doesn't make any sense to me to purchase it anymore, at the store!

Bread is one of those simple foods that gets a bad reputation as being labour intensive and grueling to make - but that just isn't the case! It is time consuming if you do not want to wait for it to rise and demand a sandwich RIGHT NOW, but I can assure you that the wait is well worth it both in taste AND in the monetary department!

At home we would go through a loaf of bread every day or two days if we could and that cost just adds up and even at 99 cents a loaf over the course of a year you are looking at spending well over $350 a year just on bread, which is absolutely insane!

All you have to do to make successful bread is gather together some flour, yeast, milk, water, oil and a dash of salt and VOILA! Bread is as easy as anything else on your to-do list AND the taste will get you hooked!

Here is my SIMPLE, QUICK And EASY recipe for bread, which you can jazz up or down as and how you please - any corrections please add them in a comment on this post! I know everyone has a different palette so not everyone will love this recipe, but with a tweak or two here and there, everyone can try!

What you will need:

4 cups of SELF RAISING flour
1 teaspoon of yeast
1 cup of warm water
1/3 cup of milk
1 tablespoon of butter, margarine or oil, whatever you prefer!
A dash of salt


First of all, you need to activate your yeast so put the teaspoonful of yeast into your warm water and set it aside.

In a large mixing bowl you will place your flour and salt together. Add to that your oil, butter or margarine and rub this in to the flour just roughly to get it throughout - there is no wrong or right way to do this!

When you have mixed in your "oil", you will add you milk and the water that should by now be the color of your yeast.

Mix these in using a spoon or spatula until dough begins to form, at which point you should switch to using your hands!

When a ball is formed, you will want it to look moist, but not to be sticky. If the dough is too sticky, sprinkle in a little more flour. If the dough is too dry or flaky, drizzle in a little more water until it looks shiny, but not sticky!

When you have your dough ball ready, you will have to knead it a little to get some of the air out! Kneading bread is a GREAT way to get out some of your daily stress AND to work on those muscles!

Now, after a minute or two, you are ready to let your dough rest and rise. Place it into a container or a clean bowl and cover with a clean dish towel (to keep out any bugs) and let it sit out in a warm area of your home to allow it to rise.

While leaving the dough well alone, you now have a moment to make yourself a nice cup of tea, put your feet up or clean house - whatever it is that takes your fancy! Just forget about the bread for a little while and revisit it later on!

An hour or two later, once you are nicely perked up on caffeine and ready for round 2, you will notice that your bread has risen significantly! This is a perfectly normal part of the process, and you're doing it right! But, for now, the air, needs to go!

So! Take the bread out of the container and place it on a lightly floured surface - this is the part where all those things you forgot to think about, while kneading the dough the first go around, get to be addressed on the second! Knead that dough for a minute or two and place it BACK into the container and cover to let it rest!

You will then repeat the process just ONE MORE time, so come back to the bread in an hour or two, whenever you're ready, and pick up the bread for the last time!

This third, and final time, however, you will finish by placing the bread in to the bread pan (which will need to be greased or lined) rather than back into the container! I use a glass bread pan, but any bread pan will work - you will have to keep an eye on the bread and make sure that you know the allowable time that the bread will need in the oven based on your appliance and pan type - this will become second nature to you once you get the initial idea but do not be discouraged if your bread isn't as lovely as you'd planned on your first attempt!

Once your bread has made it to the pan, let it sit, once again for about an hour, or longer if you have to run errands or work on something and come back to it after. Bop the top of the bread with the back of a spoon once or twice to release a little air, then slice a couple of times across the top of the bread with a knife - don't cut in to it too deeply, these slits are just there to allow the bread to "grow".

Place your bread in the oven and leave to bake on 350 degrees for 25 minutes, checking it halfway through for progress and "playing it by ear" - technical, I know! but all appliances do vary and it is impossible for each to cook the same bread at the same time without something going awry, so rely on your instincts! Sometimes the bread will take closer to 20 minutes to cook, other times closer to 35, so do not panic if you are somewhere in between!

When the bread is golden brown on top and your knife, when inserted into the bread comes out clean, the bread is done! Take it out of the oven and place in a safe place to cool down.

Let the bread rest in the pan to cool and come back to it (again, later!) - I usually can NOT resist trying a chunk of it while it is still hot, though, with a little butter or jam and and a cheeky smile!

When the bread is cool, I suggest slicing it into easy-go pieces so that the family does not have to have a conniption over slicing their own bread! You can also see exactly how much this loaf is going to feed and when you are likely to need more!

**TIP: sometimes turning your loaf over and cutting it from the side can make it easier to get a perfect slice rather than starting at the top!!


Your bread will be good kept in a sealed container for a couple of days and will be yummy for sandwiches, toast or even for bread pudding!

You can serve you bread alongside absolutely anything, so get baking!

There are no stabalizers in this bread and no sugar or corn syrup - it is easy to make if you don't mind the wait AND you can get creative with it - my daughter likes to make plaits or crazy shapes with hers and it turns out yummy every time!

If you want to zest up the bread a little, why not try adding a mashed banana or apple sauce to give it a little more flavour or chewiness - you can also add nuts, seeds, raisins or even chocolate for an alternative tasty treat!

I can assure you that once you start making your own bread, and have adjusted it to your own liking, you will wonder why you haven't been doing this for years! You will also make savings of well over $200 a year (if you eat anywhere near the amount we do) and you will know exactly what it is that you are consuming! As a special added bonus, you will also eliminate any packaging, which is a win for the environment too!! You just can not beat that!!

I would love to see some of your alternative recipes for bread or baking, which allow you to live a more frugal, yet equally as tasty life on a day to day basis, so please do leave those comments!!


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EZ Faux Steel Giveaway! - Ends 8/11 (2 Winners!)

Need a new look for your kitchen?

Update your Home in a minute! It's so E-Z!
Instant Stainless Steel! Use our faux stainless steel film on your dated appliances to give them the look of stainless steel instantly. Just peel and stick!
Such a great concept! What a great way to give your kitchen a new look. And yes, it is the same stuff you see on various shows on HGTV, The Rachael Ray Show, The Today Show, QVC, and more! It has also been used on the sets of popular movies
Be sure to watch the video to see how easy it is to install! Peel and stick, with a little prep beforehand. You can re-do your kitchen in a matter of an hour, counters and appliances and for a fraction of the cost! I'm sure if I had watched the video first, my dishwasher would look just as nice.

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Bounciest Giveaway Ever Event!!!

The BOUNCIEST GIVEAWAY EVER hosted by Mom Powered Media

Prize: BounceLand Castle Bounce N' Slide

The event dates: 8/13 - 8/27

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20% off at CVS thru 7/29!!

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$10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway at 500 Likes!

Want to keep up with me via facebook?? Well, guess what?! I have started a Facebook page just for you AND I am having a $10 Amazon gift card/code giveaway when I reach 500 facebook likes!

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Baby Trend - Expedition LX Jogger Stroller System

One of the biggest decisions a parent has to make when bringing a new baby into the world is deciding on which stroller they are going to buy. It is a big purchase and likely to last you a couple of years and so you really want to do the leg work and get the one that fits your needs and, hopefully provides the most for the money you're likely to pay, even after sales and coupons!

Since I had my first child (15 years ago), strollers have really come a long way - back then, nobody considered us 6 foot tall folk with our long legs and our crazy arms and so it was always back breaking pushing him around and I would always be kicking the back bars where there leg room was at its minimal - comfort and design left a lot to be desired.

Fast forward to 2010 and I find out that I am expecting again and immediately start to wonder whether I am going to spend the next couple of years pushing around another back breaker or if, as i'd been told, I could find a stroller to fit my needs much easier now than I ever could have in my previous outing.

I have to admit, I was dubious at first, but it really didn't take me long to discover the Baby Trend stroller that I eventually ended up with - it was definitely a great fit for me and it was hard to find anything that compared!

My needs were simple - I needed a stroller that was easy to maneuver, had a handle that was high enough to suit my 6 foot tall frame and a I required a basket that would support groceries/goods underneat for ease while shopping seeing as I do a lot of walking and needed to be able to get the items home without putting on a circus act! I didn't ask for much in my stroller, but those three things are actually more difficult to find that you may realize.

Enter the Baby Trend - Expedition LX Jogger Stroller System! A very stylish, trendy, large wheeled stroller, with an adjustable handle and swivvel wheels for easy maneuvering and a stop cap on the wheel to keep it steady if you prefer. Ample storage underneath, cup storage for 2 cups on the top and 2 more cup holders on the tray that sits in front of the child, which also act as the rest for the car seat! As a bonus the stroller came with a little set of speakers built in between the cup holders so that you may hook up your MP3 and listen to your music as you jog or walk along and for dedicated joggers, I thought this was a great idea! We purchased the "System" and not just the stroller, so we also had the car seat, which clipped on and off of the stroller and right in the car, with the help of an easy to fit base - gloriously simple and stress free for everybody involved! The color of the stroller was a grey bright green accents and it stood out from the crowd immediately!

Right away I adored the ease of use that came with this stroller and the comfort of my child was easy to see as she slept effortlessly in her car seat as we strolled along. We would go to the mall and unclip her from her stroller, transfer the seat to the car, click her in and place the stroller in the trunk. As easy as pie - unless you have a small trunk, in which case this stroller could be a little large or awkward for the car! But I will get to that momentarilly...

The stroller, for the most part, was (and still is) a joy to use and I can swivvel in and out of stores with ease and it glides around effortlessly. Once my daughter outgrew the car seat we used the stroller as her big girl seat and she moved from facing me to facing the rest of the world and engaging with everybody around her. I missed her little face being right there as we shopped, but the weight of the car seat was suddenly gone and the ride became even smoother! Unfortunately, though, the lack of car seat did bring along with it a few unexpected problems, which I would never have predicted and which were indeed a little strange!

Without that weight sitting on the base, from the car seat, the stroller is slightly lighter on the front wheel and heavier at the back. Often, the front wheel will not connect with the floor properly because of this and it starts to shake the stroller in a similar way that a cart at a grocery store might shake when it doesn't quite connect at the same point as the other wheels on the cart!

Thankfully, the shaking doesn't always last too long and letting up a little on the handle can conteract the shakes a little - but locking the front wheel stops the shaking all together, so there is a fix that works, but it comes with a price! If you fix the wheel at the front, you lose some of that easy maneuverability and have to lift the front of the stroller to turn corners with the lock on, where you could have simply spun it around before, but this is the sacrafice you make to maintain the lifespan of your stroller!

My daughter is now 17 months old and the Baby Trend - Expedition LX Jogger Stroller is still going strong and we do love it, but there are a few things to think about before you go out and buy, which you may not have thought about already:

1. Do you travel on the bus? If you do, it can be very awkward to fold the stroller down and load it, the baby and the car seat onto the bus, unless you live in an area which allows you to "park" your stroller on the bus instead of having to fold it flat as we do here. The wheels are too big to be conveniet for this kind of travel and storage on the bus is not an easy task - it isn't impossible though and is a little easier if you travel with a friend!

2. Similarly, will you be taking the stroller with you in the car? If so, is it going to fit in your boot with its large wheels? Do you want to be detatching the wheels every time you want to take a trip or are you confident that it'll fit with no hassle?

3. Are you ever going to actually use your jogging stroller to jog and is the MP3 attachments really a necessity? It is lovely to have extras, but if they're not going to see any action then they're not worth paying the extra money for if you can find a better deal elsewhere!

4. The shaking of the front wheel will most likely start to get annoying after a few attempts to walk in a straight line with the stroller violently shaking in front of you, with onlookers wondering if your stroller has been possessed or if perhaps you are experiencing your own personal little earthquake, but you can sacrifice the easy maneuverability to combat that shake if you can live without it? - I know it is much easier to get in and out of a store if I can move free and easy, as apposed to getting a little stuck with a fixed wheel! It can get very annoying, very quickly.

5. Are you tall or a little on the petite side? Either way, this stroller has an adjustible handle and you could comfortably use it at almost any height but if you are on the shorter side, this may not be for you - although everyone really does differ, so take it for a test ride if you are unsure!

6. Lastly, you might want to think about the fact that the stroller has 3 wheels! It looks fabulous but crossing the street, getting down steps or simple actions similar to these are no longer as simple as with a 4 wheeled stroller - lifting the stroller onto a curb can cause the stroller to become unbalanced and you may, on occassion, look as though you're attempting a juggling act as you balance it on that front wheel! Just something to consider.

I know it sounds as though this stroller has a lot of fault, but this has been my own personal experience and so perhaps not everyone would encounter the same problems, I can only pass on the things I know for sure about mine and my experience. So, to round up, the stroller is so pretty and the color works for every child! I have had so much fun with it and found the car seat to be useable up until about a year old, at which point my daughter grew completely out of it. The stroller has an adjustable back so the child can nap on the go. The leg room for walking behind the stroller is perfect for my long legs and the adjustable handle is wonderful for us taller folk! It is easy to fold up or down with the click of the big red button on the top (even though it isn't easy to carry while folded down, or easy to store either!) and the wheels are wonderful for a smooth walk, or while running but can make it bulky and annoying for storage and the front wheel shaking now and then can make it a little bit of a bumpy ride! The canopy doesn't fully shield the sun so you will need to buy a parasol if you are using the stroller on its own, but isn't a problem if you are using the car seat, as the canopy will fully close over the top of it. The MP3 hook up is a wonderful idea, but unfortunately, after getting caught in the rain, those speakers no longer work and so if you are going to purchase this stroller and want to keep those speakers new, remember to bu ya rain cover or protect those speakers in case of a sneaky rain shower that you weren't expecting!

Overal, if I had to buy the stroller again, I probably would still choose this stroller, or one very similar because the good really does outweigh the bad! My daughter has enjoyed her "ride" for almost 17 months now and I imagine that this stroller will be the only one she will need until she is walking full time without getting tired on trips out!

I am giving the Baby Trend - Expedition LX Jogger Stroller System 8/10, and would say that it definitely started out as a full 10 out of 10 until the little annoyances started to present themselves over time!

Take this stroller into consideration, and take it for a test run! I think you may be quite surprised at how quickly you really do fall in love with it and the way it performs aside from all the quirks personally found in my own!

Let me know if you have had any experience with this stroller, I LOVE hearing from you and I would love to add you thoughts for a rounded review!

***All thoughts and views expressed in this blog are my own and are based on my own personal experiences with the product described. I was NOT compensated for this review or provided with any benefits or extras for voicing my opinions. Please do your research before purchasing any item displayed on my page as other people have varying experience with the same product and I would hate for you to make a decision based solely on one review. Thank you!

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Its a date! Giveaway Event! - Free blog opp!!

'Gluten free for Jen' is having a giant giveaway/FREE blog opp to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary and the theme is...DATE NIGHT!

There are over $200 worth of wonderful prizes (SO FAR!) and the giveaway runs from 10-23rd of August with blog opp sign ups until August 1st, or until the limit (100) is reached!

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When will I sleep again?

"When will I sleep again?" is a question I often find myself asking at 2, 3 or 4am in the morning when my 17 month old insomniac is running rings around me like its the most natural time in the world to be awake, playing games, reading books, watching pocoyo, singing songs and generally getting into mischief!

As a mother of more than one child I know that sleep will probably happen again one day, but my son was never anything quite as crazy as my daughter and he would sleep all night and fall asleep just about anywhere at the drop of a hat! As much as they're very much alike, they are on opposite ends of the clock when it comes to everything else - she thinks she's going to miss out on something, while my son, who is now in his teens, just wants to sleep, skate or eat, and not always in that order either!

I know that for first time mothers it can be extremely frustrating those first couple of years as you weave your schedule around the child and figure out a routine that works best for YOU, but it does get easier, I assure you!

Personally, I remember having a LOT of fun with my dad when I was child in those twilight hours. He was very tolerant of us being awake at night and he never sent us back to bed - instead, we would sit up and play checkers or draw, talk or sit and have a snack and play cards! It was always fun in our house and I think it made life a little easier knowing that being awake at night didn't mean the end of the world - I certainly appreciate all the star gazing, UFO spotting, ghost stories, night watching and just general silliness we used to get up to as children! My sister and I most definitely didn't have a conventional childhood, but it was definitely a memory builder and I can never put a price on that!

As I have gotten older, I have started to realize just how much of a strain it must have been on my dad as a single dad, with no help or anyone to lean on with 2 girls running rings around him day and night for years on end! He handled it well and I can only hope that one day my children look back as fondly of me when I'm older, but times are changing and sitting up with checkers isn't quite as exciting to most kids as sitting on a computer all night or hiding out in a room watching T.V - We HAVE to try though and we have to let them know we're there for them, for that game of checkers, to star gazing or for general craziness in the early hours, without it being too big of a deal!

It is sometimes better to embrace it than to fight it! And if a child is going to be awake, it may as well be fun for all involved!

But, even with all the fun you could be having while the world sleeps, it isn't for all, so fear not, there WILL come a time when you will get a full nights sleep again if you hold in there and get into the routine that fits for you! Remember, there is NO right or wrong way to parent, just a way that works for your individual needs, and a way that doesn't - you have to figure that out for yourself, but you really can do it however it comes and you can make it whatever you want! And there is MORE good news, folks! How ever you achieve it, not only will you get to sleep some day in the future, you may even find time for a BOOK, a hot cup of tea or even be able to visit the bathroom without taking those babies with you! But hold on now, one step at a time...!!

Just remember - you are NOT alone in traversing that parenting tight rope and no matter how much you think everyone else is coping better than you are, you might not see the full picture so it is worth bringing it up if you are tired or a little stressed - there is no manual for parenting and we all need a little help sometimes and often just hearing that you're not the only person sitting up at crazy A.M with a hyper toddler or napping every chance you get, or hiding out in the bathroom for 10 minutes of quiet time etc is all you need to make it through another day! Remember, those little people will grow up so fast and one day you'll look back and just wonder where all those years went and wish to get them back, so ENJOY them!

Last night, my daughter made it through the entire night - which is actually a stretch even for her! I usually do get to bed by midnight, often by 10, but she was wide awake and finally decided to give in at 4:00am just as my husband's alarm went off for him to get up for work! Suffice to say, I didn't sleep too much myself last night, but we had fun, and you'll be sure I'll be napping on and off as the day goes by, just to keep up with her...if she takes a nap that is! If not, there is always coffee!!

Let me know how you get through a sleepless night! What keeps you going when your body thinks you're trying to be a comedian and when the baby thinks they're in another time zone?

Come on little night owls, lets PLAY!!

FREE Sample of Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco!

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Revlon INSTANT WIN! (Enter once a day!)

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Covergirl/Olay Tone Rehab Review...

Recently I had the good fortune to stumble across Covergirl & Olay's new Tone Rehab while in store trying to find a replacement product for a less desirable foundation that I had tried a few weeks before.

I picked up a shade darker than I would usually pick up as I am tired of looking pale and pasty and, of course, before I even put it to my skin I worried that I might end up looking more like an orange than a covergirl before I even started, but didn't much want to look like a vampire either, so only time would tell how this was going to turn out!

I took myself home and made sure my face was nice and clean and free of any old make up and began the process of applying the Tone Rehab!

Here is my skin before Tone Rehap. It is devoid of all make up and is blotchy but not too bad if I do say so myself!

Surprisingly, you really do NOT need very much of this product, a few squirts at best, to cover your entire face! This makes application quick and smooth and very LIGHT!! My first impressions were good and my face didn't feel like I was about to entertain the world with an old style photo shoot - you know, the ones where they used to cake you in make up for an hour before the shoot and then expect you to ply it off with a scraper!! (Or was that only me!?).

After Tone Rehab:

The light and silky smooth Tone Rehab slipped over my skin like a glove and felt fresh and clean on my skin. The colour was a perfect olive and my skin didn't look washed out or as though I might be appearing in a mom special of vampire diaries at any moment!

Tone rehab is not sticky, it isn't flakey and it doesn't leave clumps of goo in your wrinkles like other foundations - I was, and still am, impressed!

The bottle looks small for the price you pay but it will last you a LONG time! You really do not need to use a lot of it to get the coverage you want, need or expect from other products slightly similar to this across the board.

I think Tone Rehab is slightly ahead of the game with this one - I just couldn't find a fault with it at all! It did not leave a line at my jaw like some and it didn't feel as though I was wearing a mask - it wasn't heavy at all and it was very smooth to the touch. It glides on easily and it keeps very well! I didn't have to re-apply and it didn't matter if I added a layer of powder or not - and so I chose not to!

The price is high, but the cost is worth it! The product will last you a long while and will keep you feeling fresh and ready to face the world with a smooth finish and a smile!

I am certainly going to replace my old foundation with this 2 in 1 and will almost certainly be buying it again in the future.

I didn't really start to wear make up until I reached my twenties but since then so many wonderful products have hit the market that I feel like a kid in a candy store keeping up with the latest in innovative make up "technologies!"

I give Covergirl and Olay's Tone Rehab a magnificent 10 out of 10 - I just can't fault it!! It doesn't happen often, but there it is!

If you would like to try this product you can find it in most of your local drug or grocery stores and if you keep checking back, you may even be able to score a good deal or a coupon off of the starting price to make this a wonderful deal if you are yet to decide if you'd like to try it!

If you DO try Tone Rehab, please let me know how you feel about it and share a reaction of two!! I love hearing from you and can't wait to share my next product with you either!


***All thoughts and opinions in this blog are my own. I was not compensated or offered anything for my opinion and all logos and product names are solely the property of the owner and not me, thank you!

CVS quick trip and chocolate...

Today I went to CVS for a quick scan of my card to get my coupons and the big friendly red machine spat me out SO MANY coupons I was standing there for quite some time picking them apart!

Out of everything I received today the best coupon by far was...


The other fabulous coupon that popped up today was a $2 off any CVS body wash, which will make it FREE as they are on 2 for $4 sale this week!!

This is what I purchased today:

2 cans of AMP energy drinks - $3 for 2, get $3 back in extrabucks so I did that transaction first!

THEN! I picked up a pack of CVS gummies, a bodywash, some coffee stick packs and 3 bars of chocolate!

I used the $3 worth of extrabucks for the transaction and the gummies coupon, plus the $2 bodywash coupon and a b1g1 free coupon on the chocolate, which was already buy 2 get 1 free so I got 3 for the price of 1! (I would have gotten 6 as I have 2 more b1g1 coupons, but they were all out of chocolate!! - I did get a rain check!).

Not bad for $3 and some change, I needed those vitamins, and you can never have too much bodywash!!

What did you pick up today?

HURRY ITS LIVE NOW!! (1pm EST) FREE Nivea Lip Care!

Head on over to their facebook page today at 1pm EST to snag your free 'Kiss of Olive Oil and Lemon' lip product from Nivea!

There are only 1,000 to be given away today so get there quick! There are more in the week so check back for each day's time and get clicking!!

Let me know if you get one!!


SORRY! All of today's freebies are now gone! They went in minutes!! Please try again tomorrow !! xxx

Now on facebook!

I have finally put up a facebook page at the request of a couple of reader and you can find me there by clicking the link below OR by clicking the like button on the right of this page!!

When I reach 500 likes, I will have a giveaway!

Takes you a couple of seconds to "like" so get clicking, you wonderful people!

**HOT** FREE Starbucks Refreshers OR AMP at CVS!!

If you are heading out to CVS this week, you might like to pick up TWO Starbucks Refreshers!

Refreshers are on sale at 2 for $3 this week, with $3 back in extrabucks, making them FREE!!

No coupons needed, so what are you waiting for!?


NOTE: It turns out that AMP is also part of the deal and so if, like me, your CVS doesn't stock or sell refreshers, you can pick up 2 cans of AMP for $3 and still get the $3 back in extrabucks - making these FREE! :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Enjoy fine wines with Lot18.com

If you are a lover of fine wines and accessories, then this site is for you! Lot18.com is a member only site with access to a select number of fine wines and accessories, which change every so often as new and exciting deals come in!

As a thank you for signing up, you will be credited with $10, which you may use towards whatever you like on their site - and if you hold on to it until a free shipping date comes up, you may even score something for free!!

Last year I picked up a set of 4 wine tasting glasses with a retail value of $58, for FREE after sales, free shipping AND my $10 credit!!

If you are unfortunate enough, like me, to live in one of the states that prohibits you buying wine online, then it is still worth signing up for the accessories and specials - you could even ship a bottle of wine to a friend in a different state as a gift!

Signing up BY CLICKING HERE! is FREE and there is absolutely ZERO obligation to buy!

Let me know if you score anything delicious! Cheers!!

***All views and opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone! I am in no way associated with sales for Lot18 and was not compensated for my post. All Lot18 logos are their own and I have no rights to any of them. Thank you!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Its BACK! Julep Maven Boxes for a PENNY!!

Hurrah!!!! One of my favourite all time almost-freebies is BACK and I can not express to you how much I absolutely adore Julep after signing up for this deal myself! You will NOT be disappointed!!

You can sign up to become a Julep Maven and receive a selection of nail polish for just ONE PENNY for the first box, which will typically contain 2 or 3 nail polishes and a gift of some sort, with a total box value of around $40!!

All you have to do is click the link below and sign up using the promotional code: MAVENONE and watch as your total drops to just A PENNY!

You will have NO commitment or pressure to buy a second box or any item what-so-ever and you can cancel at ANY time! Alternatively, if you wish to remain a member you can either choose to buy the box next month when it comes out ($19.99 for a $40 value), which will be billed to you after your box ships next month OR you can SKIP the month without any charge and remain a member!! Your first box will remain ONE PENNY and you will not be charged more for that box at ANY time!! That is yours to keep!

NOTE: If you skip the month, you have to log in to your account between 20th and 24th of each month and select the skip a month option. If you do not skip the month or cancel your account then you will be shipped the next box automatically and you will be charged $19.99 per box, which is STILL a great deal on a $40 value box!! Remember - your FIRST box is only ONE PENNY and that is all you will be charged at check out! You can cancel as soon as your box ships if you do not wish to remain a member, but I would suggest skipping a few months before you cancel, just in case there is anything that you just love in an up-coming month!

Explore! Enjoy! AND, let me know what you get!!

***Note, Julep logo is property of, and tade marked by Julep. All the views expressed in this post are mine and mine alone based on my own personal experience of Julep nail polish and the items that I have paid for out of my own pocket. I was not compensated for this post! Please shop responsibly and remember to cancel your subscription if you do not want to be charged next month when your second box becomes available! Thank you!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Hope Springs House Party!

Wohoo! This morning, early in the A.M. I had a knock on my door! I knew my 'Hope Springs' party pack from Houseparty.com was due to arrive sometime today (I'd been eagerly tracking the shipment online since the beginning of the week) and so excitedly opened the door! Sure enough, there it was!

I thanked the driver, gave him a little wave and off he drove as I shuffled my party box over to the table - box in my hand, daughter under my arm and my curious dog wondering if all the excitement had anything to do with dog biscuits, food or more dog biscuits! It was not!(Sorry Rozz!).

At some point I finally made it to the dining table and for a moment fumbled around to get the box open, before it occurred to me that perhaps using a pair of scissors might have saved me some trouble and snipped away the tape to get to the box...

...SUCCESS! The box was open and there was my welcome letter for the 'Hope Springs' House Party and hiding coyly underneath it were my party supplies!!

Even MORE excited by now, I fish out the letter and place it on the table and start rummaging around in the box as though Christmas had come early!!

My eyes lit up and I inwardly did a little dance as I discovered the goodies waiting for me! They included;

11 tote bags
12 wine glasses
a pack of I.O.U coupons
Several Relationship Guides
Discussion cards
2 cinema tickets to see the movie!!

What a WONDERFUL party pack - one of the best yet!! The glasses are so cute, the totes are superb and I love all the little conversation starters and ideas!! I was NOT expecting the cinema tickets and so these were a wonderful bonus and I can't wait to put those to good use and see the movie! People will have to duel to see who gets the second ticket to come with me, but I'm sure we'll figure it out!! ;)

Houseparty.com has outdone itself once again and I can't wait until next week to get the party started!

Even my daughter couldn't wait to show off one of the totes!

Thank you SO much, House Party AND 'Hope Springs' -- You look like you're going to be a wonderfully fun movie and an equally fun night in! I can't wait!

I will review the movie once I get a chance to see it in theaters, so look out for that in an upcoming post!


****All views and opinions in this post are my own, based on my own interaction the party pack that I have received via Houseparty.com in order to host a girls night in party at home to co-inside with the imminent release of the movie 'Hope Springs'. If you are interested in hosting a party of your own, you may sign up to Houseparty.com and apply to host parties for future upcoming events - you never know what you may get to try! xxx

Swoop Bags!!

A month or so ago I won a Swoop bag via a 24/7 Moms' web chat and, I have to say, it has been one of the best accessories to my child's toy collection that has every graced my living room floor!!

"So, what exactly IS a Swoop bag?" I hear you ask! Well! Simply put, it is a bag that lies flat on the floor like a play mat for your child's toys and THEN, when you want to clean up, you swoop up the bag with all of the toys in it, tie it off, and pop it away!! Simple, clean, tidy, effective!!

Seriously, I could NOT love a bag much more than I love the Swoop! Whoever thought of this simple concept has made my life 10 times easier and my daughter's play 10 times more fun!

Instead of letting my daughter have one or two toys out at a time to keep mess to a minimum (or spending hours cleaning up after a hard day of play!), we now just open up the Swoop and all of her toys are RIGHT THERE ready to go!! And, it really doesn't matter if she throws the toys all over the place - most of them stay on the Swoop as a designated play area and then get thrown back in the scoop in under a minute of cleaning up afterwards!!

The Swoop is pretty, durable, fun and easy to transport!! YES! That's right! You can now swoop up all the toys in the world (within reason, of course!!), tie off the bag and place it in your car to take to the in-laws, family picnics or even to a baby sitter who doesn't have quite so many toys for your child to play with at their house!

It really is Ready? Set! Swoop!!

Here we are after sorting through all of my daughters toys and placing all of the smaller ones into the swoop! We reserved her basket, which had previously housed (rather clumsily) all of the bits and bobs toys, for her bigger toys and EVERYTHING ELSE went into the Swoop bag!

And here we are with the Swoop bag lifted, tied and placed away - all within SECONDS!

I can NOT get enough of how easy this has made it for us to pop and play, lift and clean and transform our living room in (and out of) a play room on a daily basis since this Swoop bag arrived on my doorstep!

The ONLY downside I can see with this bag is possibly in the price tag! At a whopping $48.00 per bag, it is quite expensive and not something a lot of us can afford on a whim - BUT - this bag is SO DEFINITELY worth the money!!

I am giving the Swoop bag a 9/10, minus just the one point because of that hefty price tag! You just will not be disappointed!!

If interested, you can check out the Swoop bags by visiting their shop HERE! and having a scout around for one that would suit your home and your child's personality!

Let me know if you get one!!


***All of the views and opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone, based on my experience first had with the Swoop bag, which I won through a prize drawing with 24/7 moms. My opinions are not meant to sway you to buy or deny any product and I have not been monetarily compensated for my views. I just like to share a good thing when I see one!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Woolite Extra Dark Care Sample and Share!

This week I received a sample pack of Woolite Extra Dark Care packs (from Crowdtap.com) to share among my friends and to try out for myself!

Here are the packs before being dispersed:

I tried one of these for the first time last night on my newest pair of jeans and I have to say they cleaned up very well and Woolite Extra Dark Care left left them smelling clean and fresh and very much "up there" with the quality of other leading brands of wash!

I handed out a few samples to friends and everything I hear coming back to me is positive and I would have to agree! I am definitely going to buy a bigger bottle and try it out some more - I love the idea of a wash specifically designed to give extra care in this area and I am thus far impressed!

10/10! Thank you Woolite & Crowdtap!

**I was not compensated monetarily for my opinion on this product and all views expressed are my own based on samples received from Woolite via Crowdtap.com, thank you!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

What is it?

While out at the store today, I picked up a pre-packed load of fruit and veg that was coming to date and this was in it - I have seen them before but I am not entirely sure what it is! If anyone could shed some light on it for me, that would be fabulous! Thank you!

Thursday, 5 July 2012


HURRY on over to Walmart's website and snag yourself a FREE Schick Hydro Silk razor!! These won't last long so go go go!!

Click HERE!

Let me know if you get one!!

Good luck!!

This offer is now "sold out"