Sunday, 22 July 2012

Enjoy fine wines with

If you are a lover of fine wines and accessories, then this site is for you! is a member only site with access to a select number of fine wines and accessories, which change every so often as new and exciting deals come in!

As a thank you for signing up, you will be credited with $10, which you may use towards whatever you like on their site - and if you hold on to it until a free shipping date comes up, you may even score something for free!!

Last year I picked up a set of 4 wine tasting glasses with a retail value of $58, for FREE after sales, free shipping AND my $10 credit!!

If you are unfortunate enough, like me, to live in one of the states that prohibits you buying wine online, then it is still worth signing up for the accessories and specials - you could even ship a bottle of wine to a friend in a different state as a gift!

Signing up BY CLICKING HERE! is FREE and there is absolutely ZERO obligation to buy!

Let me know if you score anything delicious! Cheers!!

***All views and opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone! I am in no way associated with sales for Lot18 and was not compensated for my post. All Lot18 logos are their own and I have no rights to any of them. Thank you!


BargainHoundDailyDeals said...

I love this site too! YUMMY chocolates!

Stephanie said...

Would love to try this after baby is born! THanks for sharing! YUM!

nicole hendrickson said...

I dont drink that much wine but my sister in law would love this site. i will have to let her know :)