Friday, 20 July 2012

Swoop Bags!!

A month or so ago I won a Swoop bag via a 24/7 Moms' web chat and, I have to say, it has been one of the best accessories to my child's toy collection that has every graced my living room floor!!

"So, what exactly IS a Swoop bag?" I hear you ask! Well! Simply put, it is a bag that lies flat on the floor like a play mat for your child's toys and THEN, when you want to clean up, you swoop up the bag with all of the toys in it, tie it off, and pop it away!! Simple, clean, tidy, effective!!

Seriously, I could NOT love a bag much more than I love the Swoop! Whoever thought of this simple concept has made my life 10 times easier and my daughter's play 10 times more fun!

Instead of letting my daughter have one or two toys out at a time to keep mess to a minimum (or spending hours cleaning up after a hard day of play!), we now just open up the Swoop and all of her toys are RIGHT THERE ready to go!! And, it really doesn't matter if she throws the toys all over the place - most of them stay on the Swoop as a designated play area and then get thrown back in the scoop in under a minute of cleaning up afterwards!!

The Swoop is pretty, durable, fun and easy to transport!! YES! That's right! You can now swoop up all the toys in the world (within reason, of course!!), tie off the bag and place it in your car to take to the in-laws, family picnics or even to a baby sitter who doesn't have quite so many toys for your child to play with at their house!

It really is Ready? Set! Swoop!!

Here we are after sorting through all of my daughters toys and placing all of the smaller ones into the swoop! We reserved her basket, which had previously housed (rather clumsily) all of the bits and bobs toys, for her bigger toys and EVERYTHING ELSE went into the Swoop bag!

And here we are with the Swoop bag lifted, tied and placed away - all within SECONDS!

I can NOT get enough of how easy this has made it for us to pop and play, lift and clean and transform our living room in (and out of) a play room on a daily basis since this Swoop bag arrived on my doorstep!

The ONLY downside I can see with this bag is possibly in the price tag! At a whopping $48.00 per bag, it is quite expensive and not something a lot of us can afford on a whim - BUT - this bag is SO DEFINITELY worth the money!!

I am giving the Swoop bag a 9/10, minus just the one point because of that hefty price tag! You just will not be disappointed!!

If interested, you can check out the Swoop bags by visiting their shop HERE! and having a scout around for one that would suit your home and your child's personality!

Let me know if you get one!!


***All of the views and opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone, based on my experience first had with the Swoop bag, which I won through a prize drawing with 24/7 moms. My opinions are not meant to sway you to buy or deny any product and I have not been monetarily compensated for my views. I just like to share a good thing when I see one!


Brian & Amy said...

Are the strings such that I would have to worry about kids putting it around their necks? My kids try everything. Like the concept but not sure sure about having to tie it...

Alaina Bullock said...

Wow! I so need one of those bags! What a great idea! Thank you for telling me about it!

Melissa said...

That would save me so much time cleaning up toys! I had no idea they made anything like that. Thanks for letting us all know. :)

Go Bronson! said...

Once the bag is lain flat, the ties are inaccessible past a few inches as the bag "swallows them up" as it stretches out to form the play mat.

Once you hold the handles and swoop up the bag, you tie it off and make it safe enough that the children do not have enough spare to do any damage with it.

I hope that helps! :) x

Go Bronson! said...
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marioswifey said...

oh man i need one of those if only i could stuff my whole house in it

Go Bronson! said...

HAH! Yes! Totally! What we gonna do today.....wait!! Let me get the SWOOP!!!

Go Bronson! said...

HAH! Yes! Totally! What we gonna do today.....wait!! Let me get the SWOOP!!!