Friday, 17 August 2012

BUMBO recall over 4 million seats!

If you are a mother of a young child born between 2003 and 2012 then the chances are you have heard of, and possibly have purchased a Bumbo infant seat for your home and many of you will have used it without fault or accident. However, after reports of skull fractures and other injuries suffered by babies falling from the seats on a high surface, the manufacturers are issuing a major recall and ask that you get a "fix" for your seat in the way of a harness so that your child can not possibly wriggle out or cause themselves any damage.

You can read more about this recall and the reasons behind it on the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission page HERE and follow their links to claim your repair kit/harness or call direct for further advice on: 866-898-4999.

My Daughter in her Bumbo seat, 2011.

We had a Bumbo when my daughter was young enough to sit in one and always used it correctly. You should NEVER place your child, in a Bumbo, on a raised surface, they are supposed to sit in them, on the floor and you should NEVER leave your child unattended!! There are clear warnings and instructions for using the seats and I am not entirely sure that fault lies with the company here, but kudos to them for making changes to their product and taking the step to recall.

***Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Bumbo seats or the CPC, I am just passing on some national recall information in order to inform and educate mothers and fathers out there who may have one of the seats and wish to return/fix them. All opinions in this post are my own.

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Gia Hammer said...

Both of my daughters used the Bumbo seat without injury. I understand there is a likelihood of something happening, but only if the Bumbo isn't being used properly (IMHO). I think a flat, stable surface that's ground level, infant's are safe.

When I first heard of this recall, I thought.. well, that's not a product error that's a user error.

It saddens me that any child, let alone multiple were injured in order for this recall to happen.