Monday, 27 August 2012

#HOT Possible $6.71 Money Maker at CVS!!!

O.K folks, this is HUGE!! You could be in for a whopping $6.71 money maker at CVS this week if you have a B1G1 FREE Gillette Disposables coupon!!

Here is how:

Pick up 1 Gillette Simply Venus Disposables 4 pack at $8.29
Pick up 1 Gillette Custom 3 Sensor 4 pack at $7.99
Your total before all coupons will be: $16.28

USE: B1G1 FREE Gillette Disposables coupon from previous inserts, which MIGHT scan for the full $12.99 coupon value as it is being reported by some people!

You will pay $3.29 out of pocket ($8.29 if they mark down your coupon)

You will get $10 back in extrabucks, making this a possible $6.71 money maker!!!! (This will still be a $1.71 money maker either way, if they mark down that pesky coupon!!)

You MAY even get an extra dollar or two in your pocket if your store allows cents off coupons with B1G1 coupons but even though the manager of mine said it should be OK, it didn't scan and so they didn't take it! Always worth asking though!


**Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with CVS, Gillette or related brands/products. All thoughts and opinions are my own and you should use coupons properly and responsibly! Thank you!


Troy and Mel's reviews said...

i need to shop CVS

Danielle Morales said...

Thank you so much! I will have to make a shopping trip today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information! I'll be heading to CVS later today