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Soar Study Skills Giveaway - Ends 9/30!

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SOAR School Success Kit

by SOAR Study Skills

Susan Kruger
Author of SOAR® Study Skills

Soar Student Success Kit

Where do I even begin? There is so much I want to tell you about the Soar School Success Kit. There is a wealth of information available right at your fingertips. Amazingly, this book can be used for Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College students. I personally feel it would be somewhat overwhelming for an elementary school student. However, if you have an advanced student that takes initiative for their schoolwork, then it probably be would be great. As far as for college students? Definitely! I am currently completing an online college degree and I intend to put some of the ideas to use for myself.
Susan Kruger, creator of SOAR® Study Skills, never would have guessed that her struggles in school and the hours of homework fights with her mother would eventually evolve into a successful career. (Her mother never would have imagined it, either!)

Susan has spent the last 13 years teaching hundreds of students how to achieve success in school while also creating time for fun! However, Susan is living proof that it is possible to get better grades in less time! She is a Certified Teacher with a Master’s Degree as a Reading/Learning Specialist.

Susan now has programs and resources for families across the country and around the world. Her books, teacher’s guides, training videos, classes, and audio programs provide easy and realistic solutions to the most common study problems that students and their families face. She helps students discover how to develop confidence and be successful in school, helps families tackle homework together peacefully, and enables teachers to provide tangible and successful strategies for their students. has many resources available for free on their website, including articles you may find helpful. Some of the articles include:
When a Student is Not Working To His Potential (Not words you ever want to hear as a parent)

“He’s just not working to his to potential!” OR “She just needs to try harder.” Sound familiar? You will want to read this article.

The ADHD Circuit (Article 10) When ADHD Children Have ADHD Parents (This is true for my son and grandson)

ADHD is very hereditary; most families with an ADHD child will have an ADHD parent. It is extremely common for parents to discover ADHD in themselves, along with their children. Read this article for more information.

This is just an example of the information available. The Study Skills website has sections for Students, Parents, and Educators. Their products include Success Kits, Audio Programs, Videos, eBooks, Live and Taped Programs, and more. Here's a good one: Homework Help for Parents. Learn how to best help your child.

What is included in the Soar School Success Kit

- Homework Help for Parents Audio Program & eBook ($75 value)

Strategies to help families manage homework. Includes web-based Audio Program and eBook. Digital version for immediate access!

- Simple Organization System (SOS) Binder ($75 value)

Includes all the supplies you need to implement the SOAR® Binder System in one convenient package plus two web-based instructional videos to help eliminate disorganization. Perfectly suited for middle and high school students.

- Simple Organization System (SOS) Folder ($25 value)

Includes a durable plastic folder plus a web-based instructional video to help manage school papers and communication between home and school. Perfectly suited for elementary school students.

- Simple Organization System (SOS) Planner ($40 value)

Includes all the supplies you need to implement the SOAR® Planner System in one convenient package plus a web-based instructional video to help with assignment and time management.

- SOAR® Study Skills Book ($25 value)

Our best-selling book teaches students how to manage time, get organized, and learn efficiently.

- School Success Scorecard ($10 value)

The scorecard will help you evaluate your own situation and identify the best tools included in your School Success Kit to make an immediate impact for your family.

- Special Report: How to Keep Parent Guilt at Bay: Tips on Being Good to Yourself While Navigating Parenthood ($10 value)

- Special Report: How to Make Parenting Decisions: A Process for Matching Information With Intuition ($10 value)

- Special Report: Cue to Reading: The Most Important Aspects of Reading Instruction, Tips for Teaching Them, and How They Can Help Identify Reading Disabilities ($10 value)

Anxious to order your School Success Kit? You can receive 5% off anything from their website: 5%offSOAR has generously agreed to provide one Soar School Success Kit to one of my readers!

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Janette Rupple said...

I'd like to read more than one of the articles. When children struggle, educating boys and preventing summer brain drain are the top ones I'd like to check out.

Stephanie Slater said...

When Children Struggle.

Alaina Bullock said...

Wow! This is an excellent sounding system! I know a lot of parents and students who could benefit from this!

Beth said...

Thanks for hosting! This looks like a wonderful kit :)

Sam Stamp said...

Study skills for adults

Patricia Woolverton said...

This sounds great! What a wonderful idea.

Birbitt Thinks said...

I would like to read study skills and when children struggle. :)