Sunday, 21 October 2012

BOO! - Time to make those ghosts!

This year why not have some fun with the kids and create these really simple little ghosts!

All you need is an empty egg carton, some white cloth or an old T-shirt, some string and perhaps some beads! You could even throw in a pen and a pair of scissors (PLEASE use these with adult supervision only!).

This is SO simple you'll be able to hop off the internet and get started right away and have your little ghosts up and running in no time!

Step 1.
Grab your egg carton and cut each "cup" out of the tray so that you have 6, 12, 24, whichever, individual cups!

Step 2.
Grab an old, white T-shirt, cloth, sheet or whatever you have to hand and cut out pieces long enough to cover your egg cup and have a few inches hanging! You can make them different lengths so cut as many as you can BUT do test the first piece to make sure you have enough! The very first time I did this, I cut it too short and it looked a little less ghostly and more like a marshmallow!

Step 3.
Pierce a small hole in both your egg cup and the point in your cloth where your cloth will sit on top of the cup. Grab your string, which will be cut long enough to hang and sway from wherever you'd like your ghosts to spend their final resting place, and thread it through both holes so that you have your basic ghosts on a string!

Step 4.
For added effect you could draw eyes on your ghost or thread beads or bows or anything you'd like around your string and VOILA! Your great, fun little Halloween decorations have begun! Note: The beads you see in the photo are little glow in the dark stars! You can find them at local craft stores and they'll help your ghosts stand out in the darkest night!

ENJOY - but be warned! These ARE addictive and you'll want to make more!!! :)

Happy Halloween!! It has begun!

*Disclaimer: All ideas and photos are my own, feel free to share as long as you give me credit! Thank you!


CoreSparkle said...

thats really cute!

Ali said...

I love this. Too cute and perfect for children!

Angel said...

aww I love those!! Makes me wanna make some and hang on my christmas tree too, lol just because!!

Go Bronson! said...

heh! You should! I have Bronson on mine! :d

Patricia Woolverton said...

Those are adorable! Thanks for sharing!!