Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Enfagrow's Toddler Milk Review!

As a member of the SheSpeaks community I was sent a free sample of Enfagow's Toddler milk in regular and in vanilla (4 cartons of each) to try out with my daughter!

Now, as a rule, I don't tend to buy these kind of drinks because regular milk is so much cheaper and just as healthy if your children are getting all the right food groups and daily nutrients as they should be with breakfast, lunch and dinner!

At first I wasn't sure if she would even take to the milk as she is so used to the regular milk, but actually she quite enjoyed it! The vanilla milk went down EXTREMELY well and she did ask for more later in the day! I tasted it myself and it really didn't taste bad at all!

The only real gripe I have with the product is that he serving size for my daughter is too much and so half of each drink was wasted - but if I were to buy the powder and make it up myself, then there wouldn't be a problem at all!

The cartons are bright and fun, the milk tastes good and there are a lot of key nutrients, which can help your child to grow!

The price is a little high, but that is to be expected with these kinds of product, but they are ultimately worth it even if you perhaps provide them as a treat once a day or swap one out for a drink with lunch.

I would definitely recommend them if you can afford the expense and if you're in need of a boost as far as those nutrients are concerned - but these are a luxury extra, not a necessity!

Enfagrow's Toddler Milk was a big hit in out house, my daughter would definitely not say no to more!

**Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions are my own! Thank you!


BargainHoundDailyDeals said...

OMG Your baby is so cute!! Great review as well! I will grab some of these for our toddler pack to try out!!

Anonymous said...

she adorable forget the review..lol sweety

Go Bronson! said...

Awe, shucks! :D

Dalynn McCoy said...

Good to know that she did like it; I hesitate to get this sort of thing even as a treat because you just never know with kids. I'm big on the waste factor, too! I agree about it being a luxury most of the time, but I've thought about these more often since my daughter deals some with anemia. Thanks for the review!