Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Peace is NOT dead! It just needs to come out of hiding!

Whenever I switch on the T.V lately I am bombarded with terrible news of murder, abuse, animal cruelty and anything else of a sad and sorrowful nature! I would like to think that people aren't all that bad underneath a rough exterior in a few cases but I do wonder sometimes in what kind of a world our next generation are being brought up!

As the mother of 3 kids of all different ages I worry just as much about the oldest as I do the youngest and all for completely different reasons and situations BUT I would like to think that each one of them has the capacity to grow into a good, nurturing, loving person and do no harm to others!

It really boggles my mind when I see young boys murdering a girl for her bike, or "kids" butchering animals for sport or seriously harming others over a pair of sneakers or shoes! I can't imagine what it takes to think that something so vicious is O.K. in any way, shape or form!

Is it the parents, the parenting, the living situation, the dilapidation, social circumstance or just a downright ignorance and disrespect? Perhaps all of the above in a "funny kind of way" - it would certainly seem so in some areas.

We live in a community where the schools aren't up to standard and where by the children run free creating havoc like something out of a 1980s underground movie! We are just one song and dance away from our own musical, in fact - just break out the MP3 instead of the boom box and we've got ourselves a show!

Some might suggest that children are being parented by a generation who had children too early and who are now trying to live their own lives to make up for their miss-spent youth, which then leads the child or children to effectively raise themselves! I don't know if I agree as I was 16 when I had my son, who is 16 now and has never been arrested, taken to jail, injured another on purpose or not stepped up when someone needed a little help! If I can raise a child so young then I think it is only fair to suggest that others can too, so perhaps that isn't it?

So how about discipline? I know I certainly received a few slaps around the legs for talking back or acting out as a child and they didn't do anything but help me become less of a pain in the butt to my parents or the people around me! Act out, get a slap, don't act out anymore - it worked for us! I never did slap any of my children and I certainly wouldn't take out a belt or ruler but sometimes I wonder if some children respond better to a slapped leg over a kindly speech and a good grounding for their troubles. We're so caught up in a world where we're not allowed to even breath wrong that a slap these days is almost as crazy a thought as breaking a few arms and legs - we're too scared to parent our kids any other way than with kindness or nothing at all!

What about money, circumstance, life? Certainly no one can argue that globally we're reaching a point of sheer crisis and it might be the deciding factor in it all! Parents can't make ends meet and are out in droves working their backsides off to feed their children, which may or may not leave them to their own devices for hours a day, which might then bring us back to the children parenting themselves debate - but I am fairly sure back when I was younger most parents still managed to leave their children after school for an hour AND parent them at the same time, installing manners, respect and the ability to not have a breakdown or a crime spree if they had to spend an hour on their own!

Life certainly is tight right now though for a LOT of people and the more people I speak to, the more I see it! Some people you wouldn't even know if you looked at them that they were off to sleep in their car, on the floor or in a house with no electric tonight, tomorrow or for the rest of the week! You wouldn't think that so many people can't guarantee a meal on the table or shoes on their feet just by looking at them! Times are hard, they're really tough, and no one seems to either admit to it or realize it, but we really are all struggling.

I heard an expression on T.V last night that we're living in an hourglass economy where by the people in the middle are being squeezed and either rising to the top or plummeting to the bottom, but there is no middle ground anymore! The poor stay poor and the rich keep on getting richer! I mean, how hard is it to see that when you have NOTHING you can save NOTHING and you can make NOTHING to climb out of that hole unless you have a very lucky break or work so darn hard that you're in a work coma by the end of the day just to keep that roof over your head?

I don't have a solution to any of the questions and I certainly have no way of knowing if any of this is ever going to change (or whether this was always here) but I do see it very clearly now!

I would LOVE for a world where money wasn't the be all and end all of everything and where by we all had the opportunity to prosper and develop or to at least live without fear of hunger or homelessness, which we have to face as a real possibility for MANY families with the state of things as they stand!

Money is slowly losing its worth and these crazy millions and billions being shifted from here to there or borrowed from overseas or whichever way it runs just dumbfounds me and pushes my tiny little brain to the brink of crazy trying to piece it all together!

We're missing the big picture! We're not immortal and life is so short. We don't NEED to spend it worrying about how much money is here or how much food is on the table - people have a right to eat and have a roof over their children's head and shoes on their feet BUT it just isn't a truth that exists right now!

I attended a Peace and Love March/Gathering over the weekend just passed and over 600 people attended, which has to say something for humanity - something for a WANT and NEED To spread a little good will, love and hope among people who might otherwise really not realize that it can exist if enough people go out of their way to find it!

I know that a LOT of people at the event are on their last dime and yet the positivity and hope that surrounded each and every one of them was remarkable and almost [dare i say it] tangible!

For one perfect day people came and talked and ate and danced to music provided by bands who happily donated their time. Not a single soul brought their worries with them nor left with an empty belly or heart.

There is a real growing need for change right now and we're all stuck waiting for someone else to tell us where to go and what to do and why, but the truth is, we're our own future and only we can change our path on purpose. Sure, it takes a little luck but we have to chase it and stay strong and work towards the things that keep us happy and sane and grounded!

Helping others to realize when they're in crisis doesn't come with a price tag either! Believe me when I say that a loaf of bread of a box of tea or a packet of cookies to some people is like Christmas in their hands any day of the week - it is just that simple.

People generally think of peace as John Lennon singing Kum bay ya around a camp fire, but it really is more than that! It is being kind to your neighbours and noticing when someone else is in distress or turmoil and doing whatever you can to make life just that tiny bit easier for them, as they may do for you in return some day.

We're all in this [life] together and the only way we're all going to experience it in a positive light is by educating our children, teaching them to respect others and themselves, to know when wrong is done to others and how to make it right. Peace is a full stomach and little stress, it doesn't have to be houses, jobs, taxes and gas prices! There really is a bigger issue going on here, and it is almost a travesty that it goes un-noticed.

Every generation has the chance to change the next and I do hope that perhaps this one is the one lucky enough to realize it!

Stay kind to one another and we'll all get through!

You're not alone.

**All thoughts and opinions and photos are my own and not meant to refer to anyone in particular or to cause any distress or influence your opinions in any way.


Ali said...

I think there are so many factors that go into why a person turns out this way. On the other spectrum, sometimes they are not born with an ability to feel remorse. When they get angry or want something, they'll do anything to get it and though they may know it was wrong, they can't learn how to feel bad.

It's very disturbing and the kids that do this usually end up to be the sociopath murderers, yet they learn how to fit in to every day society perfectly. It's all an act, and in light of Halloween, this is the most frightening horror of all.

That was a really good post!

Angel said...

It is a sad world, and I agree I wish more people believed in Peace. I think those type of people kids, and adults that have that mentality they are just so used to being handed everything for free that they think they can get away with everything as well. I keep to myself, and honestly that is the way I like it. I'm in the city too, and I see so many people that have lost empathy for others, that I'd rather just not be around it either. Am I somewhat of a social outcast? Maybe, but I'd rather not be like them.

Go Bronson! said...

I think I would have to agree with all of the above - I don't think you're a social outcast, but you know what you like and that makes sense. My husband is very much the same and would prefer not to get involved with people too much and it never does him any harm. If anything, he never gets into any trouble, drama or anything really that people seem to stress about so darn much! We both like to hide when people come over that we're not expecting and things like that - it makes for comic moments in our crazy household :D