Sunday, 7 October 2012

Smart Food Selects Taste Test/Review with a Capital YUM!

Imagine my joy when I opened up a box shipped to me from Smart Selects as part of a Bzz Campaign over at, which allowed several of its participants to try out several different flavors of product for free!

We received the Brown 'Sugar Cinnamon Popcorn', 'Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips' and 'Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chips' for the taste test and the entire family took to them right away!

We immediately opened up the huge bag of popcorn and had a little taste - these were the sweet treat and so of course the most asked for, but even as a sweet treat they were a smarter option compared to some of the other option available and actually tasted extremely moorish!

The children especially loved the popcorn and were disappointed when I only gave them a small portion - they would easily have eaten the entire bag if I had left them to their own devices, but of course, moderation is a must and, with the bag being resealable, there was plenty more FRESH and tasty popcorn to go around for the duration of the weekend!

We didn't try out the popped chips until later on, but we finally indulged in those while at one of our son's soccer matches that same weekend - we went with the 'Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips'.

In the photo you can see we have the 'Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips' open and each of the children had a few. They are light hummus based popped chips that look and taste great and were enjoyed by even the most skeptical picky eaters of our lot, who is our 16 year old! He is very fussy over the food he puts in his mouth but after trying just one he was happy to snack on a couple more!

The 'Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips' were a very nice blend of flavors and not one overpowered the other at all! They tasted like a pizza in a popped chip, without the cheese or guilt! Very well received all around and with no complaints or screwed up faced! They were a hit!

Lastly, we tried the 'Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chips' and I have to admit, I did eat most of these myself! They were extremely tasty and the soft crunch and crumble seduces you into wanting more! The flavor was well dispersed and, like before with the other flavors, didn't have one element overpowering the other, but gave a real blended even taste in the mouth and left me wanting more!

With 0g trans fat, no msg and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added I am overall very impressed with the popped chips and popcorn! They have really delivered on their claims and I personally adore the taste! I am also satisfied that these may provide a snack option for my children on occasions when I may have thought about chips or other snacks, which I have to admit I do not buy on a very regular basis and so these would be a treat rather than a staple in our home - which is never a bad thing!

You can find out more about the company and the full line of products by visiting their website at and see which ones you'd like to try!!


**Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this review, but I was provided with samples of each product mentioned within this review. The free products did not, in any way, impact my view at all and these are my honest opinions. Thank you!


Jennifer Clay said...

I have actually heard of these before but have not tried them yet! They look like they are good! Thanks for sharing!

Alaina Bullock said...

I just got some and cannot wait to try them! I love yummy tasting treats that are actually on the healthy side!! Cute baby and great post!

Angel said...

I love snacks like this. I have to try the pop chips!

Bridget Williams said...

Yummy, awesome review, will have to try this!

Birbitt Thinks said...

We got these too, Ours were the buffalo cheddar popcorn which are very much spicy and I love them! :) I think the kids would love the cinnamon one!

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Andrea said...

Those look really good. I need to try them. Great review.

BargainHoundDailyDeals said...

yumm!! Now I want some smartfood!