Monday, 12 November 2012

Campus Book Rentals - Saving You Money, While You Learn!

As any of you who you have ever taken a college course will know, one of the most expensive necessities that you will ever need, and can simply not do without, is the humble textbook! But never fear! A service, which I could surely have used [had I not purchased all of my text books for a small fortune already] is here - and they go by the name: Campus Book Rentals!

Designed to make the acquisition of text books affordable, with anything from a 40-90% savings on the average cost of any text, Campus Book Rentals offers you one of the largest selections of books in the nation AND Shipping is FREE, BOTH WAYS!

What's more, each book you rent can be held for a different period of [set] time and you are given a generous 15 day grace period in which to return the book if something comes up that delays the return of the text on time! Just hold on to the book for the duration of your semester (or however long you need - prices vary) then pack it up and ship it right back! No hassle, no mess and no books gathering dust on your mantle!

And the perks do NOT stop there! You can ALSO:
* Gain access to live customer support
* Have the ability to highlight within each text book
* Purchase your books, should you want to keep them!

By clicking on the following book, you can hop on over to Campus Book Rental's website and compare prices of rentals compared to purchased books! The differences can be phenomenal and really save that costly dent in your wallet every semester!

Lastly, but not at all least, it should be known that Campus Book Rentals makes donations to Operation Smile with each textbook you rent! So by renting with them, you are also passing it on! What could be better than that!

For a light-hearted look at Campus Book Rentals, and to learn more, take a look at this hillarious video! It is sure to have you smiling all the way to your next text! Enjoy! FAQ's:

**Disclaimer: I was compensated for the contents of this review. However, all opinions are my own and are unaffected by any such compensation. Thank you!


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Love CampusBookRentals!

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great review