Tuesday, 13 November 2012

These Thrifty Shoes Were Made for Walking!

So! I have the biggest feet on the planet - O.K. I don't, but it must be close at an 11.5/12 U.S shoe, which isn't really all that much of a surprise when you learn that I am a giraffe at an amazing 6 feet tall!

Now, being tall, wide and with large feet, it isn't my looks that bother me but the fact that buying clothes can be really stressful and tiring considering many companies seem to think that people who are 6 foot tall must be slim and people who are a size 18-20 must be fat. Well, truth is, a lot of tall people are a size 18 and SURPRISE! Size 0 is NOT the "norm" - I know, shocker, eh!?

Anyhow, most of the time it can be a chore at the least to shop for clothes that don't give me a floral, pregnant or manly look and I am less likely to find ANYTHING pre-owned for a bargain price when it comes to clothes, BUT! This week, while I shopped the thrift stores for a pair of Mary-Janes for my daughter, I came across a pair of AMAZING shoes in MY SIZE!

After recovering from shock and disbelief, I slipped off my manly sneakers and slipped on one of the shoes! Like Cinderella and her glass slipper, it fit! For a mere $5 I hobbled in my dainty womanly shoes to the check out and paid for those suckers quicker than you can say "we Bronson'd this deal!" and they were MINE!

To top of the deal, they still had their price tags on and have never bean worn!


Get out, get into the thrift stores and SAVE MONEY! You never do know what you might find!!



CoreSparkle said...

SUCH a good deal! I'm glad you found them... NOW FIND ME SOME!!! HEHE

Kelsey House said...

Haha great deal! I need to start shopping at thrift stores... I loveeee TJMAXX and Marshalls! hahaha

Mrs.Sasser said...

Rock On!! I love thrift stores!!

Anonymous said...

kool i wear 11's too now gimme ...lol

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

WOW, Awesome. I just scored 2 awesome pairs of heels(which I will probably fall down in) last night on Totsy.com for $5 each in this sale http://www.totsy.com/sales/shoes-under-6-for-mom-blowout.html

I got these http://www.totsy.com/sales/shoes-under-6-for-mom-blowout/cassidy-heel.html

and these http://www.totsy.com/sales/shoes-under-6-for-mom-blowout/chance-heel-1.html

Those pairs are sold out now, but there are some other cute ones for really cheap and free shipping on your first order.(this is not a referral link or a spam just a great deal I had to share. :)