Monday, 26 November 2012

*wink* *wink* Kiss® Ever PRO Lashes!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a set of Kiss® Ever PRO Lashes for FREE courtesy of Influensters VoxBox 2012!

Having never worn false lashes before, and having quite long ones of my own already, it was a little tricky to apply them at first, but I gave it a go and the result wasn't too bad! The second attempt was a LOT better and they looked pretty good - full, very full, and just what you would want and need in a false lash!

These lashes are great on a night out or special occasion and are reusable, which makes them worth the money you pay!

You can pick up a pack of these lashes in almost any drug store or superstore such as Walmart and they will last you a good run when used properly and well cared for!

I am giving these 8/10 because they were great but not really meant for me with my long, thick crazy lashes, but WONDERFUL none the less!



Jane Ritz said...

Iliked the fake lash article.It was kinda funny,. I would feel like Daisy Duck wearing them.

Go Bronson! said...

Thanks! I agree! I think that some people pull them off very well but they're not entirely me! I saw a lady with the longest lashes i've ever seen on the Spanish version of Idol tonight and she couldn't stop blinking! I think they're fun though!