Friday, 7 December 2012

My new cardigan from Old Navy, via Crowdtap! - Can't beat FREE!

As a member of Crowdtap, I recently received a coupon good for a FREE sweater from Old Navy!!

I always adore these campaigns and tries as I rarely get the time or money to go and shop for myself with 3 kids in tow and their needs so a little treat for me is ALWAYS very welcome!! To make it even better, I also got the chance to bestow a sweater on a friend too as Crowdtap also sent a spare for a friend! FABULOUS!

Before setting off for the Old Navy store, I had a look around online to see if any of their sweaters caught my eye - the coupon allows ANY 1 free sweater (excluding clearance) and so the choice was HUGE! I did, however, manage to find one that I LOVED and set off to the store in the hopes that they would carry it!

On arrival at the store, my friend and I looked around at all of the sweaters and I found some cute ones that I didn't recall seeing online, including one with an owl on it, which was adorable! I put that aside as my back up sweater just in case and carried on looking until, eventually, I found the sweater I wanted and with a stroke of luck managed to get the last one in my size! WONDERFUL!

My friend and I actually ended up buying the SAME cardigan but in different colors! I opted for the charcoal grey, while she opted for the caramel cream! We were both delighted with our purchases and were certainly left smiling!

It doesn't happen very often where I walk into a store and out within 10 minutes with the item I wanted and as a perfect fit first time, but this was one of those occasions and I can't be happier!

I adore Old Navy's clothes and jump at every chance I have to get in store and have a look around and I have never been disappointed!

Thank you Crowdtap AND Old Navy!! I salute you!

Disclaimer: The provision of the coupon for the free item did not in any way influence my opinion of the product itself. All opinions are honest and my own, thank you!

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Ronalee said...

I love this sweater!