Monday, 24 December 2012

Get the look with Kiss Nail Dresses!

I received a set of Kiss Nail Dress art in the mail [FREE via Influenster's Holiday Vox Box 2012] and thought that yesterday's trip to my mother-in-law's Christmas get together would be the perfect time to try them out!

Having never used them before, I was curious to see how well they worked and how hard they were to apply! I have to say that I was pleasantly shocked at just how EASY they were to peel off and apply to the nail once the right size was figured out, smoothed down and filed!

The finished look was nice and consistent and I didn't have to peel off/start again on any of the nails!! It might even have been easier than using polish! They did start to peel a little towards the end of the day but I was told if you just put a top coat over them before you leave the house, they will last a little longer - I haven't tried this yet though, so I don't know for sure if it works! If you have tried it, let me know!!

When the day was over and it was time to remove the dresses, I simply peeled them off slowly without any added extras and placed them aside. My nails felt a little sticky but nothing a little soap and water couldn't clear in a second and BAM! Done!

I have definitely been converted to Nail Dresses and will definitely seek out some other patterns in the future, so thank you to Kiss, and to Influenster for constantly surprising me and showing me the things I've been missing without even realizing it! Job well done!!

Disclaimer: I was given a box of Nail Dresses from Kiss as a gift from Influenster.  I did not HAVE to write a review and I was not compensated for my views. All views are honest and my own and were not influenced by the provision of the item. Thank you! 


Brie said...

Nice! I'm glad they were easy to apply. I actually have some from Sally Hansen, but it looks too tedious so I keep putting it off lol

Go Bronson! said...

That is what I thought! It looks so hard but they are surprisingly quick and easy once you get them going!! :)