Monday, 17 December 2012

Make Christmas Dinner Preparation Easy With These Knives from 'Edge of Belgravia' - Review!

It has to be said that I adore being in the kitchen, cooking and I regularly bake, roast, boil (and occasionally burn!) anything the heart might desire! BUT! I wouldn't be able to get there without a decent set of utensils to complete the task at hand!

Most people remember to buy their mixers and crock pots and grills and pans, but regularly a decent set of knives is overlooked - and yes, I am guilty, I admit! I have had the same set of knives for years! It is, however, time to put the old aside and welcome in a new, fresh selection of knives - and what better place to start than with knives from 'Edge of Belgravia'.

Upon inquiry I was sent over a selection (3) of their wonderful knives to explore for myself and to get a feel of them! I received:
  • 1 Ceramics Series Lime Pairing Knife
  • 1 Ceramics Series Onyx Utility Knife
  • 1 Ceramics Series Onyx Santoku Knife

Ceramic Series Lime Pairing Knife 

Pictured on the left, this knife boasts a lot of strength and versatility in its small 4 inch blade! It is easy to handle and looks fabulous in Lime! It slices, cores and more without fuss and makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen! Perfect for lemons and limes, apples and potatoes - I love its agility and the fact that I don't have to pick up 2 or 3 different knives for the job!

Ceramic Series Onyx Utility Knife

To the right of the photo, this lightweight, versatile knife sits a little bigger than the pairing knife but works just as well as you use it to slice and dice anything from herbs to fruits to smaller meat pieces making this a go-to knife for all of the "everyday" tasks that aren't too big, chunky or hard on your knife! I used this yesterday and I have to say it is well balanced and feels like a great tool in the kitchen and made to last!

Ceramic Series Onyx Santoku Knife

Centered in the photo, the Santoku knife is designed especially to improve separation and to reduce the friction while cutting, with its lightweight blade that will stay razor sharp for years - without the need of sharpening! Perfect for chopping up those crispier veggies, or fish and with much more application in the kitchen, this knife is going to be a joy you'll want to reach for again and again for all of your culinary ventures!

What do I think?

I am impressed with the versatility and ease of use in all 3 of these knives and I have to say that I do adore them all! My old knives were dull and lifeless and had run their course, but I had't noticed until I had these knives to compare the difference! For the same group of knives I had struggled with before, I can now use just one across the board and food preparation runs a lot smoother with a lot less waste and with prettier presentation due to smooth, easy slicing and dicing! 

The handles on these knives are soft and rubbery to the touch and easy to grip with their angled lines and striking design. The Santoku looks very stylish left out on a chopping board and would make a wonderful Christmas gift to the cook in your life or to keep at home! 

When following the care instructions as stated, these knives will last for years and provide many hours of fun in the kitchen - no more hacking or stabbing at food, just  slice and away! 

Other knives available in the series include chefs knives and slicers and you can buy all of them HERE at prices starting from 34.90 in GBP, which is approximately $52! Sets are a great way to buy for value and I would expect anyone to feel great giving or receiving these this holiday and they are certainly making an appearance on our 2012 gift list! - Remember to click the tab above to get the full gift list, right up until the big day! 

For more information on 'Edge of Belgravia' products, please visit their website at: today!

NOTE: Please buy and use these knives responsibly. They are NOT toys and are not to be used by children or as anything other than with cooking. I do not encourage misuse of knives in any way, shape or form and would hope you do the same. Happy Cooking! 

Disclaimer: I was given each knife in order to perform this review, but I was in no other way monetarily compensated for my opinion, which is always honest and my own! Thank you!


Nicole said...

I am in dire need of new knives. I am like you- I love to cook but it's a drag without the proper utensils and tools! Thanks!

Bridget Williams said...

I really need new knives. I like the sound and look of these much better than the ones I have been considering, thanks for the review.