Saturday, 1 December 2012

Recycling With Imagination! 'My Pretty Playhouse' & 'Classico Christmas Tree' From Cascades Boutique - Review AND Giveaway!

One of the cutest little items featured in Mom's Gone Bronson's Christmas Gift Guide for 2012 is this adoreable little playhouse, which arrived on my doorstep from Cascades Boutique; a company who "produces, markets and converts packaging products and tissue paper, composed mainly of recycled fibers" -

The playhouse, aptly named "Ma Jolie Maisonnette" or "My Pretty Playhouse" measures approximately 37" x 39" x 54" and is made entirely from recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable when your child has outgrown it!

The playhouse sets up in under 10 minutes and looks fabulous with its 2 entrances, 2 side windows and loft window! There are pretty little awnings and flower pots that are also made from cardboard and attached to the house to give it a pretty little cottage look - complete with a little duck printed on the chimney stack!

So simple in its idea, but perfect in its execution, the house is designed to stimulate creativity and imagination, while providing hours of fun without adding any further waste to the environment!

Children can play IN the house and draw ON the house with ease and will help your child learn to get creative with their hands as well as their minds. They do not HAVE to draw on, or color in, the house if you would prefer them not to! The house makes a wonderful addition to any room as it is, right out of the box!

Children have the most wonderful imaginations and watching my daughter play in her new house has been something I will teasure as she runs in and out of the doors, closing me out, poking her head out of the little window and waving! It is her house, her space and she is happy to have everyone in for tea - if only we were all pint sized again and could all squeeze in with her, we would oblige! For now though, it is strictly one adult at a time, and that works just fine! I can assure you there isn't a person in our house who hasn't tried to get in there with her!! We're all big kids at heart and the house is just so much fun!!

Along with the house, Cascades were also generous enough to send us a pretty little recycled Christmas tree in "Classico", which is a pretty white tree which is small enough to fit in my fireplace but big enough to make a statement! The tree can be put together in minutes and has several stars and discs, which can be colored in and decorated to make the tree look like your very own Christmas art project, which again stimulates the creativity within the children!

I am very impressed with the durability of both the house and the tree and I absolutely adore the idea that these are made from recycled materials and easy to recycle again when they are no longer of any use, which I have to add, will probebly not be for a VERY long time as these are built to be durable and lasting additions to the home - I am certain my daughter and her friends will gain hours of fun in her playhouse and the tree will see more than one Christmas in our house!

Right now, our tree is plain white with decorated additions, but as the weeks go by leading up to Christmas, I will have the children add more art and decoration of their own to the tree itself! I am sure it is going to look SPLENDID and it is going to open up a dialogue between my children and I about the responsibility of recycling materials and using our imagination! Such a wonderful, fresh, fun-filled idea all around AND with the playhouse at a mere $38 and the Classico tree $16.50, they are more than affordable too!!


The kind folk over at Cascades Boutique are very generously offering one of my readers the chance to win their very own playhouse AND Christmas tree just in time for the holidays and it couldn't be easier to enter!!

All you have to do to enter for your chance to win is to scroll down to the rafflecopter on the bottom of this page and log in, enter the FEW entries available AND leave a blog comment! You can also tweet for more entries, which you are allowed to do once a day!

NITTY GRITTY: Entrants must be 18 or over to be eligable to win and must reside in the U.S.A. The giveaway will run until December 10th and winners will be notified by December 11th at the latest. The winner will then have 48 hours to respond to their notification and to accept their prize, at which point, their information will be passed on to the company for fulfilment! Mom's Gone Bronson is NOT responsible for the fulfillment of this prize. Any questions or comments should be sent to Mom's Gone Bronson via the contact tab at the top of the page, and all entrants shouls play fair - all entries will be varified!

As ever! Thank you SO MUCH for your participation AND....GOOD LUCK!!

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Mrs.Sasser said...

I wanted to review the playhouse. I hope I win. I want it BAD!!!

Rebecca Sessa said... I wanna win this for my son!

Kelsey House said...

The playhouses are awesome! We dont have any pretend play houses or kitchens or anything so to win this would be so cool! Thanks!

Janell wagner said...

I like their christmas wrap!

Troy and Mel's Reviews and More said...

a cardboard table

Angel said...

The playhouses and wrapping paper are super cute.

Cyndie Norell said...

The playhouses are too cute!!

Dalynn McCoy said...

I'd love the wrapping paper!

Bridget Williams said...

I love the Outdoor garden Bench!

Janette Rupple said...

I really like the trees but the furniture is pretty neat too :)

lanie craig said...

my grandkids would love this playhouse

liberty boblett said...

I would like to have the Wrapping Paper (4 rolls)! What a great company!

Ruth Reynolds said...

Children’s Cardboard Playhouse