Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tequila Partida Gets The Thumbs Up!

I recently had the chance to try a little sample of Partida 'Blanco' Tequilla, which is described as: "Brilliant as the Mexican sunshine" by and it has to be said that this tequila certainly has a little edge!

With a soft aroma and a smooth taste, this tequila can easily be sipped into the night or enjoyed slowly with a mixer - shots would work too for a quick taste, but I do like to enjoy a drink rather than rush it if I were to have one at all.

As a little treat, this little sample size bottle of Partida 'Blanco' Tequila really did not leave a bitter aftertaste nor even a speck of doubt that I could certainly feel good about a purchase in the future!

In fact, I think that Partida 'Blanco' Tequila would make a wonderful gift for anyone you may be struggling to buy for and who likes a little tipple and therefore makes it on to our Christmas list for 2012! The drink is soft, the bottle is well crafted and this certainly does attest to some quality tequila, in my own personal opinion!

If you're a fan of a little tequila and lime, mixer or straight, certainly give this one a little try! - Just remember to drink responsibly and always at (or over the legal age for your state/country - please do not drink and drive!

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Disclaimer: I was in no way monetarily compensated for this review but I was provided with a sample size bottle of the product to taste. All opinions are honest and my own and I do not encourage you to drink irresponsibly. Thank you!

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