Monday, 17 December 2012

Why Splash When You Can Pour!? - 'Pourty' Review!

As a family with 2 boys who are past the potty training stage by a number of years at 16 and 9 years old respectively, we are entering new found territory with our little girl who is turning 2 in February and well on her way to kicking those diapers in the butt already!

We certainly do not want to rush her to train but she has been showing signs of readiness since earlier on in the year and so we had given her a potty but stopped short of forcing her to use it too often, unless she actually showed that she wanted to - there doesn't have to be a rush to train, it will happen in her own time!

The potty that she had was a larger, generic, white and inexpensive potty and the one or two times she did actually use it would be a pain to empty without getting a drop here or there, or it would feel a little awkward having to use two hands to maneuver it to empty it, or to get a firm grip! It was also a little high and so she had a time getting comfortable with it and she has a little ways to grow in order for that particular pot to be the one to work for her! 

Before I could decide to switch to a new one, and a little while into the potty phase with the generic pot, my clumsy gene kicked in and I tripped, fell over and landed on it! I wasn't trying to use it, I promise! I am well past that stage, but none the less, I did crack it down the side and thus rendered it pretty useless! Either we now had to let our daughter pee on her feet OR we had to find another potty - sanity won over and our search for a new potty took us online and eventually to an innovative little potty appropriately called the 'Pourty' - and here is why:

The 'Pourty' is uniquely designed with a handle at the front and a duct at the back, which enables you to lift and empty the potty with ease! The handle takes away any   loose grips or awkwardness and draining it from the back allows the urine to stay mostly away from the area where the child will sit. We liked the idea of this potty and decided that we would like to try one out with our girl - and the good people over at 'Pourty' were happy to oblige! 

Our daughter's new purple potty turned up swiftly and as I took it out of the package I noticed a quality far higher than the generic potty she had been using right away. The potty is wide, sturdy and low enough to be comfortable for a child and the pour feature was certainly a talking point as we looked at it and noted the difference! The picture of a cat on the front of the potty was enough to spark interest in my daughter and right off the bat, we were up and away! 

After removing all of the stickers I handed the potty to my daughter to examine and to try out without actually using it at first, and just to get a feel for it! She loves the color and that cat keeps her entertained for sure! She is an animal lover and she certainly goes crazy over kittens and the like and so this is THE puuuurrrfect choice, without a doubt!

The first thing we noticed other than its sleek design was that my daughter had no troubles sitting on this potty at all! It is not at all too high and it is wide enough to be comfortable! She used it at first as a chair in the front room in order to get used to it and it didn't take very long at all for her to be accepting of it in place of her old one! She has since used it a few times and she isn't in any distress doing so and  still loves to point out that cat! 

The few times this week that the potty has been used, I have found it so much easier to swoop in, lift it up and empty! The liquid pours right out of the back and the chance of losing your aim in the process is low.  There is just no more need to pour over the side and cleaning is easy! Such a simple idea but SO effective!

Great for boys or girls, the 'Pourty' comes in various different colors from white, to pink, blue and purple and can be found on Amazon HERE! and various other places where you might expect to buy for babies and toddlers!

I am giving the 'Pourty' 5/5 as it covers everything we could possibly ask for in a functional potty, free of hassle or complications and right for the job!

At $14.95 on Amazon, why not try one out today!

Remember: All children potty train in their own time and while some may be ready early, others can take a few years to really come to grips with it - whatever their course, be patient and have some fun with it! They all get there in the end! I assure you!! Good luck!!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a 'Pourty' in order to review it. My thoughts and comments on it are good and honest opinions of my own and were not altered by such a provision. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for this review. Thank you! 


Alison said...

We LOVE Pourty! If you had a boy, you'd know that the high panel in the front is SERIOUSLY useful ;)

Nicole said...

I want one!! mY youngest now tells me when he's going. Not before but during. At 17 months I know it's early but I'm like you; I let them do it on their own time and encourage when they show interest.

lanie craig said...

What a great idea!

lanie craig said...

What a great idea!

Bridget Williams said...

These are too cute....and I never thought I would call a potty cute! Awesome Idea

Andrea said...

How cool. My daughter is 15 months, so we will need a potty for her soon. I love the unique design, and the affordable price. Thanks for the review.

Caitlin Carmody said...

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Charlotte Irvine said...

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