Thursday, 10 January 2013

Get A Little 'Ooh La La' With Votre Vu!

Until this past month I had never heard of Votre Vu, which is a direct sales company with a wonderful range of high end products mostly associated with skin care and cosmetics. 

I didn't know quite what to expect from their products and so came to them with an open mind when a little package turned up on my doorstep containing 2 Bébé Duette Moisturizing Lip Balm and Luxe Hand Cream combinations AND a Le Joli Crayon smudge & set soft eyeliner and sharpener!

Retailing at $39.50, The Bébé Duette Moisturizing Lip Balm and Luxe Hand Cream combinations presented me with something very unique that I have never encountered before! The hand cream looks like your average on-the-go hand cream until you realize that the lip balm is actually cleverly attached to the hand cream AND a little mirror! 

These absolutely delightful tubes come as a set of 2 and, while one houses a clear lip balm, the other plays host to raspberry! Both are absolutely wonderful and the cream itself has a delicious aroma of 'Tarte D'Amande' - Almond Pie!, which is so sweet and joyful that it is hard  to resist the urge to keep reaching for it! The mirror is a little small for me but it is a very nice touch and the lip balm is best applied with a little brush! You can pop these in your bag and your hands and lips are ready for anything! 

Retailing at $23, Le Joli Crayon hosts a soft gel pencil eyeliner one end and a soft sponge at the other! The gel pencil gives you a little working room with your look and takes a little time to dry, allowing you to smudge, feather, bend, flick and blend however you please with this smart duo! To make it even better these pencils are available in both Aubergine and [the color I received] Carbon. It even comes boxed with its own sharpener, which I think is a wonderful addition as you really can never have too many! You may be a little more organized than I am but I do tend to misplace mine quite frequently and so this really finished the package off well for me. 

The eyeliner, for me personally, was very smooth and easy to apply and allowed me to get a very close-to-the-lashes look and blended out very well to give it a slight smokey look leaving it very subtle and clean! This is only one of the ways this liner works wonders but it is also very good for dramatic looks and makes Egyptian style eyes with all the flicks and flares very manageable! I personally tried a little tail or two and had no problems at all - and it did not run or bleed out, even on my 30 minute walk in the cold with my eyes watering from the wind! It really did do me proud! 

If you would like to know more about either of the mentioned products you will easily locate them at Votre Vu's website, where you will also find a plethora of other enticing products that you might also like to try! I know that I am certainly hooked on these few items and I can't wait to explore some more! 


Disclaimer: I was provided with the mentioned products in order to do this review. I was not otherwise compensated and my opinions were not influenced in any way. All opinions are my own, honest and complete opinions, which may very well differ from your own! Thank you! 


Birbitt Thinks said...

Lip balm and hand creme in one, that's genius! Then I only need to throw one product in my purse, and we all know lip balm gets lost in a purse! :)

Go Bronson! said...

I think lip balm usually gets lost ANYWHERE - for me anyway! I don't think I have ever finished a traditional lip salve in the history of ever as it has always vanished before I had the chance! Those and socks - they all must be off in another dimension somewhere on accessible by washing machines and deep pockets! :D

Ashley Boyd said...

Ive never heard of them either, might be something worth checking out! Plus, they are basically the same price as other cosmetic direct sales groups.

Melissa said...

I must have the lip balm & hand cream combo! I always carry both with me everywhere I go (& have them placed randomly throughout the house). With just 1 product, that would just be awesome! Thanks for letting me know about these.

Kelsey House said...

Love the lip balm and hand creme combo! I have never seen anything like it! That is like a staple must have in the winter! :) I have never heard of this company but thank you for letting us know about them! I am off to go look at their neat products!

Bridget Williams said...

This looks awesome, I really need to try it! Thanks for bringing this product to my attention