Friday, 4 January 2013

Onion Crunch! Adds Bite to Your Burger!

I have to confess that I just ADORE onions! I can eat them raw almost like chomping on an apple - but I don't because that would be crazy and my breath would scare people away! SO! When I heard about Loeb's All Natural Onion Crunch I had to give it a try!!

Made from 100% real onions, Onion Crunch is delicious on just about everything from hamburgers to hot dogs, soups, chicken and mac'n'cheese! They're perfect on just about anything and even as a snack! - My children oddly like them on their own, on the side and so they must take after their mother! 

I used some this week on top of my cheesy macaroni and in a crunchy salad! They were also very tasty on my tomato soup, which is one of my daily staples through the winter! 

I would happily give these to the children as a topping for anything - they like to shake them out themselves and it makes it fun! 

I received 2 big shakers as part of this review and am about 1/2 way through one of them a week later, so they're going to last a little while and jazz up many a meal! I think I may have to try them on top of a green bean casserole  I am getting hungry just thinking about it! 

I do not see any down side with Onion Crunch other than a little onion breath, but it is no where near as crazy as if you sat and ate a bunch of raw onions and you're not going to bring tears to your eyes or strange looks from the rest of your family who think you're just lost the plot standing there with an onion in your mouth! 

My verdict? GREAT! CRUNCHY! FUN! I can't get enough of them - if you like onions, you'll adore these! Give them a whirl!! 

To find out more, visit Loeb's Onion Crunch by clicking HERE! 


Disclaimer: I was given 2 shakers of Onion Crunch and several packets of the same in order to do this review! I was not monetarily compensated and my opinions are 100% genuine, honest and my own. Thank you! 


Chef Ray said...

Great on hotdogs

Chef Ray said...

Great on Pork Chops

Melissa said...

I'm having burgers for dinner tonight & have been thinking all day of what to put on them. These would be great!

Mario said...

I am going to try it on my steamed veggis, just tried them out of the bottle and they are great tasting!... great blog!

Go Bronson! said...

Thanks guys!

Big D said...

Sprinkle some on the next Spinach Artichoke dip you make. You will be glad you did!

Michael said...

We are looking for something different and good. Can't wait to try!

Angel said...

I want to sprinkle these on everything. Breakfast for dinner.. sprinkle them over eggs!!