Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wantable Make-Up Box Subscription! Review!

Right now, as you may be aware, there are many subscription boxes out on the market, which often provide the subscriber with a collection of products at a set cost delivered right to your door! Often, the cost of your products is greater than the cost of the box subscription and often these boxes leave us itching for more! The Wantable box is no exception and certainly seems to live up to its reputation!

Wantable gives you the option to subscribe monthly for just $36 for a set term OR $40 for a one-off box! They have a dual choice of boxes, which allows you to pick between Make-Up or Jewelry every month and I was lucky enough this month to try out one of the Wantable boxes of Make-Up! 

I really didn't know quite what to expect from the box but the process was very easy and put me at ease - you simple choose your type of box (Jewelry or Make-Up) and then run through a series of questions to let the company know which kinds of Make-Up you would be happy to receive and in which colors or forms and leave out the ones that you would prefer not to try. 

Once you have finished your selections, you hit confirm and wait just a little while for your box to appear! You will be sent a confirmation notification of your shipment and you should be able to see a list of the contents if you just can't hold out until the box arrives for a surprise! 

When my first box arrived I opened it up with anticipation and studied the goodies inside! Wantable took my suggestions into consideration when I entered my details and they really did come up with a box to suit my individual tastes and needs, as they promised that they would on their wonderful website! 

The total contents of my Wantable box was over $80, which is double the cost (and more!) of the price that you would pay for the box subscription! The contents included: 
  • Foiled Nail Polish Hot Like Lava
  • High Def Eye Pencil Brown
  • Lip Pop Gloss Hot in Here
  • Metallic Nail Polish Foil Me Once
  • Mineral Blush Captive Glow
  • Blingtone Eyeshadow Gilt-y
  • Doux Amour Sample
  • Sole Nero Sample
  • Kai Perfume Oil Sample
I have so far tried out everything except the one nail polish (foil me once) and can truly say I am very happy with the products! I was not quite so sure about the gold but actually it accented a pink I had very well and I absolutely love it!

I would never have picked out the gold on my own and this is one of the top reasons why many of these kinds of subscriptions make it all worth while! Getting to try something I would not usually pick is fabulous! The shades fit well with one another and the gold looks wonderful! The eyeliner was very easy to apply too and the lip gloss left a lovely hint of color. The blush works well as an eye shadow as well as a blush and the perfumes smell fabulous! I wish these had been bigger but with the contents being so vast as they were, I really can't grumble!! 

I definitely think this box is worth the money you pay and I would love to try the jewelry box in the future! I would love to hear from you if you have tried either! What did you think!? 

Disclaimer: I received this box and its contents free in order to write this review. My opinions are 100% honest and my own and were not affected by the provision of products. Thank you! 


Ashley Boyd said...

I love the two different colored eye shaddows together. Looks great!

Melissa said...

Love that box! I really need to look into getting one for myself.

Kelsey House said...

love your eye look! This box sounds wonderful! I really like blush that you got too! and the gold eyeshadow is a must have!

nancy john said...

WOW! Beautiful jewelry pieces I must say. It is nice to see the latest summer jewelry collection. The earrings, the bracelets and the ring all are just wonderful.

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