Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Flat Iron Experts Babyliss Nano Titanium & Ryton Flat Iron Review!

It is no secret that my hair is big and quite frizzy when dry, but also quite curly if left to dry naturally! Of course, the quick fix for this is to throw in some mousse and let it dry with those waves and curls for a natural look but the majority of the time I prefer it straight and so, for me, flat irons are an essential part of my routine whenever I wear my hair down! 

It has been a while though, since I purchased a new flat iron for my hair and, I confess, I do tend to head straight for the cheaper irons when I want to buy more!

Perhaps not the best of solutions (spending less), as sometimes spending more now can bring better quality and longevity in a product, I decided to take a gander at he products available at Flat Iron Experts, which are considerably higher in price but OH SO much better quality! 

As it turns out, Flat Iron Experts have a HUGE array of fabulous items to choose from when it comes to hair and they offered to let me try out one of their products! I was unawares of the product that I would be receiving but I received the 'Babyliss Nano Titanium, Ceramic and Ryton Flat Iron (1 inch)' and I am over the moon!!

You might think that 'Babyliss Nano Titanium, Ceramic and Ryton Flat Iron (1 inch)' is a little bit of a mouthful, and it is! BUT it is a mouthful that makes a person want to burst into a great big smile and dance around their living room like something out of a hair commercial when they've gotten their hands on one! Yes, be ready to dance!!

Now, I do have an ongoing love for Babyliss and my very first ever hairdryer purchase when I was [much] younger was, in fact, a small Babyliss dryer! It never let me down and lasted for years and I always thought highly of the brand even though I have tried many others since and will try many others in the future - they have shined with the times and exceptionally so with this wonderful iron! 

With 3 heat settings at the flick of a switch, the 'Babyliss Nano Titanium, Ceramic and Ryton Flat Iron (1 inch)' wastes absolutely no time getting hot and is ready for use right off the bat! My previous iron would take what seemed like an eternity to warm up and so already I was thoroughly impressed! 

The iron stays consistently warm on whichever level you choose and there are no buttons to accidentally knock it off or cool down while doing your hair, which is a problem I have encountered on a couple of previous irons or curlers, which were within a lower price bracket! 

The iron comes with a generous amount of power chord, which gives motion and control over the hair with plenty of room to make all of the much needed grand gestures and contortionist style movements needed to get to the difficult parts of my crazy head of hair and I found that this iron did a fabulous job! 

The 1 inch across is more than sufficient for my hair and easy to grip and not at all stressful on my hand! The iron glided though my hair and turned it from frizzy to smooth and shiny with just one pass over but I went over it twice just to make sure I didn't miss a spot at the back! 

The results are wonderful and to show you what I mean, there is a shot of my hair dried naturally without the straighteners, (above, right) and then after use of the  'Babyliss Nano Titanium, Ceramic and Ryton Flat Iron' (Left).

The difference a flat iron makes is incredible! Usually I would blow dry my hair and use my low-end straighteners and still have fluffy, puffy, frizzy hair but with these my hair is sleek  smooth and shiny - just fabulous! You couldn't ask for a better result!

Overall I am giving these a great big YES to buy or not to buy - absolutely! They might be a little pricier than you're used to but I am telling you that you get what you pay for and these have made my hair regime shorter, more enjoyable and with a more desirable outcome! 

Thank you Flat Iron Experts! You have shown me the light! Great big thumbs up!!

To find out more about this and other available irons for all of your needs, please take a look on over at and let me know what takes your fancy! There's is something for everyone, enjoy!!

Disclaimer: I received a free set of flar irons from Flat Iron Experts for the sake of this review. The provision of those irons did not influence me in any way with regards to my opinion, which is always 100% honest and my own. Your opinion may differ from mine. Please use flat irons responsibly and keep away from youngsters! Thank you!


Andrea said...

WOW! The after picture is amazing. Not only straight, but so smooth and shiny. Your hair looks so healthy. Great review.

Tali said...

I love having straight hair but just get so bored/annoyed straightening it... normally cause I have to do it twice to get a half decent result with a ton of product. May have to invest in some better quality straighteners I think...

Happy Home and Family said...

Wow! Amazing result!! Your hair looks awesome!

Cyndie said...

Your hair is absolutely amazing and lovely in the after pic. Wow!

Wendy Denson said...

great review! your hair in the after picture is gorgeous!

Melissa Botelho said...

Great review and i really like the before and after pics. It really shows the consumer the differences. Thank -You.

Savayla's savings said...

I love my straightener But I will admit i need a new one so bad! I love the before and after ! That is awesome :) thanks so much for sharing

Kelly Stallings said...

Oh wow that did an incredibly job on your hair! Love the before and after!