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Giant Microbes Review and Valentine Giveaway!

Giant Microbes Review and Valentine Giveaway!

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Giant microbes is a fun, creative site that sells diseases and germs as stuffed animals! If you're a nerd enough like me, you appreciate picking fun at the worst things in existence. If we can't beat em, we may as well find humor in them.

Do you know anyone who has a few brain cells missing?  Well, why not donate a brain cell or two? Let's be honest, I don't think any one of us doesn't need a few back.

Virus Attack!
These aren't just any brain cells. They are the kind that are cute and soft and cuddle-able  Ok, so this won't make you brighter, but it will make you and your kids laugh and by golly, that COULD end up making them smarter. If you teach them with stuffed animals it might go in one ear and stay put. Inviting the FUN back into fundamental learning is what these fellas and gals do. I can see middle and high school science class being a lot more fun with these in the mix.

The other microbe I received was the Kissing disease, or rather the Virus that causes it, EBV. As cute as this sweetheart is, like most cute things, she has a dangerous side. Well, not that dangerous, but if you get close enough, you will get her temporary disease, popularly called mono or "The Kissing Disease" This would be such a cute little gift for someone suffering mono. You could give them a little laugh in a less than happy time or while kicking it's butt, they can literally kick it's butt.

                                                                                                FINAL VERDICT?

Giant Microbes are a creative and fun way to teach your children science, they make great gag jokes, and are just cute to look at. The round ones like EBV, would also make a great ball to play catch with. 

You can get these cuddlies in 3 different styles, A petri dish of 3 mini sized ones, a squeezable talking version, or the one you see here.  They have every popularly known microbe available and cute little animation versions of a lot of them and I can see collecting these getting addictive!

You can also follow their:

Would you like to WIN some GIANT Microbes of your very own? Well, you can! Just enter this FUNdimental Giveaway for your chance at winning not one or two or even 3, but a whole special Valentines case of over 4 microbes! Your choice of the "Heart warming" or "Heart Burned" themed heart box. The Heart Warming includes Miss kissing disease that I reviewed!  Check them both out here. Don't miss out on this hilarious gag gift for yourself or someone you just want to make laugh! - Aren't they just ADORABLE?  

To win, just enter the form below! GOOD LUCK!!

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