Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Post Office To Cut Saturday Mail Delivery!

The post office has just announced that it will be cutting its Saturday postal service  as of August 2013!

Mostly, the move comes due to the post office being in a little financial crisis since email took over from "snail mail" and since other delivery companies have grown and come into their own over the vast many years!

The move to cut services will save the post office a significant amount of money but will this be a detrimental move in the long run as more people switch to other delivery companies, knowing that perhaps their mail might get there over the weekend?

No one really knows how this will  determine the future of mail delivery BUT the post office has said that it will still have a package delivery service on Saturdays, so that may help with the big stuff, but how does this make you feel about your mail?

Is the postal service on its way out? Are we going to email more than we ever have or switch to a different mail system, fax more (because we know that is on the decline since email) and deliver locally more ourselves!? Who knows! I would like to know how you feel about the lack of a Saturday mail slot and if you think it really makes any difference at all!?

Give me your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the post office and opinions/thoughts are my own, thanks. 


Jennie said...

I hate this! I love Saturday mail, I also love to write letters and send little cards all the time, I think people need to do things like this sometimes, it is so much more personal.

The Winesburg Family said...

That sux

Kelly Stallings said...

Right after they raise the rate nice job post office... GRR!