Monday, 4 February 2013

Protect Young Eyes With Sunglasses From 'Real Kids Shades' - Review!

I don't know how many of you are aware (because I certainly was not until recently) that many pairs of children's sunglasses sold across the globe are manufactured and sold as toys rather than actual protective headgear

This means that, while our children look fabulous and we think we're protecting our children's delicate vision during the brighter days, we may actually be doing then more harm than good, or not doing anything at all! And this is where Real Kids Shades come to our rescue!

Real Kids Shades eliminates any uncertainty of the level of protection given to our children with their 100% UVA/UVB blocking, polycarbonate lenses, which are also shatterproof AND impact resistant, which is a HUGE must for the longevity of your child's glasses! They also LOOK fabulous too! 

Real Kids Shades are manufactured with children in mind and made so that they are comfortable, practical and stylish all at the same time and my children certainly gave them the big thumbs up this past weekend when trying theirs on! 

My step son, who is 9, received a pair of Extreme Convertible Sunglasses in "red", which retail for $39.99 and offer Xylex® frames and Revo lenses and convertible arms, which can be used to wear as regular sunglasses or removed and replaced with a secure head band for security and stability using a quick clip system, which is perfect for impending soccer matches as the weather improves!

The glasses fit well and feel comfortable and did not slip or fall from my step son's face! He adores the color, but they do also come in white, blue and silver if red is not quite your thing! They look stunning and are both kid and parent approved in our house, with very little persuasion at all! They're great! To top them off, they also come with a little black case, which houses the spare arms or band and keeps these glasses in pristine condition when not being worn! Very nice, very smart and well received by us all! 

My daughter, who turns 2 next week, also received her new pair of glasses in "purples hearts", which can be found on the Real Kids Shades website for a $14.99 retail price and are the cutest little things I have ever seen! 

Offering the same fundamental protection for her eyes as her brothers glasses, these little cuties come with a patterned frame so that she looks and feels pretty and wants to wear them, and a purple band that extends around the back to hold them in place on her head without her little fingers constantly pulling them off! The lack of arms on these means no metal hinges or anything that she can pull apart and she receives the same great protection, while looking quite the picture herself! No fuss and no hassle at all - I can't even count how many pairs of glasses we lost last year because they kept falling off or being pulled off, but this should eliminate that for her for sure! 

I love these glasses, I love the styles and I love the effort that has gone in to making them stylish and wearable for children! They are fabulous value and wonderful protection and I would recommend them without a second thought! 

If you would like to know more about Real Kids Shades and better understand the reasons for why it is just so important to buy quality sunglasses for your children, then head on over to their website, which can be found HERE - you won't be disappointed that you did! 

Disclaimer: I was provided with 2 pairs of sunglasses for the sake of this review but was not otherwise compensated for my views, which are 100% honest and my own! Your opinions may differ! Thanks! 


Ashley Boyd said...

My kids love sunglasses, and I love anything that protects them! WIN WIN!

Janette Rupple said...

If I could trust my kids not to immediately lose them if I bought them each a pair absolutely buy these!

Melissa said...

I'm always looking for sunglasses for my kids that won't break before the day is over. But like you said, most in the stores are nothing but toys. Now they might actually have some REAL sunglasses this year! *happy dance*

Freebies 4 my Family said...

I just moved to texas a month ago and i have 2 little girls and with the sun being so bright here, wow these would be awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

my friend needs thesse for her kids

calichristy2 said...

love these shades very fashionable

Becca Wilson said...

I would love to get a pair of these for my four year old!