Friday, 1 February 2013

The Mommy Hook - Review and Giveaway! (Ends 2/10/2013)

When I was very little, back when we had no car and I still lived with my father, we used to go grocery shopping on foot and regularly used to have to carry back far too many bags than our hands would happily hold! At the time, my dad taught me a great little trick for carrying those bags home without having them cut into our fingers and it worked like a charm - twigs, sticks or rolled up paper!

My dad would pick up a thick stick or roll up a piece of paper so that it was thick and flat and put the bag/s over it to stop them from cutting in to the skin! It wasn't always easy to find a stick or a random piece of paper in the middle of a grocery store though and we would usually have to pick one up on the way home or think ahead and take something with us, but the principle was there and the idea was a great one that I rarely use these days because we either grocery shop with a car OR I have a stroller with me to throw things under!

Now, when I do shop alone, on foot and take along the stroller, there are many times when I run out of space in the basket or I have items I want to keep from getting broken and have to carry. Sometimes I literally tie bags on to the handle and have to fight to get them off when I get home and no stick is ever going to help with that! SO! Imagine how I felt this past week when I discovered a fantastic little gadget called The Mommy Hook, which does everything it can to save your hands from being torn up and from your stroller becoming a bag tie! Let me tell you how it works!

The Mommy Hook, seen here, is great for strollers and carts and clips right on to your handle enabling you to be able to hang all of those bags and accessories that do not fit over your handle or into your basket. It is durable, easy to use, will not slide and holds whatever the weight allowance is of your stroller or cart!

Moving shopping bags from the stroller (or cart) to the car or into the home could not be easier either with The Mommy Hook - you simply push the clip in, unhook and carry the hook, with bags, to their destination! It is cushioned and won't hurt or bother your hands and you could, in fact, use the hook alone to carry home a couple of bags of groceries while remaining quite stylish! A huge step forward from my days of sticks and rolled up papers!

I tested this out yesterday, as a matter of fact, on a run to the store with some accessories that I had to keep upright in a bag! I clipped on The Mommy Hook in about 2 seconds and slipped on my bag! It was SO easy!!

By the time I got to my destination, the bag was still where it was when I left the house and nothing inside had moved around enough to bother it and the hook had not slipped, as promised! I was very impressed and I didn't have to push the stroller with 1 hand while carrying the bag with the other - it was pain free, stress free and wonderful!!

A great little gadget, which is a must-have for all parents, this simple-yet-fabulous device is going to save you a lot of messing around and put a huge smile on your face - the bonus for me is, my particular hook matches the color of my stroller (which is lime green) and it really looks as though it was meant to be there! The hooks also come in a blue, raspberry red and black colors so there really is a little something for everyone!

If you would like to know more about Mom, Dad and Baby and The Mommy Hook then hop on over and take a look at their website, which you will find HERE and their Pinterest pages HERE! It might also interest you to know that they are current advocates of pet adoption and rescue, which is a fabulous cause and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about bringing a pet into their lives to consider adoption first! Just take at look at this cute little guy from The Mommy Hook's Valentine shoot... Adorable! (Photograph Courtesy of Mom, Dad and Baby).

But WAIT! There's MORE! You could WIN a Mommy Hook of your very own! 

That's right! The kind people over at Mom, Dad and Baby are giving one of our lucky readers the chance to win one of their Mommy Hooks for themselves! I have it right here, in black, right in front of me ready to go to the winner! Could that be YOU!?

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is to fill out the rafflecopter and leave me a comment! You may do any or all of the entries listed but if you don't comment, you will not be eligible to win!

This is such a great gadget and you're going to LOVE it!! What are you waiting for? GOOD LUCK!

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a Mommy Hook for the sake of this review but I was not monetarily or otherwise compensated and the provision of the hook did not influence my opinion, which is always 100% honest and my own! Thank you!


~Shari Fox said...

I want to win. so bad I can taste it!!! I would so use my Mommy Hook on the stroller and to carry up grocery bags!!

Melissa said...

This is just what I need for when we take all the kids to the fair! The basket is small on our stroller & with everyone's stuff, not to mention what hubs picks up at the fair, I look like a crazy bag lady by the time we leave.

JLJMommy said...

I’m a Sparks leader for our Kindergardeners. I’d use the hook to attach my AWANA bag, the diaper bag and my toddler’s extra clothes/snack bag to our double stroller for the long walk into church where I drop the youngest 2 off at the nursery and the older two off with their clubs and head to lead my group. It would also be great for the rare trips to the mall to keep the shopping bags in order!

Jennie said...

Farmer's Market! I am so excited about this it looks like just what we need to haul everything!

Andrea said...

This would be great for hooking my wallet to my belt loop on pants with no pockets.

Freebies 4 my Family said...

I would love this I'm on for everywhere I go. And I have two little ones so this would be such a life saver.

The Winesburg Family said...

I have four kids! This would be great!

Robert S. Smith said...

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