Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Evil Dead, Quick Review!

Last night we we went to see the remake/remodel of the Evil Dead movies and it was pretty good, if you ask me!

I really loved the original movies and of course Bruce Campbell was a staple in those and I was interested to see how this movie was going to pan out with a new cast, new characters and, of course, no "Ash".

I went in with low expectations as I have never really seen a good remake of any film, but this one certainly delivers! With a young cast headed up by the star of Suburgatory (I forget her name!) you're never quite sure who is going to die, who is going to survive and you'll never see the ending coming!

I enjoyed all of the old school props and lack of CGI but there were a few questionable moments for sure! I loved the make up and the close ups and the "ooooh" moment's that definitely made you cringe here and there!

Horror isn't dead, but it has got lost in this blanket of dark hair, raggedy clothed, night gown wearing ghost stories over the years and it was nice to see something different but familiar back on the scene!

The movie survives without Ash, the characters tell their own tale and the old and new universes of Evil Dead mastery could quite easily be brought together in the future if the powers that be wanted it to!

If you hike down to see this one, you won't be disappointed! Also, you might want to sit for the little 60 second "Easter Egg" at the end - Groovy!


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Sounds like an awesome flick!

Jo Steph said...

I love Evil Dead! It is a classic! I love horror movies in general.