Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Red Jacket Orchards Juice Review!

I recently had the chance to try out Red Jacket all natural juices, which are 100% natural fruit juices pressed at Red Jacket Orchards based in the Finger Lakes Region of New York!

Never made from concentrate, with no added sugar, flavoring or color added, these juices make a delicious treat any time, day or night and leave the palette most satisfied!

I had the chance to try the Fuji Apple Juice, Raspberry Apple Juice, Cranberry Apple juice, Strawberry Apple Juice, Joe's Summer Blend and Tart Cherry Stomp! All of which you can see in the photo!

The juices arrived safe and sound in the mail, nicely packed into a cool  box with ice packs and nice and cold! My husband took one, my son took one and my daughter took it upon herself to drink half of every one I tried along the way, and so it is safe to say these beverages were enjoyed by the whole family - they're like a crisp little slice of summer in your mouth and not a single one disappointed - they were all delightful, fresh and extremely juicy with no unpleasant aftertaste... just the desire for more!

If you would like to try these delicious, natural juices for yourselves (or check out the Cold Press Process along with some Fun Facts)  then you can find them nestled happily over HERE! You will find these in many different flavors for a fabulous $19.99 per 6 pack of 12oz bottled or $19.99 for 3 larger 32 oz bottles! There are SO many to choose from and something for everybody including Spiced Apple Cider! Yum!

Brighten up your spring/summer with these natural, none-of-the-fake-stuff juices! Just what the taste buds ordered!


Discalimer: I received a free 6 pack of juice for this review and was not otherwise monetarily compensated for my opinions, which are 100% truthfula nd my own. Your opinions may differ. Thank you! 

I love the


Nicole said...

Is it weird that I find these colors gorgeous? They all sound delish too!

Teresa McCluskey said...

I love these juices my fav is Fiju apple. One bottle is not enough!

Cyndie said...

I love the flavors