Thursday, 30 May 2013

LOOK! You may qualify (via your insurance!) for a FREE breast pump! Here is how...

Did you know that, since some of the changes came into effect with Obama Care, many insurance companies are covering the cost of a medical grade breast pump OR covering a large chunk of financial aid toward a shop bought one!?

That's right! I didn't know that either (until recently) but after a few phone calls I found out that I am one of the lucky ones that have an insurance policy that does, in fact, cover my medical grade breast pump at 100% of the cost as long as I have a script from the Dr!

Regardless of having a prescription or not, if I were to go out and pick one for myself in a store, I would be able to claim $50 back towards my purchase, which is also fabulous but not quite the same as one that is covered at 100% of the cost and fabulously FREE! 

My insurance company will also cover the cost of renting a hospital grade pump, should I want to do that, instead and so there are a variety of reasonable options for my particular plan!

Now, although my plan covers a pump, getting hold of one has been a little bit more of a challenge! There are not many Durable Medical Equipment suppliers in our area that deal with breast pumps and after calling 15-20 suppliers (with no luck) I did manage to find Sunmed, who were wonderfully helpful and who DO supply pumps! They have 2 brands, which are readily available and those include both Dr Browns and Medela double electric pumps, retailing at over $200 a piece!

I spoke to a wonderful, friendly lady over at their office and she took all of my details for insurance coverage and vowed to deal with everything for me and call me back within a few days! It was SO easy once I found the right company to deal with that knew how the new system would work!!

All I have to do now is wait and find out when I can submit my claim, as some insurance policies make you wait a little closer to your due date to complete the order, but all in all I am super-excited! Who would have thought I would be saving a few hundred dollars on a breast pump when just 2 years ago when I had my daughter I was worried more about where the money to get one was going to magically appear from!

I think this is just wonderful for mothers out there who perhaps weren't thinking of getting a pump or continuing breast feeding because of work or other constraints, who might now be able to continue a little easier and with a little less of a dent in their pocket!!

If you are due to give birth to a new little miracle soon, or if you have done so recently and would love a new pump, then I strongly suggest giving your insurance company a call to see if you might be covered! You have nothing to lose and nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I would love to hear your experiences with dealing with such a claim and which pump you were able to get - and where to help others out! I would also be interested in hearing about those of you who were not able to get the coverage on your plan at this present time!

We are currently with Keystone East and we eventually found a supplier in Sunmed - whom you can locate HERE!

Good luck!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post, this is for information only and true to my own case. Your insurance coverage may vary based on type, location, eligibility and coverage! Thank you!

Ozeri Weight Master Digital Bathroom Scale, with Microban Protection! Review!

I don't know how many of you will remember, but, last year I had a really nice tempered glass digital scale, which I purchased a Christmas or so before with a gift card to a big local store. That scale later spontaneously exploded on me - luckily while no one was on or neat it - shattering the glass all over my floor!

Since the exploding scale incident, I had not yet ventured out to by a new one! However, all that changed recently when Ozeri kindly gave me the chance to try out one of their Weight Master digital bathroom scales, which I am happy to say is not made of tempered glass and which, while I won't share any specific numbers with you, does provide an accurate and on the ball reading across the board!!

After using this scale for a couple of weeks I wanted to wait until I had my latest OB appointment (and professional weigh-in with them) to make sure of the accuracy of the at-home scale! My most recent appointment came about last night and, thus, confirms that the Weight Master registers on par with the equipment currently used at my OB's office!

A sleek and snazzy looking piece of equipment, the Ozeri Weight Master scale (Model: ZB17-MB to be exact) comes with MICROBAN, which is basically antimicrobial product protection, which helps to keep you and you family germ free while sharing this scale!

Taking just 3 AAA batteries (usually included), the scale auto-calibrates before the first use and after each time you relocate it! You do not need to turn the scale on or tap it in the way you might for some other scales, either! You just hop onto the scale (sensibly) and and the scale will give your your reading in a matter of seconds!

You can present a read-out in pounds or kilograms with just the flick of a switch and will automatically turn itself off when you're done with your weigh-in!

The scale is slim enough to slip away next to a cabinet and stylish enough to leave out on the floor of your room of choice! It is best not to weigh yourself on a soft surface though and it is always worth following the directions correctly for good health, safety and results each time!

I personally have really been in need of a scale for a long while now and like to keep an eye on my weight since becoming pregnant earlier this year AND it will become an integral part of my routine as I set myself on a get-fit goal postpartum in the fall. The only successful way I have ever been able to keep weight off, in fact, has never had anything to do with what I ate or how I exercised but more about keeping my eye on the figures and not letting things get to out of control! A scale really is necessary for that - and to keep us/me on the right track!

I am very happy with this scale, I love the look and feel of it, I love the ease of use and I am delighted that the output is accurate, which I have not found to always be the case in past! The large LCD display also makes this scale easy to read, which prevents any squinting, scraping for your glasses or multiple trips back and forth to the scale and makes this an easy once on, once off experience!

I would definitely have no problems recommending this one if you're looking for an affordable, reliable option in bathroom scales, and am giving it a 9/10 - I would give it a full 10/10 if it came in assorted other colors, which I would LOVE to see - especially red!

If you would like to find out more about the Ozeri Weight Master scale, complete with its Microban protection, then head on over HERE, where you will find them for just $29.95 right now, which is down from $49.99 and a HUGE saving! *All prices current as of 5/30/13 but subject o change at any time.

Disclaimer: I was given a Weight Master bathroom scale for the sake of this review, but I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for my opinions, which remain 100% honest, open and my own. Your views may vary. Thank you! 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Seven Slings Review and Giveaway! Ends 6/10/13

Back in 2011, when I had my daughter, I found that one one thing that really became a staple in our day-to-day routine was the use of the baby carrier we had at the time, which happened to work very well for us and was an at he front, tied at the back, carrier, which I later passed along when my daughter outgrew it!

Needless to say, when I found out that we were expecting again, one of the very first things on my list of "must haves" for this little guy was a baby carrier or sling!

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Seven Slings and so I got in touch with them and they were kind enough to send me one of their slings along with a cute pair of leg warmers and a diaper carrier!

The slings made by Seven Slings are very simple and easy to use once you get the idea and they come in 9 sizes, carry babies from 8lbs-35lbs and are available in a plethora of patterns to suit your style!

The sling I received is black and goes with just about everything I own, and so I am of course delighted about that and became very eager to try the sling out as soon as it arrived - even though our baby isn't due for another 17 weeks yet!

I followed the instructions in the booklet that came along with the sling and fixed my sling in place before borrowing my daughters baby doll to demonstrate loosely its applications! It felt very easy to wear and comfortable - and I imagine it to be a very snug home for baby on the move!

The sling is made of durable materials and does not feel flimsy at all! You can easily determine the size you will need with a few measurements requested by the website's sizing tab, and you're all set to go!

Overall, I can't wait to use this sling with my son when he comes along and I am sure I am going to pick up another in a pattern to mix and match it up a little!! If you are interested in having a look at the slings and patterns available, head on over to Seven Slings by clicking HERE!

The current cost of a sling ranges from $39.95 and up, with 3 piece gift sets also available for $46.95 AND optional embroidery for only $6.95 more!!

These slings make wonderful gifts and great extras, and most of all, for a limited time, you can score ANY item from the Seven Slings site with this special $40 off coupon for Mom's Gone Bronson readers, which can be added before checking out for spectacular savings!!

Just use code:

(Code live and working as of 5/27/2013)

But there's more! 

If you want even  better than a $40 coupon, how about a chance to win a TOTALLY FREE Seven Slings Gift Set direct from the good people over at Seven Slings! One winner will receive a sling, diaper holder and baby leggings! Fabulous!!

To be in with a chance to win, simple enter via the rafflecopter below and come back daily to tweet or leave more comments - you can enter as many or as few times as you like and nothing is mandatory! Entrants should reside in the U.S though, and the winner will be notified within 24 hours of giveaway end and have a further 48 hours to respond to winning notification! If the winner does not respond within those 48 hours, their prize shall be forfeit and a new winner will be selected! 

So, what are you waiting for! Check out the folks over at Seven Slings AND enter below TODAY!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are those of Mom's Gone Bronson and were not altered by the provision of products. There was no monetary compensation for this review and your thoughts on the products may differ to that of the author. Prize fulfillment falls to seven Slings, no blogger/promoter is responsible individually for this prize! 

Note: the picture of the sling used for the purpose of this review is of the sling that I tested! It is, however, a photo from the Seven Slings website, in order to best show this slings application, with all rights reserved !

Friday, 24 May 2013

Family day out at Clyde Peeling's Reptiland, Allenwood, Pa!

Over the last weekend we took a family day out to a little known place in Allenwood, PA. called Reptiland, which is a small reptile zoo housing various exotic snakes, turtles, alligators and more!

We drove 2 hours to get there, and on arrival were welcomed by friendly staff willing to help us out - even when, for some strange reason my husband's debit card wouldn't swipe and then, when it did, they over charged us for an extra child we didn't have, but swiftly refunded the difference without any problem at all!

We had our hands stamped following payment and headed through the gates to the park! It was all very much smooth sailing from there on out!

Greeted first by a batch of turtles in an outside enclosure, the children were immediately thrown into excitement mode and we walked around a little before going inside to the butterfly house!

The butterfly house is warm and inviting and home to a number of different species of butterfly, which you can see above, beside and around you the whole way through! One landed on my camera and my daughter was extremely impressed, which made my day and put a smile on her face! We learned some interesting facts that even I didn't know and made our way out in fairly good time!

We were then off to the main reptile exhibit, which is composed of several tanks full of everything from snakes to turtles, dart frogs and chameleons! The kids enjoyed learning about where the animals were from, how big they were, what they ate and how dangerous they might be if you were unlucky enough to encounter one in the wild! (Photo to the right shows a Green Mamba, which is absolutely beautiful!).

My husband adored the snake-necked turtles and my daughter loved the frogs, while our son's both seemed quite taken by the snapping turtle and the alligators, which we were just in time to see being fed! Here is a link to a short clip of those smarty pants in action: CLICK HERE!

We then headed back to the reptile exhibit and the kids ogled at the turtles some more before heading to eat some lunch! We packed a picnic, which seemed like the logical choice and Reptiland does have picnic tables and a small indoor cafe on site, so you are more than well able to stop for a spot of lunch! The kids filled themselves up and we headed on back inside!

We headed for the 1:30pm talk, which is a talk held through the day at various times for a little fun educational information for the whole family to enjoy, followed by a short session where you are allowed to interact with the animals shown during the talk, which is always a lot of fun for the everyone!! The talk lasted for about a half an hour and was pretty informative - I learned something new for sure!

After the talk, we headed back inside, through the reptile exhibit and out a back door towards the animated dinosaur park! There are large tortoises on the way, which have been with Reptiland for decades and a soon-to-be komodo dragon exhibit, which should be open by July, and for which we hope to go back to see!

As we headed towards the dinosaurs, there is a little sand pit dig site for the kids to discover little fossils before walking out into the world of dinosaurs, which are all brightly colored and slightly animated with movement and sound! The one even spits water at you, which the children especially took a liking to and caused a lot of giggling and laughter!

My 2 year old was a little skeptical of the dinosaurs and felt a need to save us all from each one, but on the way around she spotted some live Emu and absolutely adored those - even if she did think they were giant chickens!! We popped a quarter into the machine for some food and let the kids feed the Emu, which they thought was fairly neat, if not a little strange in the way of sensation! The 9 year old thought it was amazing and kept saying "That's SO COOOOL!" when they took a nibble, just before checking to make sure all of his fingers were still attached!

We headed on out of the dinosaur area and back inside after the last few dinosaurs and gave the kids another look around at the reptiles and snakes and really just let them do a little exploring until it was time to think about heading on home!

On the way out, we stopped at the gift shop, which has a nice array of shirts, toys and other trinkets to remember your trip by, which were at a reasonable price, and then off we went, after a short goodbye, back to the car to head on home!

All in all, the day went absolutely spectacularly, as planned and with very few hiccups! Reptiland is quite a small zoo but easily a couple of hours fun and education for the entire family! With ticket prices at just $12 per child, $14 per adult and children under 3 Free, you really CAN afford to spend the afternoon here for a fabulous family trip out!

If you would like to find out more about Clyde Peeling's Reptiland, you can head on over to their website HERE and check them out today! What are you waiting for!

Disclaimer: I was not in any way compensated for this review and all opinions are my own, thank you!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Flat Iron Experts / Babyliss Pro Ceramic Curling Iron - Review!

A few months back I brought you a look at a fabulous Babyliss Nano Titanium & Ryton Flat Iron that could be found over at and for the past couple of weeks I have had the delight to try out something new in the shape of a Babyliss Pro Ceramic Curling Iron, also from Flat Iron Experts!

I have naturally wavy hair, but I usually blow dry it and then straighten it and put little thought into making it curly and pretty as apposed to wavy and frizzy, which is how it would be if I left it to dry naturally!

I jumped at he chance to try the curling iron, which is a lot chunkier than the one I had already and was extremely excited to see the results and to see how the curls or waves would hold!

As a great gesture, Flat Iron Experts sent along some Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment for my hair along with the iron and I have to say it makes me SO happy! It smells so good and soaks into my hair without leaving behind a greasy lining and so we're well onto a winner from the start with the product alone!

However, with my hair being so thick, the oil is more of a finishing product than a styler or fixer for me and so I helped along my hair with a little basic hold spray from my local drug store.

For a nice hold on my hair, I find it easier to wash it the DAY BEFORE I intend to style it and so I prepared and washed it in advance. I sprayed through a little fixer and curled as I went along. I loved the fullness of these waves produced by this iron, what with it being a chunky one, and love that it has up to 30 different heat settings and heats up ridiculously fast, up to 390 degrees F. right off the bat! There is no double rolling or mistakes to be had with an iron that can maintain the heat and works well with hair even as thick as mine!

Here is how my hair looks usually, when I wake up in the morning and before I even attempt to style it (left). Followed by how my hair looks following use of the curling iron (right). The waves are more defined and less frizzy and finished with the Macadamia oil to give it a nice, sleek, shine!

Once again both Babyliss and Flat Iron Experts have done it again and get a big. fat, 10 out of 10 for this iron and I couldn't be happier at all!!

If you are interested in trying one of these out for yourselves then head on over HERE and pick one up today! They are available in various different widths, with the one being used for this review being the 1-1/2 inch iron, which is specifically found HERE for just $69.95 (that's a saving of over $40!).

Disclaimer: I was provided with a curling iron and oil for the sake of this review. I was not otherwise compensated and my views have not been tainted by the provision of products. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. Your thoughts may differ to mine, thank you!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Simple Frosted Pumpkin Cake! Yum yum yum!

I am currently obsessed with making pumpkin cake! I don't make it all the time but I really love the idea of it!! It is SO simple and all you need is a boxed cake mix and a large (29oz) can of pure pumpkin!

It doesn't matter what kind of cake mix you use but I prefer to use white or yellow! You just throw that in a bowl with the pumpkin and fold in together and then mix with an electric mixer on medium speed for a few minutes to get in a little air.

Once mixed in you will pour the cake mix into two 9 inch round tins and bake until firm and cooked all the way through. I cook them at 350 degrees until done - time varies by oven and it is best to keep checking the cake/s until ready on your first go around and not the time it takes for you personally for easier baking next time! You will know that the cakes are done when you can put in a butter knife or tooth pick and pull it out clean.

When cooked you will need to leave the 2 halves on the side to cool down and when they are you are going to take one half and spread frosting on the top (you can choose the kind of frosting to suit your tastes but cream cheese works very well with this kind of cake).

You will then take the second half of your cake and place that on top and frost that too. You can either frost it all the way around the sides or just the top, it really is down to personal preference! I usually then add sprinkles and the cake is done!

Put the cake in the fridge for an hour or more to settle and serve it up with a nice cup of hot tea or coffee! This recipe makes 8 decent slices or less depending on what you call a decent sized serving!

To mix it up a little, you can try this cake with whipped cream in the middle or a sugar dusted top instead of using frosting! You could even add fruit to the mix or stuff fruit in the middle! You could even make it with apple sauce instead of pumpkin and it really is just as simple and delicious - it is also a great way to get your picky eaters to chow down on some apples, pumpkin or whatever else you can puree to put in it!! No eggs, no sugar and no oil added extras, just your box cake and your mix-in! Yum yum yum!!

Let me know if you've ever tried this before and how you might do it differently - but most of all, ENJOY!

I thought I'd make a tutu!

I have been looking for a new hobby lately and so I added tutu making to my long list of "things-I-do".

I have been waiting since Friday for my materials to arrive and got started as soon as I could on the first tutu of the day! I chose colors I loved and that I thought would suit my daughter and I made it to fit her current size! I paired it with a dress with similar colors and VOILA!

Here she is (above) showing off her brand new tutu, which she just wanted to dance around the house in for the rest of the day! I am glad it was such a hit and I consider it a success...I am certainly thrilled!

I am going to make at least one more and then I am going to attempt to make a tutu dress and a couple of other cute items! These are SO addictive once you get started and the joy on my daughters face makes them so worth while!!

If anyone is interested in one, let me know! I might be able to make one for you too!!


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Get active with Old Navy!

I was lucky enough to get a coupon for a free top and bottom from Old Navy's active wear collection this past week, courtesy of Crowdtap! I headed on down to the store with my friend and we picked out a couple of sets of clothes!

We each got a pair of leggings and a top - my friend picked up a T-shirt and I picked up a jacket, which I absolutely LOVE!

I am currently pregnant and have a tough time finding clothes to fit, let alone active wear and these clothes fit me right off the rack and I could not be happier - they have even given me a little motivation not to wallow in bed this entire pregnancy and to get up and stay active in the ways that I can up until I have the baby (obviously nothing too excessive!!).

I just absolutely love the outfit and recommend having a look in store for your own! They go up to a size 4X online HERE and I saw up to a 2X in store, so there are plenty of sizes to go around and the perfect excuse to get back into, or stay in shape!!

What are you waiting for!? Head on down to Old Navy today and see what you might find!


Disclaimer: I was given coupons for the clothes in Old Navy, I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for this post, thank you!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Flower Pot Sox Review and Giveaway!

A little while ago I brought you a look at Kimco wine bottle covers, which are fabulous bottle covers to make any bottle look well dressed for a special occasion and make for a wonderful gift! Well, now! I bring you something new and equally as exciting (from the same folk) by way of POT SOX!

These wonderfully patterned little "sox" cover up any boring plant pot (that is the right size for your pot) and makes your garden look like a work of art instead of a abundance of terracotta!

I received in the mail this week 2 such covers and have been outside today trying to decide which of my pots to put them on and actually ended up putting them around some of our cactus plants sitting out on our porch!

The first one fit snugly on our pot but the other pot was a little too small so I tucked the cover under a little to look pretty and they look fabulous out in the sun giving out plants a little pizzazz!

Easy to buy and good value at between $2.99 -$4.99, fast to ship and simple to apply, these Pot Sox will fit pots that are either 4", 6", 8" or 10" and come in a range of colors, which include holiday patterns, which you can discover more about over at their website HERE!

I think these are such a wonderfully simple concept that really brighten up the garden or a window in your home that hosts a plant and really brings a little new life into a room!

If you love what you see in these little beauties, then you will love this! The good folk who make these flower Pot Sox are giving one of you lovelies the chance to win a set of 4 Pot Sox for your own plants to feel loved by! The winner will receive 1 sock in each size and will be sent directly from the company to your doorstep and entries could not be easier!

All you have to do to enter to win is to click on the Rafflecopter below and enter one or all of the available ways to enter and voila! You're in the draw!

Giveaway will run for 1 week from today, ending on 5/22/13 with ONE winner. The winner will be contacted through email and will have 24 hours to respond followed by 1 reminder. If no response is received, then the winner forfeits the prize and a new winner is chosen!

Mom's Gone Bronson will not be responsible for the fulfillment of the prize - this lies with the company, which supplies them.

So, what are you waiting for!?

Enter today!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received 2 pot socks in order to write this review, honestly and openly as possible. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for this review. Thank you! 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Iron Man 3!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday! My son and I went to the cinema to see Iron Man 3 and it was pretty fantastic!

For a movie sequel on its 3rd venture I went in without high expectations but they really did manage to pull it off! The lines were great, the action was right on and the cast was pretty spectacular - I absolutely love Ben Kingsley and I especially loved the way they took The Mandarin, even though I know more than  a few people who were bitterly disappointed by it!

I am always fascinated to see Guy Pearce in big screen movies as, even though he's well known these days and cast well, I still remember him from all those episodes of Neighbours (an Australian TV show), which I used to watch after school every night, 5 nights a week! If you check it out, you'll be surprised just how many stars have spawned from that show!

Anyhow! Iron Man 3 does not disappoint, they broke out a ton of suits and a few surprises and made it work! However... the ending did feel a little rushed with things "sort of" wrapped up - but open enough for the idea of a 4th movie - producers and Robert Downy Jr. willing! (we all hope he is!!)

Well worth the trip to see it! Take yourself to a matinee and enjoy!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to ALL moms today - and ALL dads who are currently raising their babies as both mom and dad!! All the step parents too! Have a GREAT day!


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We Bought A Crib!

This week we finally settled on a crib! I am very happy with it, too!

We went for a "mini" crib this go around as I always thought that traditional cribs were far too big for one tiny baby - and it turns out that American "mini" cribs are about the standard size of European cribs, which is probably why I thought that our Daughter's crib was gigantic compared to my son's, which I had 16 years ago back in England!

I am thrilled to pieces with my "mini" crib and luckily had my 2 yr old on hand to test out the space situation and she can lie down in the crib quite comfortably with room around her and so I think I made the right choice for this new baby! My daughter never did like to sleep in her crib and was in a regular bed quite early on, so this time around I am hoping we fair better with the baby and his new little gateway to dreamland!

I also ordered a new, cute as heck, bed set from Walmart, which is specifically for a "mini" crib - yes, I keep putting it in quotation marks, but I just can't believe it would be called a mini anything when it is far more than adequate!

If you are interested in having a look at the bed set I purchased, it is a Nojo Safari Bedding Set*, which is currently on sale for $21.00 down from $33.63 and a Garanimals mobile for the side of the crib, which was $16.98, down from $22.00! That was a total savings of $17.65! NICE!

**I have a feeling the bedding set is now out of stock online, but if you'd like to pick one up it is always worth checking out your local store! 

I am very happy that we have covered one of the bigger purchases this week and only have 1 more big purchase to make - a new car seat -  before I settle down and think of all the little things we may now have to pick up as the months rock on to September!

Happy Happy!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Blue Steel Review AND $50 gift certificate or Ring GIVEAWAY!! Ends 5/27/13

I have a super giveaway for you today, featuring some beautiful rings straight from the folk over at BLUE STEEL!

If you haven't yet heard of them by now then you will be interested to know that Blue Steel is a fabulous place to buy all manner of jewelry and boasts a large selection of styles cut in durable STEEL (alongside some more traditional approaches such as sterling silver!).

I have often wondered why it is that people edge towards gold so often when I personally am not a big fan of the way it looks, or its durability dependent on carat, but give me a steel piece any day and I am one happy bunny!

Just this past week I was lucky enough to see for myself how pretty some of the rings over at Blue Steel could be and am delighted to introduce you to not only the Aqua Paragon, but the Oracle Mega Cross too!

The Aqua Paragon is a stunning ring made of steel and surrounded by both aqua and clear CZ stones, which are aqua all around the back and then alternate clear and aqua around the front! This ring is a unisex ring and so delights and man or woman who loves a little bling without being too over the top for either gender! It is .24 wide so quite a thick ring, but I chose this one based on the fact that I wear a size 10/11 ring and have far from dainty hands, which makes this ring perfect for me in particular!

Now, while the Aqua Paragon is fabulous for men too, this isn't the style of ring my husband would typically choose and so I picked for him the Oracle Mega Cross, which is a flat band, surgical grade steel ring with a deep black cross that tails all the way around the ring! This ring is durable and outstanding at the same time - just what my husband needs for the job he does that has already once destroyed his traditional wedding ring, which the Oracle Mega Cross does a wonderful job of replacing!

My husband is thrilled with the fit and the look of this ring and has not taken it off since he put it on his finger! This one is most definitely a keeper and I would imagine this to be a wonderful ring for women too (again depending on your taste and style), which makes both the Oracle Mega Cross and the Aqua Paragon ring embellishments that can be loved universally and cherished for years to come across the board - and they come gift boxed too!! You couldn't ask for more...

But WAIT! This is where it gets EXCITING!

The rather generous folk over at Blue Steel are giving you, our lovely audience, the chance to win a $50 gift certificate to purchase anything you like from their site! Alternatively, if you would like to chose the Aqua Paragon, which is a little more pricey than the $50, then they are willing to let you pick that instead! Aren't they fabulous!?

And how do you get the chance to win? I hear you ask! Well! That is simple! Just scroll down to the raffle copter and enter as many (or as few) options as you like for a chance to win! The more options you choose, the more chances you'll have to win this wonderful prize!! You may even tweet daily for extra entries!!!

You should be over 18 (or have parents permission) to enter this giveaway and reside in the U.S.A. The giveaway will run for 3 weeks in total and end on 5/27/13 with ONE WINNER. The winner will be emailed directly so please provide valid emails for this purpose only! There will be a 24 hour period for the winner to claim their prize and by which time, if no correspondence is held, will be contacted once more for a second chance! If no response is then levied from the winner, the prize will be forfeit and passed along to a new winner and so on, so forth until a winner claims their prize!

No entries are mandatory but all are encouraged for more entries! By signing up to mailing lists and websites you are willingly allowing Blue Steel to contact you with current deals/events etc.

Mom's Gone Bronson is NOT responsible for the fulfillment of this prize. That falls to the responsibility of Blue Steel. Thank you!

What are you waiting for! ENTER BELOW!

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Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review with 2 rings from and was in no way monetarily compensated for my opinions! My opinions are 100% honest, truthful, thorough and my own! Your views may differ! Thank you and Good Luck!

Friday, 3 May 2013

How to Score a $15 Palette for JUST $1.94 with Crowdtap and!

If you are a member of Crowdtap, you may recently have been given a choice of free gift in the form of a gift card, via your email! I know a few people have been wondering which one might be the best value, or the deepest discount or the wisest choice and, to be honest I am not 100% sure, BUT! Sometimes it pays to choose one of the lower valued cards as apposed to the higher value as some do come with a clause like $10 off is really $10 off of a $50 purchase, and I know a lot of folk won't have that money to spend, SO! Here is the deal I got, with the card that I chose from! (Thank you, Crowdtap!).

I clicked on the link in the email that I received for my "free gift" and then headed on over to select the $5 off of any $5 or more purchase at This does exactly what it says on the tin and doesn't require a hefty purchase to use this gift card!

I picked up 1 Color Magic Cosmetics Set for $5.99, which is down from $15.00 on sale right now! I put this in my cart and held on to my gift card - do not enter it yet!

Instead of using your $5 gift card right away, enter coupon code "CSROUTSTK" into the coupon code box at the bottom left of the screen! This will give you $5 off of your order (no minimum required), which will bring your order total to 99 cents (before tax) and then you'll proceed to shipping options!

When you get to shipping options, choose standard shipping, which is $5.95! This will bring your order total to $6.94 and this is then when you can enter your gift card from Crowdtap!

In the same box you used to enter your previous coupon code, copy and paste the gift card code that you received from Crowdtap (go back through the link in your original email if you can't find the gift card once you have selected it) and you will have $5.00 taken off of your outstanding total (including shipping), which then takes your out of pocket cost down to just $1.94!

Not bad for a $15 palette, even if I do say so myself! AND a bonus with this order is that you should also receive a FREE comb and mirror, as you do with every order! Wonderful and shipped right to your door!

Let me know if you get one, or any other deal you might find along the way!

Happy hunting!!

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Crowdtap or and their promotions other than being a member of the Crowdtap site. I am not being paid for this post. All coupon codes used are active as of 12:30pm 5/3/12, which may be subject to change at any time! Thank you! 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Celebrate Mother's Day With Build-a-Bear! Review!

Here is s product I know that you're all going to just ADORE! Something adults and children alike just can not say no to and will find incredibly cute!

I give you a WONDERFUL, cute, cuddly and super colorful Mother's Day Bear from Build-a-Bear!!

This fabulous bear comes fully kitted out for the spar with its bath robe, head towel, fluffy bunny slippers and cucumbers over its eyes!! This is one mama bear ready for her "day-off" and she means business!!

The photo on the Build-a-Bear website for this product does NOT do it justice at all! It is so cute in the photo but 10 times cuter in person and I am so thrilled by it!! The accessories are so adorable and all are removable so you can have the bear with or without the robe and towel plus the slippers do pop on or off (to reveal a cute heart pattern on the foot!) and those cucumbers are removable too!!

This bear would make a delightful keep-sake for a deserving mother on Mothers Day and will last a lot longer than a pretty bunch of flowers! She will adore it! Alternatively, this bear also makes a nice gift for any other occasion or to pop in as part of a collection! Everyone in my house found a place in their heart for this bear and it had no age limits at all! My mother, my daughter and I all squeaked a little at how cute this bear is and my daughter especially loved the bear so much that she fell asleep with it the night it arrived and had a huge beaming grin on her face for the duration of the day from the moment it set foot in our house! Just superb!

If you are interested in picking up this bear, or any other cute bears for the woman in your life this Mothers Day, or any other bear for just about anyone and any occasion, then you can do so for just $39.50 HERE!

Do you currently have a Build-a-Bear friend in your household, which one/s do you have and who is your favorite!? I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: I was provided with this bear in order to write this review! I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and my views are uninfluenced by the provision of a product! My opinions are 100% truthful and my own. Your opinions may vary! Thank you! 

Parnevu Hair Care Product Review

My hair has been in for a real treat this week with products from Panevu! As thick and difficult to manage as my hair can be it certainly reacts a lot better to some products than others and the products it was up against this week have been Tee-Tree Scalp Oil, Tee-Tree Shampoo and Hair Mayonnaise!!

If you're anything like me, your first reaction will be, huh!? Mayonnaise?! I know! It sounds crazy, but it is OH so good!! Don't panic, this isn't something you can, or should at any means, consume, this is specifically formulated for your hair and that is exactly where it should be used! You can use it for a deep treatment or a day-to-day treatment to replenish weak, brittle or damaged and over-worked hair!

I just washed and dried my hair as per usual and then soaked my towel-dried hair in the mayo for 10-15 minutes, covering it with a warm towel. I then completely rinsed it out and was left with a very soft result that didn't smell at all bad or feel at all sticky. I am interested to see the long term results after several uses and hope that it might bring back a little more shine! The first wash is very encouraging!

The Scalp Oil was easy to apply and did help a little with dryness, which is something I do suffer from a little and the smell is a nice fresh delight! The oil is said to stimulate healing and growth and so I can't wait to see the long-term effects of the oil, but so far, so good!

I also had the pleasure of using some of the Tee-Tree Shampoo, which smelled great and washed rather well, but it left my hair feeling a little dryer than I would normally have liked! I found that if I washed with the Tee-Tree Shampoo and then applied the Hair Mayonnaise treatment afterwards though, a decent result was certainly achieved and I felt happy that this was a great way to go!

I do like these products a lot and look forward to updating you all with my results after some extended use - in the mean time, though, if you are interested in checking out these products for yourselves (and other Parnevu goodies) then head on over to their website HERE and let me know if you spot anything you're intrigued to try - or better still, let me know if you've tried any of these products already! I would love your input!


Disclaimer: I received products in order to write this review but I was not monetarily compensated and my opinion was not altered or influenced. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. Your opinions may differ. Thank you!

Merlot Skin Care Review!

Here are some MORE wonderful skin care products for you to sink your teeth into, this week from MERLOT skin care - boasting non-animal tested, fragrance-free products full of all the natural benefits of grape seed antioxidants!

From creams to face masks, Merlot has a lot to offer and I was lucky enough to try out their Purifying Peel-off Mask, Foot Cream and Anti-Wrinkle Cream alongside some trial sized night cream and moisturizer!

The package arrived safe and sound, well packed and in great condition alongside a wonderful pink bag complete with bow and floral tissue paper, which is currently available with your orders and makes for a great Mothers Day gift wrapping and perfect for any special lady in your life!

I immediately jumped at the Purifying Peel-off Mask as I am a HUGE fan of face masks in general and everyone knows that they're a lot of fun when it comes to taking them off at the end of the treatment! I tied  back my hair and applied evenly over my face and let it set while carrying on with my household chores!

Very simple and easy to apply, the mask sat for a little while until I felt ready to take it off! I then gently peeled it all back and made sure there were no flakes left in my hair and I have to say my skin did feel quite soft after! I had no negative reaction and I loved how it wasn't too sticky or impossible to apply! I am going to use this once a week or so over the duration and see how I feel at the end of it - I should imagine that I will be just as pleased as I am now if this is the result after just one application - soft and replenished for sure!

I then tried the Foot Cream! After spending all day on my feet, and being pregnant with the next member of our soccer team, my feet are always sore and in much need of rescue by the end of a long day! I followed my usual foot care regime and soaked my feet with a wash I already had on hand and then dried my feet well. I then applied the foot cream, liberally and covered them with a clean pair of cotton socks! I felt satisfied that the cream moisturized and put some life back in my tired feet and would not hesitate to use it again! I soak my feet regularly as I find it helps me, personally, and so I will apply this cream every time I do so to keep my tootsies soft and not at all greasy! This product does fabulously!

Lastly I tried the Anti-Wrinkle Cream, which is something I am constantly on the look at for since I started to develop a few lines here and there as I roll on into my 30s! I applied the cream as instructed and it did well as a moisturizer to start and I am satisfied thus far with that aspect of it! I plan to use this cream a little more before applying judgement to the anti-wrinkle effect, but so far-so good! I have yet to try the trial sized creams as I am currently using a day and night cream that I want to use up first!

All in all, I don't have a bad word to say about these products! I feel clean and hydrated using them and they are not at all harsh on my skin! The prices are very reasonable AND right now there is also a Big Beauty Sale happening over at Merlot's website where you can snack products at up to 35% off the regular price - perfectly timed to treat yourself of a loved one for Mothers Day!

Have you tried Merlot's products yet?! I would love to know what you think or what you would love to try from their vast line of products! There is something that everyone! Enjoy!

Disclaimer - I was compensated with the products you see in the photo of this review! I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and my views were unaltered by the provision of the product! All opinions are 100% honest and my own, your views may differ. Thank you! 

Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Review!

I regularly talk about Yves Rocher - not just because they rock my socks but also because I want them to rock yours too! And heck, they're at it again - this time with their new, vibrant collection, which is aptly named "Grand Rouge".

This bright, lively collection is bursting at he seams with color and adds an instant pop of  sparkle to your everyday look and is itching to work its way into your spring/summer wardrobe!

With colors such as subtle mauve and soft coral interlaced with flashy coral and bright red, this collection is perfect when breaking out the spring/summer wardrobe!

Including nail polish, lip liners, lip sticks and powders, the Grand Rouge line is a force to be reckoned with! With so many bold colors you can mix and match for a unique look that reflects your personality or compliments your outfit or occasion!

Feeling rather spoiled, I was lucky enough to have the chance to try 5 of the lip liners, 5 of the lip sticks (see swatch for some of the available colors!)  and 3 polishes from the Grand Rouge line and I absolutely adore them! I usually stick to light pastel pinks and greens for color so bold reds and deep pinks and purples are not usually something I reach for BUT these are amazing and make your lips pop - and with a soft, sassy feeling of luxury to boot!

My favorite nail polish is by far the Sumptuous Pink, which is currently available to buy for just $5.00 over at the Yves Rocher USA site, which you can find here! You may also find the Bright Red lipsticks (and other shades) here along with the rest of the Grand Rouge line with a quick search! There really is a little something for everyone and it will take me a while to mix and match all of these delightful colors and keep me going through the season!

I just can't help but swoon over these products, there isn't a thing I can honestly say I dislike about them! The packaging is superb, shiny and elegant, while the contents are well made, soft to wear, bright to adorn and long lasting! The polish is bright and wears well and takes just one application! These products would actually make a wonderful gift for mothers day if you want to earn a ton of brownie points for that special lady in your life!

Have you previously tried Yves Rocher products? Have they peaked your interest with these? Let me know what you think!!


Disclaimer: I received the products pictured for free in order to perform this review. This has not affected my review and all opinions are honest and 100% my own. Your opinions may vary! All links provided in this review lead to Yves Rocher, which you do not have to click, will not earn me anything if you do and from which you are in no way obliged to buy. Thank you!

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