Thursday, 30 May 2013

LOOK! You may qualify (via your insurance!) for a FREE breast pump! Here is how...

Did you know that, since some of the changes came into effect with Obama Care, many insurance companies are covering the cost of a medical grade breast pump OR covering a large chunk of financial aid toward a shop bought one!?

That's right! I didn't know that either (until recently) but after a few phone calls I found out that I am one of the lucky ones that have an insurance policy that does, in fact, cover my medical grade breast pump at 100% of the cost as long as I have a script from the Dr!

Regardless of having a prescription or not, if I were to go out and pick one for myself in a store, I would be able to claim $50 back towards my purchase, which is also fabulous but not quite the same as one that is covered at 100% of the cost and fabulously FREE! 

My insurance company will also cover the cost of renting a hospital grade pump, should I want to do that, instead and so there are a variety of reasonable options for my particular plan!

Now, although my plan covers a pump, getting hold of one has been a little bit more of a challenge! There are not many Durable Medical Equipment suppliers in our area that deal with breast pumps and after calling 15-20 suppliers (with no luck) I did manage to find Sunmed, who were wonderfully helpful and who DO supply pumps! They have 2 brands, which are readily available and those include both Dr Browns and Medela double electric pumps, retailing at over $200 a piece!

I spoke to a wonderful, friendly lady over at their office and she took all of my details for insurance coverage and vowed to deal with everything for me and call me back within a few days! It was SO easy once I found the right company to deal with that knew how the new system would work!!

All I have to do now is wait and find out when I can submit my claim, as some insurance policies make you wait a little closer to your due date to complete the order, but all in all I am super-excited! Who would have thought I would be saving a few hundred dollars on a breast pump when just 2 years ago when I had my daughter I was worried more about where the money to get one was going to magically appear from!

I think this is just wonderful for mothers out there who perhaps weren't thinking of getting a pump or continuing breast feeding because of work or other constraints, who might now be able to continue a little easier and with a little less of a dent in their pocket!!

If you are due to give birth to a new little miracle soon, or if you have done so recently and would love a new pump, then I strongly suggest giving your insurance company a call to see if you might be covered! You have nothing to lose and nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I would love to hear your experiences with dealing with such a claim and which pump you were able to get - and where to help others out! I would also be interested in hearing about those of you who were not able to get the coverage on your plan at this present time!

We are currently with Keystone East and we eventually found a supplier in Sunmed - whom you can locate HERE!

Good luck!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post, this is for information only and true to my own case. Your insurance coverage may vary based on type, location, eligibility and coverage! Thank you!


Rachel said...

I had heard that recently! That's great, because i will certainly want a good one when the time comes!

Go Bronson! said...

Yeh, I am so thrilled that I found a place that not only participates but gives a choice! Some don't so it is well worth looking around! :)