Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ozeri Weight Master Digital Bathroom Scale, with Microban Protection! Review!

I don't know how many of you will remember, but, last year I had a really nice tempered glass digital scale, which I purchased a Christmas or so before with a gift card to a big local store. That scale later spontaneously exploded on me - luckily while no one was on or neat it - shattering the glass all over my floor!

Since the exploding scale incident, I had not yet ventured out to by a new one! However, all that changed recently when Ozeri kindly gave me the chance to try out one of their Weight Master digital bathroom scales, which I am happy to say is not made of tempered glass and which, while I won't share any specific numbers with you, does provide an accurate and on the ball reading across the board!!

After using this scale for a couple of weeks I wanted to wait until I had my latest OB appointment (and professional weigh-in with them) to make sure of the accuracy of the at-home scale! My most recent appointment came about last night and, thus, confirms that the Weight Master registers on par with the equipment currently used at my OB's office!

A sleek and snazzy looking piece of equipment, the Ozeri Weight Master scale (Model: ZB17-MB to be exact) comes with MICROBAN, which is basically antimicrobial product protection, which helps to keep you and you family germ free while sharing this scale!

Taking just 3 AAA batteries (usually included), the scale auto-calibrates before the first use and after each time you relocate it! You do not need to turn the scale on or tap it in the way you might for some other scales, either! You just hop onto the scale (sensibly) and and the scale will give your your reading in a matter of seconds!

You can present a read-out in pounds or kilograms with just the flick of a switch and will automatically turn itself off when you're done with your weigh-in!

The scale is slim enough to slip away next to a cabinet and stylish enough to leave out on the floor of your room of choice! It is best not to weigh yourself on a soft surface though and it is always worth following the directions correctly for good health, safety and results each time!

I personally have really been in need of a scale for a long while now and like to keep an eye on my weight since becoming pregnant earlier this year AND it will become an integral part of my routine as I set myself on a get-fit goal postpartum in the fall. The only successful way I have ever been able to keep weight off, in fact, has never had anything to do with what I ate or how I exercised but more about keeping my eye on the figures and not letting things get to out of control! A scale really is necessary for that - and to keep us/me on the right track!

I am very happy with this scale, I love the look and feel of it, I love the ease of use and I am delighted that the output is accurate, which I have not found to always be the case in past! The large LCD display also makes this scale easy to read, which prevents any squinting, scraping for your glasses or multiple trips back and forth to the scale and makes this an easy once on, once off experience!

I would definitely have no problems recommending this one if you're looking for an affordable, reliable option in bathroom scales, and am giving it a 9/10 - I would give it a full 10/10 if it came in assorted other colors, which I would LOVE to see - especially red!

If you would like to find out more about the Ozeri Weight Master scale, complete with its Microban protection, then head on over HERE, where you will find them for just $29.95 right now, which is down from $49.99 and a HUGE saving! *All prices current as of 5/30/13 but subject o change at any time.

Disclaimer: I was given a Weight Master bathroom scale for the sake of this review, but I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for my opinions, which remain 100% honest, open and my own. Your views may vary. Thank you! 


lanie craig said...

I have an Ozeri scale and we love it!!! Ozeri makes great stuff!

Jo Steph said...

Looks fantastic. I have a glass scale and it gets SO cold in the morning! This looks MUCH better!

shanetta jordan said...

i like the antimicrobial product protection idea

Rachel said...

I've never heard of a scale spontaneously exploding! That's crazy!